rocks, seas, bones and grace

Neptune Stations Direct
0 22′ Pisces
November 11 
1:52am CST, USA

Total Solar Eclipse 
November 13

21 56′ Scorpio
3:59pm CST,USA


Neptune is magnetic, negative, astringent and contractive.  It is moist, warm, fruitful, mysterious and elusive.

Sun and (New) Moon are conjunct earth during the total solar eclipse in Scorpio.

We will effectively be drawing down the solar and lunar rays of this eclipse onto the material plane.

Your SCORPIO HOUSE is getting an influx of RAPID GROWTH.

Sun enhances / induces spiritual illumination
Moon enhances / induces moral and physical development

If you were born in the late 60’s this eclipse will draw down solar and lunar energies into the Scorpio area of your natal chart where Neptune lives.

I am writing WILL BE when in fact, if Neptune is a major player in your chart, you ALREADY HAVE BEEN getting this, yes ?  I have for some time.

Sun is magnetic; new moon less so.

Given that the eclipse is exact in the Venusian 7th house of Libra (magnetic), Venus is trine Jupiter from AIR to AIR and Mercury will next pass over the eclipse point in Rx…

Communication is on the table and it surrounds money, creativity, love.  
Most probably all 3.

When Neptune is involved – use caution and stay grounded in reality at least during the daytime – trust me on this one !

Magicks in grounding to ponder on a Virgo moon.
Rocks WILL help ground you…
Will return…