Crux of Knowing

tumblr_m5h6l8Li9R1qg5kymo1_r1_500July 20
Saturn Direct 16 Scorpio
Reykjavik 8:35pm
Chicago 3:35pm
July 21
Melbourne 6:35am
Maldives 1:35am
December 23 Saturn into Sagittarius

Saturn has been fine tuning house Scorpio since October 5, 2012; revising/retrograde since March 2, 2014; it is soon direct, and finally out of shadow, October 26; into Sagittarius December 23, 2014.

Trial and error was likely part of your Saturn Rx experience, for Saturn delivers TESTS. Reconfiguring past/work/goals through canny observation, perseverance and research will serve us well in the weeks ahead. Patience pays – focused work will lead to smarter, streamlined goals/power/structures as our energies move forward with drayhorse Saturn direct. 

Saturn stations direct with Pisces Chiron onside – use what you know you have to find balance.  Chiron indicates using your special gifts earned through your personal trials, while Saturn releases the problematic past in order to reform a better future. These two are all about learning how to heal through release.

Note: nuns are Saturn, Pisces. These chicks are Scorpio witchy Bene Gesserit nuns.  No mess.  Fair warning.

terminator tt tricityJuly 21
Uranus Retrograde 16 Aries
Chicago 9:53pm
July 22 
Reykjavik 2:53am
Maldives 7:53am
Melbourne 12:53pm

Uranus in Aries since May of 2010 (before GMA was born); Uranus direct December 21 at 12 degrees, it moves into Taurus in 2018.  Uranus transits by house here.

Saturn stationing direct at 16 while Uranus stations retrograde (the day after) at 16 in quincunx to one another  sets adjustments in motion for these very different energies.  Quincunx energies both desire health via pure energy expression – but they arrive at the same destination by different roads.  Saturn shows restraint, responsibilities, working steady as she goes, Capt’n.  Uranus is wild, left field, enlightenment bolts, polarities of attract/repel, eccentric.  This quincunx lasts roughly a month.

Quincunx moves us to improve wholistic health via adaptation/improvisation, changing altitude/attitude and character metamorphosis. Not as easy as it reads, believe me.  Keep what you can use, ditch the rest, metamorph what you can improve upon. 
Coal into diamonds; caterpillar into butterfly; new neural nets.

Uranus retrograde will test/reinvent/reform our reactions, our individuality, our idea schemes, we will ponder exactly what/whom/when/where we are freeing ourselves from.  We are arriving at the CRUX of KNOWING via Uranus retrograde and a series of squares with Pluto.  Look to your Aries house for deets. (see ink above)

Gift of grace:
Scorpio Saturn in mutual reception with Capricorn Pluto (while Pluto squares Aries Uranus, two more hits left) delivers a
gift of grace to the testing, perfecting, deepening of both transits/houses via an understanding – knowing the language of the country you are visiting, if you will.
They ‘get’ each other, so gung-ho radical newNewNEW Uranus will work well in reform backseat mode while these demolishers/rebuilders take center stage.

We will edit.

Slow reworking/reinvention !! brainstorming !! of the structures/foundations of our work/life/purpose means they are being built to last.

Mars is also on the move, into Scorpio on the 25th (more in another post coming up).
Ps. Second image is time travel from Terminator.  Saturn/Uranus !

magicks in the air

Enchanted Map Tarot

Quickie reading for Mercury and Uranus retrograde
Octaves of communication
Intention: insight and positive direction

Coming to life: Mercury Rx
Shedding old skins, growth, new life to old dreams
manifestation – show up to your own life

Wizard of Awareness: Uranus Rx
Neutral observation of life: outer and inner
 step back observe from a distance
‘wear the world as a loose garment’
It’s ALL good.

Spirit Card: Magical Shape Shifter
pay attention to those who cross your path today
they are here to help and aid you in your
spiritual journey
blessed be


Praying mantis on grape tomatoes, I took the pic. All living growing things in my garden.
Praying mantis brings messages of stillness, patience, balance and intuition.  Contemplation before action. 

This has been a week of totem animals. 
Iridescent wasp delivered construction communication and progress. 
Elephant ( an animal intuitive saw one near me ) brings strength and patience.
Late one evening on a gas n sip ice cream run, I nearly ran over a skunk.
Skunk is a pacifist, while still strongly protected and effective.

It is hotter than bejeebus here, over 100, feels like a zillion.
Most of the US is in drought.  Poor kitties in fur coats are miserable.
I am going to lay down in the cool basement and watch zombie flicks.

First a mantis picspam.
They are so interesting and alien like, yes ?
Pluto ruled.  Predatory.
 Check out the hangmantis. cool.

I am calling this Uranus Rx on my natal Saturn Rx (chart ruler)
the quicksand transit.
Merc Rx (my natal MC) feels same.

May as well just hang tough, right ?!
Cultivate patience.

All signs and totems are pointing in that direction.

This Uranus / Pluto square is just getting warmed up
so we may as well get comfy. 

New Moon in Cancer at 11:24am CST, USA
Moon is void of course until it enters Leo
(see drop down menus for more on voids)
Moon into Leo 5:13am CST, USA

New Moons are beginnings
wash away the dross of the passing phase
set intentions for the

coming full moon in Aquarius on August 1st. USA

 nite all


Quickie reading using Shadowscapes Tarot – illustrations by Stephanie Pui Mun-Law.
 Intention being clarity for all my readers re: recent retrogrades.
 Keep in mind retrogrades are internal insights.

Uranus in Aries on the left: positive sparks; passionate eureka brainwaves
Mercury in Leo on the right: tranquil inspirations; creative mental pathways empowered
Spirit card is 4 swords (not pictured) indicates mental meditations as both octaves of communication turn inward.
I can’t leave without mentioning Stephanie’s zodiac illustrations

Here is her gorgeous Aries image…

Click here for all zodiac signs and prints of each, and tarot images as well.

I’ll pop in a pic of my personal requested card image.
My one word cue: vibrations
Stephanie drew this for me…

I love it !
Is very Scorp Neptune in 11th, yes ?
peace + positive rx everyone

floatation spacestation O&O

Friday July 13, 4:49am CST, USA
Uranus stations Rx : 8 degrees Aries 

Saturday July 14, 9:16pm, CST , USA
Mercury stations Rx 12 degrees Leo (see below)

Thursday December 13, 6:02am

Uranus stations direct : 4 degrees Aries
 (while in trine to Venus conj NNode in Scorp – that should be interesting)

Uranus in flux is good for giving stuck situations a ZAP  of rapid fire energy.
 This means situations / relationships on the ledge may be getting a shove off the cliff.
You can always count on surprises with Uranus – it is the snap from one polarity to another in a heartbeat.

Check your house of Aries for incoming power, check your Capricorn and Cancer houses for incoming internal struggles.  Check your house of Libra for those people and situations you will be compromising with.

Uranus in flux while in trine to Mercury in Leo and in opposition with Mars in Libra – both square Pluto in Capricorn : be creative with love and money morphing.   Chance of tossing out a verbal zinger, so let Venus conjunct Jupiter have the Gemini thought reins before the fire in your communication octaves urges you to say something you regret.

Rethink your energies and how you use them.  Hone your intuition, be quietly innovative in your Aries house.  Soon Saturn will be in Scorpio and energies will be focused and intense.   Zoom in on your psychic energy and your perceptions of your person – crank up your protective skins and skills.  Uranus & Mercury shifting will bring the goods !  Thoughts become things…

Today I stumbled upon a Tanran Reiki page and it is a fascinating read  about the energetic relationships between people.  The dynamics of resting within romantic relationships and each other – fabulous.  Take the time, it’s insightful.

I know with Sun conjunct Uranus I need to pass the hot potato of power back and forth with my partner – not at all interested in someone running my show 24/7.  Also not interested in dealing with those who walk around thinking they know everything, give me a break.

For instance, I recently showed my neighbor all the catnip showing up in my front yard.  He says: ” I don’t think it’s catnip.”  GM: Pretty sure it’s catnip, I looked it up.  Neighbor: I know catnip when I see it – it is definitely mint, but I don’t think it’s catnip.  GM: I’m pretty sure it’s catnip.   
Just then my genius girl cat saunters up and starts gnawing on it with a few extra licks for dramatic effect.  lol.  He says, “Well, maybe it is catnip.’ 
[ya think ?!  sheesh.]

Saturday July 14, 9:16pm, CST , USA
Mercury stations Rx 12 degrees Leo

Wednesday August 8, 12:40am, CST, USA
Mercury stations direct 1 degree Leo

At this point both octaves of communication will be in flux and headed for re-assess, revision, re-invention and repair mode.
Look out for genius ideas coming in from all over the energetic grid – particularly creative ideas as both planets are in FIRE !

peace, happy floating
O & O