I have been getting the best deep sleeps of my life this past week, I love it.

I am making up for all the time I lost sleep when Uranus was parked on my natal Saturn Rx in Aries trine Mars.  I was taking the blues every night – and still couldn’t sleep a wink, it was weird and robotic. 

So moving with the cycles, I am sleeping as much as I can when Neptuner is in flux.
The weird Uranian passage will return to my natal when Uranus stations direct on December 13. 

Everyone else having deep sleeps ..?   Curious.
Me, deep sleeps / sci-fi movie fixation – Neptuner most highly aspected in 11th.  I am feeling it, loving it …f i n a l l y… we return to the deep seas…

I’ll be back this evening with more about energy clearing via WATER.

Virgo Moon
void of course

6:27pm CST,USA

void ends when Moon enters Libra 3:35am

Neptune stations direct Sunday 11th
1:52am CST,USA