All hands on deck !


Sunday May 20
Sun enters Gemini 10:16am CST, USA
Moon enters Gemini 6:06pm
Annular Solar eclipse 6:45pm
New Moon 6:47pm

Map of annular solar eclipse visibility here

Gemini house is hoppin’ and boppin’ these days. 
Venus in Gemini on April 3rd – August 7th
(5 months is an extra long stay)
Sun into Gemini Sunday 20th
Rare Occultation of Venus on June 5
All in Gemini. 

Good thing Gem energy multi-tasks well, we will need all Gem hands on deck ! 
Know how to tell when a Gemini is freaking on information overload ? 
hands are in the air waving around, lol. stop talking back away slowly….

Annular Solar Eclipse is at 0 degrees Gemini – Mercury is Lord of the Eclipse.
Solar Eclipses involve identity, ego, ambition, leadership, co-operation.
Versatility in communication is on the table for this eclipse.

This is a New Moon – a time for beginnings and fresh starts, growing upward.  New Moon feels spontaneous, filled with possibilities, intuition and instincts rule while moonlight is dim.
*Clean the corners, toss items, do rituals for closing, clearing stagnant energies, light candles and smudge in preparation for new moon.

Energies in play at new moon will culminate at the next full moon.
The next full moon is the Partial Lunar eclipse June 4 in Sagittarius.

South Node of Destiny accompanies this annular eclipse, so get ready to bob and weave with the past – adaptation, improvisation.

Thinking, learning talking, writing, siblings, neighbors, short journeys are some of the energies in motion with this eclipse.

Pay attention to what is happening in your life in the days prior to the eclipse to determine what energies are being activated in your life.  Eclipses are often triggered before the actual eclipse and the energies continue to play out over weeks or months afterward as other planets move over the eclipse point.

Early August will reveal more internal struggles regarding this eclipse energy and early November will reveal the growth via confrontation with others.
Where is the Gemini house in your natal chart ?  
Kickstarting soon ! 

Keep in mind the mutables are feeling the squeeze : Virgo and Pisces by square (internal conflict surrounding new communication energies).

Sagittarius by opposition (juggling solutions and compromise with another, via you guessed, it  – communication).

Communication opportunities are presenting themselves in your Aries and Leo houses.

Juno is in this ballgame too…actively engaging in a tug of war across the wheel, and it is walking right beside the path into the future  via North Node.

Gemini talks, Sagittarius walks (rules thighs) this eclipse is like climbing the high dive ladder for the 1st time…0 degree eclipse…the next eclipse is Sagittarius totally going for the swan dive leap of faith…it is easier by the time we get there because we have higher visions incoming all month !  Jupiter is protective as well ~
 …  hmmm interesting … eclipse is exactly trine my natal Juno at zero Libra.

Something that strikes me is this is both a chart of reaping from former efforts and also giving back to people.  (SW quadrant) 

What we are actively sowing is exactly that : Work.
– changes and transformation re: work (Pluto in Cap)
– organizing, streamlining energetic efforts across the board (Mars in Virgo)
– shifting of balance re: work, status, career, health and routines (Saturn Rx in Virgo)

Ben Jordan

Money, love and creativity are all undergoing major overhaul at this eclipse. 

Venus Rx and Saturn Rx exact trine, both also loosely trine Neptune.
Time is money.  Money talks, BS walks.  Does anybody really know what time it is ?

Brakes are on while we re-think, renovate and re-purpose love, communication, partnership and work.  *Fun times* …I think I need another vacation. yeah ok. right. not gonna happen, ha.  Suck it up sweetheart. Welcome to Uranus square Pluto !

Jupiter is conjunct Lord of the Eclipse, and he’ll be Lord of the next Eclipse, this is a keep your eyes on the prize aspect – North Node will lead you ~> find your Sagittarius house and SEE your visionary goals !  Juno North Node carrot right. in. front. of. you.

This eclipse is giving me visuals of Contact: Ellie shaking in the seat of satellite dudes spaceship Good to Go !

Eclipse luminaries are square Neptune which opposes Mars ~
where the hell are we going ? !
Who knows…?…but we’ve got high hopes ! 
Leo is at eclipse MC, and it is time to get creative, people !  Make it work !
…and did I mention I just checked out 2 seasons of Spartacus – bit violent for me, but the tribal jewelry is to die for !   Horns, bones, leather and stone – yes !

Mars in 10 in the Mercury ruled house trine Pluto, fresh new ground is tilled and ready for planting new moon thought seeds for long – term growth. Be aware Gemini is a restless, changeable energy and it likes to switch it up.

For those of you asking about spell work at new moon – Gemini new moon is in flux, neutral and dual.  Not known for sticking and staying, but moreso for ideas, observing, being flexible and spells will reflect this.  If you are looking to work with Mercury, be aware it is trickster energy !

Lord of the Eclipse is quintile Chiron. 
Mercury heals.
Think, learn, teach, walk your talk and work the witty ways out of the square to Neptune, get real, get creative, put one foot in front of the other.  Just keep walking / swimming.
Do you speak whale ?  haha  I don’t, but I do speak toad and cat. lol.

Uranus in Aries wants it right the fuq now, and Pluto Rx in Cap says you will get it when I am damn good and ready.

It’s cool, baby…put it in cruise control….we’ll get there….

Eclipse luminaries are bi-quintile Saturn Rx in Virgo.
Mercury, Lord of the Eclipse is quintile Chiron.

If you are team Chiron rules Virgo – talents and genius expression.
If you are team Mercury rules Virgo – talents and genius expression.

Either way, we are working towards healing…

Like I said… Good to Go !

Bradshaw Foundation

Mercury rules Maps, in this case of Moai.
 I happen to love Moai and Rapa Nui.
They keep me company in my Neptunian transporter room.
(laminated poster in  my shower.)
Lord of this eclipse will be exactly opposite my Neptuner !

Peace out ~

13 thoughts on “All hands on deck !

  1. i am finding myself struggling with the energies – as you say its a mutable cross and i already have a lot of mutable energy in my chart – so it feels for me, personally, more like venus is still zinging through hyped gemini energy rather than stationing, settling.
    climbing the highdive is a brilliant metaphor – and i am acrophobic! lolol
    i had such certainty a couple weeks ago and now i am dithering back and forth as i come to the ‘point of no return’. i have become more focused on that point then the big story – and i cant determine if that is my fear or the universe waving a yellow flag. intellectually speaking, i think its fear. intellectually speaking, the path before me seems so OBVIOUS so perhaps its a kind of mourning for those people/ things whose time came, were experienced and now must be left to their own directions.
    it doesnt help that, throughout its featured show, i have never really gotten the message of mars in virgo on a very clear personal basis though its crystal clear in several friends’ lives. that in and of itself doesnt really worry me. some mystery is expected but i honestly have to say that i am not ‘seeing’ comfortably in quite a few houses, particularly as you/astrology principles are describing them… and no, i dont think its YOU, i am sure its ME 😀
    ‘intuition and instincts rule while moonlight is dim.’
    tough for me to relax solely with this rulership, even with placements that say otherwise. i like FACTUAL TANGIBLE LOGIC
    hopefully by the time the sag/jup energy rises up, i will be on more solid ground. you would think with all the earth placements these days, i should feel so grounded. i suppose thats the crux of what worries me, in a nutshell. and these are globally difficult times we all are living in.

    perhaps other readers here are experiencing similar and it can be a relief to know that each chart will experience different degree movements in different ways. ‘exciting’ doesnt always mean delightful or certain 😉

    *all’s well that ends well – and if all is not well, then its simply not over yet!*

    • Hi Sagmooner … !
      It occurs to me you are loaded in Virgo, you may not easily process what Mars transit is until other transits with your Virgo stellium are going off. I can not easily separate my sun uran pluto conj in Virgo, they are a unit. Team of 9th house horses, ya know ? So your 11th is similar to electric polarized action, Virgo divides yet 11th is union of opposites positive and negative as a whole. Work your Saturn to merge rather than divide the lessons of Mars.

      Leaving the past can be painful, easier though if you carry the tangible lessons into the future. Perhaps writing a list would help you ‘see’ Mars more clearly… ?
      A ‘future’ list – what you Know opp what you Want to know.
      Engage your dream self for more answers tonight !

      • GMTA 🙂 i was planning the list as a conversation structure for this evening.

        its been so long to have a good sleep, i dont know if dreams even have a chance. just gonna keep walking forward and see what happens. we hermits dont handle drama so well but i do know that these are the times we really see how well we have learned to live in the centre of our wheel. calling on my native jup and oak! thanks for the tips. 9th house sun people are COOL!!! xxx

      • GMTA…
        No sleep here either, energy high,
        Uranus nearly conj
        Saturn ruler.
        ‘Just keep walking’ is my m. o. too.
        My favorite record store has the motto ‘onward through the past…’
        Very apt for Uranus – Pluto square
        good luck with lists & dreams…
        For the record, I love Uranian types too xo

      • oh, i LIKE it! yes, thats going to be the new acronym. probably will be in constant usage lol.
        yes, the uranus/pluto square. duh, but in my defense, i have so much neptune fog that i think i should wear a shirt that says Mentally Challenged.
        and also, i think its the issue of having to walk *through* the south node, not lingering as one might want, to get to the north node territory: exactly the message of the record store so thanks for being a messenger of comfirmation.
        but, oh i can be stubborn when it comes to Change.

        have a great day, gneiss. you are appreciated. *big hug*

      • Glad I could help … Seems to me we are all walking talking time capsules that are unlocked bit by bit over time by transits. We have to dump the habits so we can carry the lessons to NNode.
        Mine was drinking, low Scorp stuff that morphed into metaphysics and full time divination~ much better !
        You enjoy your evening too
        Glad we are friends xo
        I think you should go with:
        Divining the Cosmic Heartbeat
        ? ! ?
        Much better moniker 🙂 x

  2. I love your Neptune transporter room.
    You have managed so much information with such conciseness. See me with my hands waving madly in the air, breathe, step back slowly, lol.

    • Haha, truth !
      I am fond of info, libraries and my disseminating moon
      pitches it out there !

      Do you do the hand thing too ? 🙂
      Gem secretary at work is usually ultra cool as a cuke, so when hands are in the air & waving.
      Universal symbol for – stop the informaton blitz merry go round I wanna get off ~>
      Thanks Perianne !

      • No, I don’t do the hand thing. My Taurus Mercury gets easily overwhelmed with my Gemini predilection for collecting information. I can feel the gears grind to a holt, eyes go dead as it dives underground (eighth house). My body is just left a heavy paralysed lump. Sleep is then my answer for reset.

        I watched a speaker recently who was a master of using their hands to illustrate their points. I figured I could do with some of that. Message to Virgo- try developing some hand talk skills. I have experimented with hands in air since you mentioned it in this post. Your secretary may be on to something. It has uplift, generates activity and movement. I love the scenes where people claw their way out of a grave. Think Buffy…think my Mercury coming up from the underworld. Lol…you are providing good therapy 🙂

      • Have you tried Mudras ? I am also intrigued by them (see drop down category above, tons of them in link) as well as sign language. I was teaching myself sign a few years ago, you have inspired me to drag out my book again and give it another go !

    • Perianne, have been giving my Uranus Pluto conj much thought ::::
      I will take you up on your request after the eclipse, and write about my natal conj + squares
      Thanks for the encouragement xo

      • Fantastic!!! I will look forward to some insider information. 😉
        I look with longing at the lightning fast insight I see all over your posts.

      • I love the lyrical storytelling quality of your posts..!

        I think I write in bullet point :: just the facts, ma’am ! lol.

        I have so much tumbling out (Merc MC, Mars Q Uran) that my slow typing skills can’t keep up. (Saturn Rx Aries 3) I am glad you like thanks much !

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