goofy goaty goats

WheeeEeee !
Okay, how cute is this goat ?

Today’s tribute to the mystical seaGOATS
is for
national hangover day
Mercury Pluto Sun in Capricorn.

This Cap rising spent NYE dry as a bone.
Still have a headache though : Saturn Rx in the Head (Aries).
I get them all the time.
If you get migranes, check this herb, it may help.

Love to see the goaty goats do their thang.
Comes naturally, the climbing, the rising, the fancy footwork.

Check this one.
Monkey does not look to be enjoying the ride much.

Such a disservice to say Capricorns are slow, stodgy, or cold.
My used to be mentor was overly fond of the phrase ‘cold, cold, Capricorn’.

Somehow I managed to keep my mouth shut.
Surprise !
Miracles DO happen. lol.

Saturn restricts my 3rd house comms for the most part.

Unless trine to Sag Mars gets fired up.
Fire triggers quintile to Uranus in Virgo 9 . . .

You get where I’m going with this.
Sagittarius : self-righteous indignation is us.
Ah well, nobody’s perfect.
Workin’ on it !

According to legend,
Kaldi was the Ethiopian goatherder who discovered the coffee plant.
Goats would chew the berries then go cRaZy JuMpiNg.

Kaldi ate them too, got a rush
– you guessed it –
soon everyone wanted jumping berries.

As you swill your brew on hangover morn,
thank a Capricorn.

Coffee was born via a
goofy goaty goat
somewhere in Ethiopia.

MoOovin’ on UP !

give pause

Cassini, NASA

Saturn.  Saturn.  Saturn.
work. work. work.


Old cuss Saturn gets a bad rap.
 Saturn is chronically melancholy.

Saturn rules
Karma.  Fear.  Testing.

Saturn is tough, disciplined and severe.

Ambition, architecture, and austerity 
are Saturn, as are
barriers, basements, and bankruptcy.

Saturn in your chart shows an obstacle
you must overcome

but it also shows
where you will be

rewarded for hard work and patience.

Saturn conserves, constricts and confines.
It blindfolds, blockades and belittles.

Saturn contacts between your chart and another 
indicate the ties that bind.

Saturn is nostalgic, old school and conservative.

The elderly
the peasants and the paupers
the retired, the restrained
and the realists
are all Saturn bound.

Saturn rules bones and teeth
rocks and crystals.

Saturn represents the father in the natal
(as does Sun)

Saturn is fond of
constructing foundations, and shelters
on terra firma. 

Saturn rules
fossils, grudges, guarantees,
hostages and hemp.

Saturn in the natal is where you are
duty bound to perfect and deepen
life lessons.

Saturn is shy, slow and stiff.

It is cemeteries, statesmen
 night watchmen
dark colors. 

Horns, hibernation, horror
denial and debt
blood clots and brakes
are Saturnian.

Saturn is eons of TIME

Inflexibility, anchors, kneeling and the knees
are all Saturn, as is itching and the skin.

Saturn is land, dirt
farmers and civil servants.

Saturn worries
yet unflinchingly faces
a mountain of obstacles and challenges
slowly and surely it climbs to success.
Saturn is difficult.
Saturn is HARD and HEAVY.

Saturn is concentration.

Mercenaries, misers, and morticians
are all Saturn. 

Saturn is lonely.

Saturn obeys, pauses, regrets  
remains quiet and reliable.
Saturn meditates.
Saturn is patient.

Saturn waits.


Apocalypse- Rassouli

Times change. 
Here’s the deal.

Pluto by transit is square within one degree of my natal Saturn Rx, my chart ruler, in Aries, my 3rd house.
Leading up to this :

– toothaches (Saturn Rx – bones & teeth – in Aries which rules the head)
Same thing happened when transit Saturn Rx was opposite natal Saturn Rx
– bit every single nail off both hands.  (I haven’t bit my nails since 7th grade.)
– Power issues with men and authority
– working 24/7, and more crazy hours at day job yet to come
– vacation denied because nearly everyone else is quitting
been reading some really fabulous mind – altering books

Now for Neptuner.
My most highly aspected planet just changed signs in my second house.
– dissolution of two of my oldest friendships
– strengthening of 4 new friendships – all 4 are female artists
– recovered 300 + songs I thought were lost forever
– I stood on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise   ! !
Seriously a dream come true.  At one point everything in my peripheral vision was Trek and I was having freaky surreal psychic *twinges* like I did in Graceland.
– peaceful flying dream giving me a message, a secret sign

I always find it interesting to hear how transits work themselves out for my friends in their lives, I thought you might like some bits of insight into my biggies as well.
(This isn’t taking into account progressions, other aspects, etc.. – just a skim today.)
It is revealing, just the same.

What is up in your chart ?

How are all you Aries and Libras doin’ out there… how’s the Pluto square transforming you and your life ?
Lucky Cancers are getting it via others by opposition…how are you faring…?
Capricorns have Pluto on their couch, at the dinner table, right in their face, staring back from the mirror.
…tell me about it…let it all hang out…lol

Pluto is the spur in your Cardinal sides, making you gallop – that much I do know.
How it is changing you personally  is up to your chart, planets and houses.

If any Neptooney peeps feel like speaking up, I would love to hear your cosmic comments.
~ I was waiting to comment myself until the fog cleared and I had a salt soak. xo

Live Long & Prosper

sharpening the blade

I AM a Capricorn rising.
I call it being karmically hobbled from birth.  In my case, I truly was hobbled at birth (Saturn Rx) with hip dysplasia (Sagittarius rules hips).  I had to wear a contraption between my legs so I would to be able to walk as I grew older.  Luckily, (Sagittarius) I had a good doctor (12th house, healing) who fixed me, and set my bones properly (Saturn trine Mars).

My Saturn Rx (bones) is trine Mars in Sagittarius (can be a bit klutzy) from the 3rd (siblings) and I was trying to follow my older brother upstairs, when I crashed and broke my collar-bone.

I don’t remember either accident (Mars hidden in the 12th sign).
Even though I had a rocky start, I walk just fine now, thank you.


Saturn rising means it will be a hard long climb up the mountain, with nothing coming easy and nothing free.  I not only have Saturn in its fall (Aries) but it is retrograde as well.
Having a chart ruler that is a backwards ass taskmaster, is not a lot of fun, I’ll tell ya straight UP.

Now that I am older my retrograde Saturn is beginning to work for me.   I am writing (Saturn in 3rd) about spiritual 12th house matters from a visionary, philosophical, Sagittarian viewpoint.  I like to explore theories and pitch wild ideas out there…

Saturn by transit is in my 9th (Sagittarian) house, so I am learning, writing, and doing charts.  My natal Libra Mercury is busy and trying very hard to find balance.   Saturn transit coming up to natal Mercury with Venus close behind means I am perfecting what I love, my craft.

Saturn-ruled Capricorn doesn’t lower the drawbridge for every caller.

Mars in Sagittarius Quintile Uranus doesn’t give a damn what you believe.
I KNOW what I have SEEN.

Saturn is the sharpening of the blade in my chart, it is the worm-hole of time.

Gravity control + transcendent thinking = crystal clear focus.

Mars in Sagittarius on the 12th is aiming towards evolution of the spiritual self.
It is stealth in the 12th.
It is Jedi.


Triple Capricorn

James Earl Jones, the multi- talented actor/speaker with the amazing voice is a triple Cap (Sun, Moon ASC all in Capricorn)  Saturn, his chart ruler [which… hee hee Star Wars fans… is the father  in the natal chart] is in the first house sandwiched between the Luminaries. (Sun and Moon)
Ahem–> all of the above conjunct Mercury (speech) trine Neptune (films).  Hello ! !
One of the most famous lines in the history of cinema ! 

The amazing thing is Mr. Jones overcame a debilitating childhood stutter to become a speaker renowned for his deep resounding voice and precise diction. For ten years he rarely spoke because of his stutter.  Reciting poems; then later an interest in theater and film became the creative vehicles to improving his speech.  Amazing !

Uranus is not only an unpredictable focal point of a massive T-square; it is also the higher octave of Mercury and part of a courageous Fire Trine which includes Mars (action) and Venus (art, vocalists).  North Node (purpose in life) is to get some Aries ram energy behind that 3rd house of speech communication.  Very cool !  Mr. Jones is a life path number 5, here to experience changes and challenges.
He has certainly risen to the occasion ~

Show ’em how it’s done Capricorn !
Right On !

May the Force be with You