Praying mantis on grape tomatoes, I took the pic. All living growing things in my garden.
Praying mantis brings messages of stillness, patience, balance and intuition.  Contemplation before action. 

This has been a week of totem animals. 
Iridescent wasp delivered construction communication and progress. 
Elephant ( an animal intuitive saw one near me ) brings strength and patience.
Late one evening on a gas n sip ice cream run, I nearly ran over a skunk.
Skunk is a pacifist, while still strongly protected and effective.

It is hotter than bejeebus here, over 100, feels like a zillion.
Most of the US is in drought.  Poor kitties in fur coats are miserable.
I am going to lay down in the cool basement and watch zombie flicks.

First a mantis picspam.
They are so interesting and alien like, yes ?
Pluto ruled.  Predatory.
 Check out the hangmantis. cool.

I am calling this Uranus Rx on my natal Saturn Rx (chart ruler)
the quicksand transit.
Merc Rx (my natal MC) feels same.

May as well just hang tough, right ?!
Cultivate patience.

All signs and totems are pointing in that direction.

This Uranus / Pluto square is just getting warmed up
so we may as well get comfy. 

New Moon in Cancer at 11:24am CST, USA
Moon is void of course until it enters Leo
(see drop down menus for more on voids)
Moon into Leo 5:13am CST, USA

New Moons are beginnings
wash away the dross of the passing phase
set intentions for the

coming full moon in Aquarius on August 1st. USA

 nite all