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Luis Tamani Amasifuen

Libra Venus on North Node of Destiny with Sun and Mercury Rx deliver signposts into your future.  Opportunities abound to carve out your creative niche with plenty of guts & power to back it up via the Grand Fire Trine.  Love, money, messages are incoming with a plethora of Libra opposite Uranus and Venus on North Node – listen UP.

Mercury in reassess, revise, reintegrate mode in the house of harmonious partnerships redefines finesse inwardly.  Mercury Rx in Libra signals abundant navel gazing (Venus rules both Libra, navels) which will birth new growth outwardly when Mercury stations direct on the 25.  Clarity increases as Mercury moves out of shadow November 10.

Note Leo Jupiter square Scorpio Saturn (in mutual reception with Pluto) calls forth vision in the work, faith in the work, working even though the weather does not permit full visibility.  Power forward, quietly keeping your personal momentum – for creativity is on tap.  Saturn restricts, limits and seeks depth in Scorpio while Jupiter in Leo wants largess and a boatload of fun.  Find your balance while managing both.

I thought I had posted this before, but evidently the timing wasn’t right until now.  I found the image above and thought of my crystal Fulgurite (sometimes Fulganite).  I have only blown it twice; once was today, seemed appropriate.

FulguriteIt’s a roughly 1 3/4″ (4 cm) long piece of fused silica (sand) formed into a natural glass tube by lightning strike.  The temperature at exact strike has been calculated to be hotter than the surface of the sun.  The tubes are formed from the melted sand down the middle which vaporizes at electric strike.  Mine is from Egypt, long story.

This is obviously a storm manifestation stone which delivers lightning fast kundalini awakenings, purification and creative acceleration.  Fulgurite shifts physical energies into a higher frequency/vibration.  It enhances intuition and clears the path to divine purpose by clearing or attracting the energies needed for spiritual progress.

Fulgurite 2This is also a stone of spirit (latin: spiritus; Greek: pneuma; Sanskrit, prana) or breath.  It enhances communications with higher realms via the breath when blowing through the bones of the electric tube.

Fulgurite is ritually used to ‘blow away’ troubles, cloud-bust or rain-make, call higher beings or purpose, as well as assist healing diseases of the nose, ear and throat.
Vibrates to the numbers 4 and 6 (source: Melody)

Think of these communications as throwing Thor’s Hammer – they will be coming back, so be wise, prudent with what you are attracting.  Power over yourself shall prove you worthy.  [see Thor 1 if you get tangled up on that last bit.]
Interesting as I write this asteroid Wodan 2155 is conjunct Moon at 12 Cancer; asteroid Odin 3989 is at 23 Leo trine Mars.
More Norse, Odin stones (another natural stone) here.

I left the weirdest until last…beloved Uranus and the bolt from the blue, the Freak Flag waving proudly in the thunderstorm.  I love it. 

With an elixir of Fulgurite we find more focused thoughts, assimilation of vitamins A & C, and a strengthening of the thymus, tendons and neurological tissues.
In Lemuria* fulgurite and quartz were used to divide the human race into two genders.
* Continent of practical earthy peoples; foil to the more intellectual Atlantis.
Fulgurite is androgynous.  (Gurudas)

Interesting as Mercury is androgynous – picking up the energies of whatever sign it happens to land in or whatever planet it is near.  Mercury Rx is a detached perspective particularly in Libra – while closing the opposition to its higher octave, Uranus, it calls us into intellectual awareness/balance between self/humanity.
Rethinking the I Am – We Are in order to balance both.

Jolly good insight approaches.

Gneiss Moon

swords & roses


Themis, the daughter of Gaia and Ouranus, is the oracular voice of the Earth.
She is the goddess of
Divine Law and Justice  a seer who presided over the most ancient oracles, including the Delphic oracle.  She is usually pictured blindfolded to represent her impartiality.  Themis judged whether the dead went to Tartarus (hell) or the Elysian Fields (paradise).

Themis is asteroid 24, discovered 1853

Look to your natal Themis to see where you embody divine law, justice and impartiality.  She may seem cold, (science says she is covered with ice) unemotional, but she is in fact – LOGICAL and FAIR.

Her sword cuts both ways.

At eclipse, asteroid Themis is Rx 17 Virgo – trine Mercury, Pluto; quintile Ascendant.
She also opposes Chiron.
Interestingly, when Chiron was discovered, there was a conjunction between Mercury and Sun in Libra.  This Toro eclipse also has a Sun/Mercury conjunction but also with New Moon. New moon beginnings – Virgo Thetis opposite Pisces Chiron – is a call to balance wounding and healing with words through patience and LOVE and forgiveness.

Which side of the blade are you getting / giving ?
Seek the side / choice that brings love and enlightenment.
Be fair.

Found a great interactive map for eclipse visibility HERE.

That was swords.
The draw / personal happenings that inspired the roses are below:

Rosespic, assortment Gneiss Moon
deck Witches Tarot
scarf Asian Eye

A few weeks ago, I decided to feldspar through eclipse season change UPs.  Turns out, I couldn’t even wear labradorite a for full day, it just didn’t feel right.  I picked up my rose quartz and we’ve been bosom buddies ever since. 

A love stone of the heart for the Venusian eclipses.
My guy friends at work gifted me the rhodochrosite pendant, a stone of love and balance when Venus was trine Saturn. 

Rose quartz : Taurus and Libra
Gently removes negativity, produces peace, love and gentleness.  Opens the heart, increases receptivity to art and love.  Promotes balance of the yin-yang energies, emotional healing and relaxation.  Best worn over the heart.
Vibrates to the
number 7.

Rhodochrosite : Scorpio and Leo
Rhodon = rose; chros = color. Contains a pulsating electrical energy of love and the golden sphere of light.  Promotes earth healing and caring for our Mother Earth, Gaia.
[This gift is so weird / cool – Toro eclipse is exact opposite my natal Erda.]  Facilitates ordered mental balance, structure, attunement to the higher self and acceptance that leads to highest growth and health.  Works well with Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Relieves narcolepsy.  Best worn on the wrist on the pulse point.
Vibrates to the number 4.

So with the stones of love in mind, I asked what insights can further us all as we gather tools and intents from the dark moon depths prior to a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus.

Justice – Libra – Themis
Cause & Effect; Action & Reaction
Time & Place

Harmony, truth and justice tempered with love.
Mercury as Lord of New Moon/Sun eclipse = thoughts, words, speech, writing. 
Swords slice the Air on Earth.
Weigh your options.

Spirit card crux of sitch: Strength
Quiet personal power, strength of character and confidence.
Endless cycles of power – love eternal.

Harmony, truth and justice tempered with LOVE in all dealings, with self & others.

peace out

tribal turf

Gypsum; Selenite and Desert Rose (thank you for that, btw. You know who you are.)

Cancer Mars opposite Capricorn Pluto today and I did a quickie read for highest most benevolent insight for all – from The Faeries Oracle.
Is asking for help hard for you ?  Do you accept your limits gracefully ?

Mars in Cancer HAS to bob & weave to survive – it lives in the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer and that means fluctuation.  Apply pressure, rest, repeat. 

This concept was so evident in the video I was watching this am, Cueva de los Cristales, or the Cave of Crystals in the Naica mine, Chihuahua, Mexico. Explorers have to accept their physical limits while in a cave with air temperatures reaching up to 58 °C (136 °F) with 90 to 99 percent humidity.  Popped in comments – is fantastic !

Caves are ruled by Saturn/Capricorn; heat is ruled by Mars; humidity is ruled by Moon/Cancer.  Pluto is the struggle to bring the hidden to the surface.

Long gone family stuff is getting a bit of a re-boot in order to cleanse and heal.  Think mineral springs, salt baths and saunas.  The big salty, ugly cry. Toxin removers, all. 

Selenite is used to enhance spiritual activation and communication with the higher self by stimulating the Ajna (Third Eye), the Sanhasrara (Crown) and the etheric chakras above the head.  Promotes flexibility and alleviates problems with the tongue and prostate when taken as a gem elixir..  Some specimens are enhydro, or containing water pockets, which would presumably help the bearer tap higher emotional states of being.
Associated with Taurus, vibrates to the number 8.

The card I drew above is The Laume, a woodland fae, and guardian spirit of orphans in Eastern Baltic mythology.  She represents unconditional giving and receiving.

We are asked to find balance in these areas – be generous with others, kind, compassionate and nurturing – giving of our time and efforts to help ease the path for others. When we fall out of balance, our spiritual life becomes blocked, we are unable to process effectively and this blockage can hinder the physical and mental planes of existence as well.
Moon is yin; Mars is yang – fluctuate – give & take.  Dealing in signs of Cancer and Capricorn means well of psyche, old stuff, tribal turf.  Nurture others and self – walk the path of balance.

Think inclusively, la familia, ALL ONE.
The best use of Mars in Cancer – power with caring.


steady as she goes

Aragonite, Tiger Eye

Yellow Aragonite: (orthorhombic, pseudohexagonal, twinning common)
Enhances balance of energy fields, strength, self-confidence, ability to work hard and remain centered.

Runes drawn for clarity of aspects – are from left to right:
Saturn conjunct Mercury :: trine :: Neptune conjunct Chiron
Scorpio (fixed water)
Saturn: Gebo (gift) : Balance of generosity, exchanges and contracts between partners

Mercury: Fehu (wealth) : possessions / income won or earned, luck, financial abundance, sign of hope and plenty, success and happiness

Trine (ease, harmony, fusion)

Pisces (mutable water)
Retrogrades, inward seeking

Neptune Rx: Ehwaz (horse, two horses) : transportation, movement and change for the better, steady progress and teamwork, loyalty and trust

Chiron Rx: Othala (ancestral property) : inherited property or possessions, home, land and family, increase of what is truly important.  Aid and safe passage on spiritual journeys


Field of Dreams

Titania’s Fortune Cards

Playing around with the idea of 1 card reading.  Distilled, concise.
Card on left represents Gemini energies surrounding us, card on right is the message from spirit at the bottom of the deck.  The crux of the sitch.  Intention: to direct us all towards the most benevolent outcome.

Rider Good news on the way, stagnant situations stirred up, a lucky card.
Foxneutral card; a call for being enigmatic, sly and cunning

Stone in carved wooden hand is Azurite.
Azurite is a copper carbonate mineral, monoclinic, often found in botryoidal forms.  It carries the frequency of the Ajna chakra (third eye).  Azurite increases intuition, insight, psychic awareness and dream visions.  It assists with the assimilation and retention of new information, deriving the truth behind hidden motives of ego – based actions.  Increases objectivity and integration of mental and spiritual energies

Now for the astro…

Gemini Venus Rx trine Saturn Rx in (Venus -ruled) Libra both trine Neptune in Pisces….shhhh…it’s a secret….keep it close to the vest, whatever you are thinking, doing or thinking of doing.  Let it percolate, simmer and stew awhile.

This Venus retrograde harkens back to the year 2004 echoes of that time will resurface during this Venus retrograde period.  

It occurs to me ~ Mercury and Saturn (eardrum, bones) rule hearing.
Venus Rx in (Mercury ruled) Gem, trine Saturn Rx in (Mercury ruled) Virgo trine Neptune.

Echoes, or reverb (Mercury + Neptune) of Venusian sounds from 2004. 

Good thing we have solid earth coming up to bat – foggy, Neptunian woo woo is all over the playing field.  Anytime now I expect Shoeless Joe will be popping out of the cornfield of dreams, lol.  What up Joe ?  Up for some Pitch & catch ?

Chiron opposite Mars in Virgo…healing from the past soOo Field of Dreams.

I used to live in Iowa, meditated with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogis, saw the American Gothic house, ate Rosanne Barr’s loose meat burgers, saw the big cornfield in the sky.  It’s near the Ertl factory where my Star Trek Enterprise model ship came from, and if you head west on I-80 you’ll see the Big Boy sculptures – the whole family – on the north side of the road somewhere around Des Moines.  Iowans are so practical, they all  seem earth sign to me.  Excessively normal.  Grounded.  No muss, no fuss.  Speaking of which….

Sweet sensate Taurus Moon is coming up to form a grand trine with Mars in Virgo and Pluto Rx in Capricorn at 9 degrees.  Can you feel the earth energy growing ?
I do.

Primal dark moon energy full of quiet thoughts and rest.

Prepare for the eclipse moon.
Feed the senses moon.
Blessed, bliss out zen Toro moon.
A soft place to fall…

blessed be~

savor sweet survivalists

Check out the cool Venus Retrograde bag I found yesterday ! 
Groovy yeah…?   It spoke to me.
Tumbling out of bag are blue fluorite, fossilized sand dollar, rhodocrosite.
Blue fluorite is a mental stimulator
Fossilized 5 pt. sand dollar is an emotional / physical manifestor of long-term change   
Rhodocrosite is an emotional healer

Three card reading using The Enchanted Map and Fallen Angel Oracle decks.
Intention is clarity on Venus Rx for all my readers, highest good of all.
 Left card is lessons to be learned in Venus Rx.
Stuck in the Mud – slow down and savor… observe

Right card how the lessons will be implemented when Venus goes direct in late June.
Dry Desert – be open to change, conserve energy, adapt to survive.  Dig deep.

Middle card represents the angelic energies surrounding us during Venus retrograde.
Zepar – Earth, Venus: beware the shape-shifting glamorous seduction.
Caution: make sure the walk matches the talk.
Venus Retrograde in Gemini means internal review of thoughts – regarding love, money, peace of mind, worth and values – involving self and others.
Strive for balanced thinking and processing during this time.


Cubed Mars, trined.

My Yucca coming into bloom ! 
SoOo excited !
Yucca are found in hot, dry, arid regions of North, Central, South Americas and the Caribbean.  They are sometimes called ‘ghosts of the graveyard’ as the flowers look like floating apparitions.

The strong leaf fibers are used for cordage, rope, basket weaving, as well as to puncture meat to hang for curing and drying.  The leaves make excellent friction-fire spindles.  The roots can be used to make soap by removing the brown bark, pulverizing the white root, and adding water; or they can also be cleaned and boiled and mashed like potatoes.

Yucca leaves can be burned to ash then added to bread flour to make blue bread.  The yucca root and leaves have steroidal saponins which are used for inflammation, pain relieving for arthritic and joint pain. It is also good for blood purifying and cleaning of the kidneys and liver. (1st herbshop, 1999). Many herbalists and healers used the yucca plant by boiling the roots for about half an hour and drinking it as tea.  (source, click)

Spiritual properties
Yucca (Y. filamentosa) – Transforms Anger

This plant, solitary in nature, assists one in working out issues on one’s own. When there is a tendency to get stuck in anger or isolation, Yucca can bring greater insight into ways of interacting with others more appropriately. The ability to release anger is brought about by understanding the purpose of anger, working with its transforming
possibilities, and shifting it into an energy of enthusiasm and creativity. With Yucca, there can also be improved communication with other life forms, guides, and helpers.
(source: click)

I have harvested my Yucca, and returned to include some information on Tiger Eye which I infused into the elixir.

Tiger Eye is hexagonal (trigonal) and corresponds with the Manipura, or 3rd chakra, the solar plexus or seat of energy, vitality and will power.  Tiger Eye encourages balance between extremes, fairness and practicality.  It allows the wearer to remain calm, grounded and centered.  Tiger eye grounds the solar will into the physical earth and enhances the unity of ONE behind polarities and opposites.

The universe always knows.

Just recently I was listening to Shamanic Astrologer Caroline Casey speak of Stephen Bruhner (book here) and the use of invasive species of plants that heal health issues that are common in the area they are found.  How cool that nature pops up with what we need in our own backyard.  (My yucca is not invasive, I planted it.)

I currently have trans. Mars square Mars.

In addition to Mars up my nostril, trans. Venus square Virgo stellium, Uranus conjunct Saturn Rx ruler, trans. Pluto square Saturn – backing off at the mo- , trans. Sun Jupiter conj square Venus Jupiter conj in Leo, trans. Saturn on Merc MC.
…You could call me irritable, but it would be wise to duck afterwards, lol. 
Fair warning. !

So a Marsy remedy pops right up to help, awesome.  This plant does not bloom every year either.  In fact, I was quite put out when I looked recently and it wasn’t blooming, so I squealed when I saw it this afternoon.

Happily, though I have a new essence / elixir to concoct soon, and will be looking for the perfect gemstone to include in the essence.  YaY !

So Mars square (trans. 9th Virgo square to 11th in Sag my 12th house sign) Mars is diverted to healing, thereby trined.
Mischief managed !

blessed be~

Wanna ride ?

Your spaceship is ready !

Sun moves to conjunct Jupiter in Taurus lending all matters you choose to create a super giant boost.
Jupiter is the greater benefic, expansive and visionary.

Taurus is Venus ruled : think art, love, money and steady work towards peace of mind.

Gemini Venus is trine Saturn Rx in Libra : Air to Air : thinking and balance.
Clear the corners & feng shui your brain.
Freewheeling, good time Jupiter is taking both luminaries for a ride soon.

Venus is quintile Mars, everything magnetic, creative and attractive is moOving OUT and kicking it UP into high gear !

This is the sweet hitchhiker aspect !   WOoOoHOOoo

Daydreams and night dreams are infused with hope and abundance and with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, the past is rooted and morphed, made fresh and new.

Jupiter is quintile Pisces Chiron : an open door to healing wounds and easing pain
raise the vibration of another – generosity – your vibration will be raised as well

Might want to hone up on Mudras here, as Chiron governs on an esoteric level, the hands and the ability to develop therapeutic touch. (Garudas) 
Moon in Sagittarius (the house of Jupiter which is quintile Chiron) is opposite Gemini which rules hands.

Moon enters Sagittarius – tonight 8:39pm CST, USA

Moon is coming to conjunct North Node in Sagittarius (Jupiter rules) so insights gleaned during Full Moon worthy of sharing, will be. 

It is destiny.

Ocean or Orbicular Jasper is a hexagonal (trigonal) stone of the element Earth.
embrace the blessings, joy, new horizons & ideas

Ocean Jasper eases and soothes the negative mind and enhances joy and abundance.  It helps enhance meditative states and stimulates the Manipura (solar plexus) chakra.  It aids working and speaking effectively with groups of people, brings relaxation as well as emotional and physical (cellular) healing. 

Interesting ‘Ocean’ Jasper has such Jupiterian qualities as Jupiter is traditional ruler of Pisces, yes..?

…may blessings be upon you…