Harmonics & health

Shannon Novak

Music, in the absolute sense, is the invisible geometry of the cosmos, a delicate tracery of frequencies that harmonise with each other and from which all matter manifests.

Pretty cool, huh ?  Sacred geometry of musical notes.  I have been on about sacred geometry here before…fascinating stuff.  You can click the Novak link above and play a few notes and see more visuals / music.

Really hits up my multi – Virgo / mega – Neptune sense of harmonics and health.
Music, bells, the human voice, spoken word, intonation of sounds, chants – all in order to create harmony on the cellular level.  Awesome.

This strikes me as a very Uranian (scientific) way to implement Pluto (metamorphosis) via Neptune (divinely inspired music).
Especially as Neptune is once again swimming in the spiritual seas of her home, Pisces (healing).

The universe is infinitely complex – forms brought forth from the simplicity of ONE.

How cool is that ?!

Planets orbit in sacred geometrical patterns (Venus pentagram), life corresponds to the golden mean, our DNA spirals – it makes sense that to properly use music is to heal from the inside out.

Pick your planetary problem, tap a Tibetan bowl, let the metamorphosis begin.
At the very least, we’d get our zen on…

comments welcome…


 I have been getting the best deep sleeps of my life this past week, I love it.

I am making up for all the time I lost sleep when Uranus was parked on my natal Saturn Rx in Aries trine Mars.  I was taking the blues every night – and still couldn’t sleep a wink, it was weird and robotic. 

So moving with the cycles, I am sleeping as much as I can when Neptuner is in flux.
The weird Uranian passage will return to my natal when Uranus stations direct on December 13. 

Everyone else having deep sleeps ..?   Curious.
Me, deep sleeps / sci-fi movie fixation – Neptuner most highly aspected in 11th.  I am feeling it, loving it …f i n a l l y… we return to the deep seas…

I’ll be back this evening with more about energy clearing via WATER.

Virgo Moon
void of course

6:27pm CST,USA

void ends when Moon enters Libra 3:35am

Neptune stations direct Sunday 11th
1:52am CST,USA


shaping the moment

A Pisces Good Morning by Gneiss Moon

I recently joined a tea reading group and have been itching to do a reading –  I even had a dream about doing one last week….

On the table are a divination cup from a friend, the Tea Leaf Fortune cards by Rae Hepburn, also a gift, and magic carpet -Tiger Tea – in the cup.
That’s what I call it anyway – Bengal Spice…a touch of honey…mmmm
So you can’t do a tiger tea reading without quotes from the Celestial Seasoning box, lol.

Many things which cannot be overcome when they are together, yield themselves up when taken little by little.  – Plutarch

I have also pulled some paua shell runes, that I was led to by a friend.
Reem hen-ide 
The merkaba pendulum is a Star Trek weekend find.  You can read more about pendulum dowsing here.  It was a lovely quiet, cloudy Pisces Morning – perfect for divination ~

The Runes are pulled in the positions for tea reading.  The handle points toward the reader and represents events in the close inner circle, as the leaves are read away from the handle clockwise, the events become farther away – they are events passing away.  The position opposite the handle represents events in the outer circle, as the cup is followed clockwise towards the handle they represent events coming towards the reader.

Leaves in the well of the cup are heavy emotional experiences, towards the top of the rim, they are lighter.

First the Rune reading : starting at the handle going clockwise.
I included all of us in this reading with the intention that it would lead us all to our highest potential and most benevolent outcome.

Uruz: Untamed potential, the shaping of power
 Ehwaz: movement, teamwork
 Gebo: gifts, balance
 Raidho: evolution, personal and world rhythm

Now on to the tea grounds (leaves) – I will be using the symbols on the cup, especially the astrological symbols until I get a plain cup from the local secondhand.

First off, it seems evident there is quite a bit of action surrounding Mars, or should I say blockage with Mars retrograde..?  oy.  It is leaving, and shown by the directional point, it will be quickly.  Thankfully, situations will improve – we just get better at slogging through the slow times – this is good preparation for the upcoming increase of the Uranus Pluto square.

Saturn has activity in the cup, as does Sun- they are trine now, an easy flow and exchange between work and spirit, a very creative aspect.  Saturn is in Venus ruled Libra, Sun in the sign of higher octave artistic pursuits, Pisces.   There is balance near Moon – acceptance of the cycles and that sweet surrender and acceptance Pisces is so famous for.

I also see Mercury has eyes (in the back of it’s head – Merc is neutral), most likely the heightened senses in play since both Mars and Saturn are retro and the house of Pisces is active with Neptune, Sun, Chiron, Mercury and Moon.  We hone the other energies while Mars and Saturn are hobbled.  Our intake of information is increased on all levels, material and spiritual.

There are two bells ringing (clappers) under the bell shape near the handle indication good news is coming from a woman in your inner circle.  YaY !

This reading is for all of us, so comments are welcome ~ what do you see…? 

These are cards from the Tea Leaf deck, again to be read clockwise.  The card at the bottom is the situation closest to you – traveling clockwise are the events leaving your life, the top represents the events farthest away involving others not in your inner circle. The card on the right represents what is on its way to you.

Firecracker: Exciting stimulating events are occurring close to you at this time.
Claw: Waiting has passed.  A time of risk-taking is over, the path is smoother now.
Rose: Love is in the air – from afar -be open to receive.
Hills:  A period of testing and growth is on its way to you.

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.
~Thich Nat Hahn



Apocalypse- Rassouli

Times change. 
Here’s the deal.

Pluto by transit is square within one degree of my natal Saturn Rx, my chart ruler, in Aries, my 3rd house.
Leading up to this :

– toothaches (Saturn Rx – bones & teeth – in Aries which rules the head)
Same thing happened when transit Saturn Rx was opposite natal Saturn Rx
– bit every single nail off both hands.  (I haven’t bit my nails since 7th grade.)
– Power issues with men and authority
– working 24/7, and more crazy hours at day job yet to come
– vacation denied because nearly everyone else is quitting
been reading some really fabulous mind – altering books

Now for Neptuner.
My most highly aspected planet just changed signs in my second house.
– dissolution of two of my oldest friendships
– strengthening of 4 new friendships – all 4 are female artists
– recovered 300 + songs I thought were lost forever
– I stood on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise   ! !
Seriously a dream come true.  At one point everything in my peripheral vision was Trek and I was having freaky surreal psychic *twinges* like I did in Graceland.
– peaceful flying dream giving me a message, a secret sign

I always find it interesting to hear how transits work themselves out for my friends in their lives, I thought you might like some bits of insight into my biggies as well.
(This isn’t taking into account progressions, other aspects, etc.. – just a skim today.)
It is revealing, just the same.

What is up in your chart ?

How are all you Aries and Libras doin’ out there… how’s the Pluto square transforming you and your life ?
Lucky Cancers are getting it via others by opposition…how are you faring…?
Capricorns have Pluto on their couch, at the dinner table, right in their face, staring back from the mirror.
…tell me about it…let it all hang out…lol

Pluto is the spur in your Cardinal sides, making you gallop – that much I do know.
How it is changing you personally  is up to your chart, planets and houses.

If any Neptooney peeps feel like speaking up, I would love to hear your cosmic comments.
~ I was waiting to comment myself until the fog cleared and I had a salt soak. xo

Live Long & Prosper


Dive IN

Sun into Pisces !

Neptune rules divination, tarot is up to bat.  Soulcards
One card draw highlighting the energies of Sun into Pisces season, spiritual guidance from the bottom of the deck on the right.  You interpret Your way.
I see Mother nature…you ?

Pisces is the compassionate healer, the cosmic dreamer and transcender.
The mystical fancier of limitless idealistic imaginings.

She is universal, inclusive and intuitive.  She believes beauty springs from the chaotic universal great mother as it is / was / shall be in perfect flow.

Pisces sees the depth of all life, soaks up and breathes in the vibrations, the force.  They are the Jedi Masters of the zodiac, with the knowledge of all 12 signs they exude love and peace, and acceptance.

Pisces – ruled by Neptune the seas – is the tuned in, inspired artist working chameleon magicks in secret chambers.  They are the clairvoyant spiritual dreamers suffering in silent strength.  Make no mistake – Pisces is not weak – they do not break, they bend.

Neptune rules the seas, string instruments and film, check out the fab photography of Clark Little.  The above photo is called h2ornado.  Freakin’ cool, yah ?!

Spikes in sensitivity often flips the fishes out of water, and into the bottle – making Pisces the sign of escape, evasion and flat out fiction.  Delusion, illusion and confusion all swim in 12th house waters.  Deception, dissolution and debauchery are the sharks in the waters of low vibration Pisces.

Pisces rules the feet, one of the most sensitive areas of the body – approximately 7,200 nerve endings in the feet connect to different areas of the body.  See the reflexology chart above for details on accupressure remedies.

Pisces is mutable yin water.  Romantic and passive – reactive more than outgoing.  Find the house of Pisces in your natal chart to see where you will feel the sun shine  in the coming month. 
Party at Pisces house !!

At the moment – Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Mercury are living it up.
On the evening of the 21st, (4:35 pm, CST) Fat Tuesday ! New Moon is crashing the party ~
Dive IN everybody !

Yee HAW ! 


I Aear cân ven na mar.

The Houses of Healing.

The Grace of the Valar
Breath of Life

Immen dúath caeda
Shadow lies between us

Sui tollech, tami gwannathach omen
as you came, so you shall leave from us

Lû ah alagos gwinnatha bain
time and storm shall scatter all things

Boe naer gwannathach, annant uich ben-estel
Sorrowing you must go, and yet you are not without hope

An uich gwennen na ringyrn e-mbar han
For you are not bound to the circles of this world.

Uich gwennen na ‘wanath ah na dhín.
You are not bound to loss and silence.

Boe naid bain gwannathar
All things must pass away

Boe cuil ban firitha.
All life is doomed to fade…
Arwen’s Song, sung by Liv Tyler

Welcome to the House of Healing, Neptune is in Pisces

ohm mani padme hum

least resistance

Osho Zen Tarot

One card draw: Question ?  How for all of us to best work with energies in the coming year for the most benevolent outcome.   Spirit card at the bottom of the deck what is going on underneath it all.

Both cards are Majors = Powerful !

XVIII Past Lives:
How apt !  Neptune enters Pisces, 1:04 pm CST today !
Shape of an hourglass, an awareness of time passing and our place in the infinite.  Lizards (dragons) it is the year of Water Dragon, the Zen Dragon, emotions brought to the fore, dealing with the cosmic connections and the source.  The ALL ONE.

Lizards shed their skin, some of them use camouflage to avert danger, they are indicative of renewal, vision, enlightenment, and rebirth.  The card represents the yin energy, the cosmic mother, the hands represent knowing (conscious) and unknowing (subconscious) recognize the circles and cycles in your life.  Also in alchemy, lizard renews and revitalizes his inner vision through staring at the sun.  Find and keep your center, your courage, and your heart in the face of changes.

XVI Thunderbolt :
Also apt !  Uranus (rules lightning) in Aries square Pluto – two radical awakeners in friction.  Inner earthquakes, major transitions are happening inner AND outer.  Micro & Macro.  Say yes to the process.  The only constant is change.


Uranus rules lightning and lightning follows the path of least resistance to the Earth.

Change is always around and within us, but be aware – June and September – is the Uranus square Pluto hotzone, your house of Capricorn (Cardinal Earth) will be feeling the major renovations.

Your house of Aries will be giving you the unexpected as well, think on your feet is the best advice here, because Uranus is unpredictable.

Look to your house of Capricorn to see where and what and how you will be unearthing.
Also look to your natal Pluto, and where it lives for clues.  Do the same for Uranus and Aries.

It won’t be easy, but after the thunderbolts and storm clear, the atmosphere is flooded with negative ions that make us feel better !


the Force and flow

The Book of Doors Divination Deck by Athon Veggi and Alison Davidson

I was curious, so I dealt a one card draw asking how we (meaning me, you, the world) could best deal with the energies of Neptune into Pisces in order to bring the most benevolent outcome for all.  The card on the right is the Spirit card at the bottom of the deck, a message of what lies underneath the situation, that my not be evident.

TA – Family of Earth
Loyalty. Materialization of plans.  Find nourishment through connection with Earth energies.

Askhut – Family of Fire
Marriage, attraction and celebration.

Pisces rules the feet which connect us with the earth every day.   We will be feeling opposition or compromise with Virgo, which is a sign of health and service to others.
For Neptune in Pisces, there are no others.
This marriage of Neptune and Pisces will bring health and healing of the spirit – acceptance of the Earth and her creatures as a part of US  – worthy of respect and compromise.  She deserves our loyalty and commitment to wise management of limited material resources.

Pisces is yin – passive, introverted and reactive.

When Neptune advances through Pisces, we will be feeling Water on mutable Water (Neptune/Pisces), squares to mutable Air (Gemini), mutable fire, (Sagittarius) which will bring thinking, brainstorming (air), and actions (fire) and we will be in compromise with Virgo which is mutable earth, (building) or making the ideas work.

Cardinals initiate, Fixed signs build, and Mutables can do either.
Mutables are primarily involved in completion and distribution.
Pisces is often called the completion sign because it is the 12th house sign.
Neptune rules Pisces, and Neptunian power will be a mutable force.

Water can lap at stone for millions of years to form the Grand Canyon, for instance.
It is not immediately evident. Yet, it is very powerful.

Neptune in Pisces motto : Go with the flow