savor sweet survivalists

Check out the cool Venus Retrograde bag I found yesterday ! 
Groovy yeah…?   It spoke to me.
Tumbling out of bag are blue fluorite, fossilized sand dollar, rhodocrosite.
Blue fluorite is a mental stimulator
Fossilized 5 pt. sand dollar is an emotional / physical manifestor of long-term change   
Rhodocrosite is an emotional healer

Three card reading using The Enchanted Map and Fallen Angel Oracle decks.
Intention is clarity on Venus Rx for all my readers, highest good of all.
 Left card is lessons to be learned in Venus Rx.
Stuck in the Mud – slow down and savor… observe

Right card how the lessons will be implemented when Venus goes direct in late June.
Dry Desert – be open to change, conserve energy, adapt to survive.  Dig deep.

Middle card represents the angelic energies surrounding us during Venus retrograde.
Zepar – Earth, Venus: beware the shape-shifting glamorous seduction.
Caution: make sure the walk matches the talk.
Venus Retrograde in Gemini means internal review of thoughts – regarding love, money, peace of mind, worth and values – involving self and others.
Strive for balanced thinking and processing during this time.


2 thoughts on “savor sweet survivalists

    • Thank you, Perianne, likewise.

      I was thinking after I wrote this it sounds negative. I read the last card two ways.
      Truth and brutal honesty re: relationships with others and with the inner self.

      Too critical ?

      Or not critical enough ?

      Likely both, just a shifting of where to focus each in order to hone efficiency and self sufficiency.
      The Mars in Virgo blade will bushwhack healthy new mental paths. It is an invitation to carve more positive mental grooves,

      That’s where my head is at the moment anyway….
      Venus Rx in my chart will involve change – ups in work & health.

      Good luck with your Rx season ~

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