Tidal sway

Rebecca Guay RegenerateRebecca Guay,  Regenerate

Thoughts on the emotional, intuitive Grand Water Trine & kite . . .
Cancer Venus opposing Pluto in Capricorn is all about the past and letting go, attracting the activity that heals and regenerates.  Love, kindness and support.

These signs you can count on (under good aspects) to help haul your ass over the finish line if you are unable to yourself.  These signs are kin – by blood or by choice, they are your anchors.  These signs/houses are also places in your chart where you can summon the rock or the surrender.

Venus trine Saturn trine Chiron across the intuition houses of tidal sway is passive, introverted and reflective.  Teaching ourselves how to swim forward from the inner heartspace of New Leo Moon.  Inner SEEING is up to bat with several squares pushing us to reach our highest vibration – we are uncomfortable, restless.

Mercury is now square North Node in Libra – feelings of attraction, love, creativity and harmony are in the forefront of our minds as Mercury is also moving to square Uranus in Aries.  Clever but cautious – as Uranus is Rx and quincunx Saturn.  Logic with Love.
Sense & Sensibility. 

Scorpio Mars squares Jupiter, both sitting in fixed signs mulling over the obstacle course ahead that we have laid before ourselves.  What we dream, what we desire from our deepest well to create.  Intentions set at New Moon now require sweat equity to really work, they need constant vigilance and directional adjustments.


Mars moving to conjunct Saturn in Scorpio near the Full Moon at 18 degrees  Aquarius on August 10 puts a new fire and focus under our workdrives.  This full moon will square Saturn and oppose Sun and Mercury in Leo.  We will be juggling creative brainstorms like wild – Sun and Mercury trine Uranus !

Drives and Desires to create will be Supersonic – note if you have these planets working together or prominent in your natal, you may feel this power a few days earlier than I indicated, I gave a 5 degree orb, I give sensitives 7 degrees.

Contemplate these things as young moon grows to full bohemian rebel.
It’s sure to be a wild ride full of surprises !

Gneiss Moon

cosmic contemplations

Junichi MasudaJunichi Masuda

llamas are camelids, ruled by Saturn

Scorpio Moon will meet up with Saturn Rx this time tomorrow.

They will form a grand water trine
Cancer Sun, Chiron in Pisces.

Solid emotional foundations form
on the way to
Capricorn Full Moon.

Gemini Venus squares Pisces Chiron
exact at that time.

Cultivate cosmic contemplations.
Healing and Peace of Mind
start inwardly.

Love yourself.
Zen Zone



The radiant eye offermoordoffermoord

There are moments of clarity daily. They open me up with a breath and keep me calm. They feed me the answers. And they hold me lovingly. They are gospelstitches.
My childish ass has got to let them heal. This feud I’m having with myself isn’t even original. But it is thick and rooted.

Here’s to today, slowing down, suspending judgment, and breast strokes through chaos.

Buddy Wakefield


I recently read this book, loved it – sharp blade cutting straight to the bone.  Efficient use of personal power – healing mind, body, heart and spirit via focus + work.
No whiners.
No excuses. 

Scorpio Saturn Rx trines Cancer Jupiter trines Pisces Chiron – all water signs.
Intuition reigns the reins – easily.
Water houses are endings / beginnings – they go hand in hand.  Gleaning the gold from this transit takes work – Saturn is in release, reform, reintegrate mode in the house of mysterious unseen secrets, the sabotage.  Diving deep six into the psyche is not for shallow water pussies.  Destruction precedes every construction.

Our charts hold our way of seeing / feeling / experiencing life – fences and bridges.
Fences (hard aspects) slow us down, make us sweat – bridges (trines) speed us up, offer relief.   The buried treasure of this transit lies within hidden feelings, desires and beliefs surrounding both.  Build your bridges between these things.

Water houses run deep – they are the legacy of lifetimes leading up to the chronic wound that is Chiron.  Nature is your natal chart – nurture is how you experience it.
At the outset of every incarnation – a different natal blend is chosen by you – in order to learn life lessons from a different perspective.
Personal responsibility lands squarely on the shoulders where it belongs.  It is tempting to blame outer circumstances for inner failures, but that is just another excuse not to DO the WORK.

Chiron is the wound – but it is also the healing found when using your personal gifts to help the multiverse – the healer is also healed Chiron is indeed a sore spot, likely an open wound – any hard aspects exacerbate the issue.

Eg. Mercury: thinking, talking; Venus: love, money; Mars: aggression, accidents
You get the idea.

I have hard Chiron aspects except a trine to Neptune in Scorpio 11 – it is worthy of note, that same Chiron trine is the only decent aspect my Neptune has as well.  Healing via astrology & divination, the spiritual science of connections between all life – Yes.

Know your gifts, your strengths and apply them to helping others.
Do the work – your gifts / skills are yours alone, use them.  In doing this, you will feel better and end up healing yourself.
Stay focused.
Trust the process.
I started this work at GMA to heal myself, I continued to help others, NOW I do it to serve the sacred work itself.
The work has grown its own legs, which is cosmically, comically ironic to this 9th house Virgo.

What to look for in your chart to tap the gold vein of this transit ?

1. Natal Chiron aspects.  Natal Saturn aspects.  Natal Jupiter aspects.
Houses, signs – all of it.

2. Natal water houses.  They are where the action is NOW.
Eg. Mine are 3, 7, 11 – the association houses: Interaction leads to my greatest growth.
Writing, talking and being a people person
FYI: being a people person is not normal Neptunegirl vibration, and is being made more difficult by current Saturn / Neptune transits, but I see the growth potential…
I’m going for it !

peace out

bodies of water

Ginormearth I LOVE this pic.
Map (Mercury at MC) freak.
Click on pic twice and use the scroll bars to find your neck of the woods.

How much of the Earth is water…?

About 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water, but water also exists in the air as water vapor, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers.
More info at USGS


Truth. Macro, ALL ONE.
Truth. Micro, ALL ONE.
WE not ME – Micro example.

You Captain your ship.
The micro team inside of you.

Pic above is a human kidney cell, under a microscope.
Libra rules the kidneys.

Credit: Ke Xu Harvard University

How much of the human body is water…?


The human body contains about 100 trillion cells, some of which are 70 percent water.(This percentage varies with cell type)

Wanna peek inside the world of cells ? this is wicked cool, I love it !
There is an ocean inside of us – how cool is that ?!

Health tip from akashic records guru Edgar Cayce, the man who had a biggie Pisces (water) stellium, and channeled remedies from the beyond…

Drink PLENTY of water.
Make it obligatory for self to see that at least two to three GLASSES of water are drunk between each meal – not AT meals.

from Cayce reading 92-1

Below is the quickie guideline, obviously + / – depending on what you are doing. If you are at higher altitudes, packing weights on a scorching midsummer day drink more. daily water intake:::::::
We are what we eat. 

Ingesting too much in the acidic (red orange) spectrum grounds the body in the root chakra, making physical (digestive) needs paramount, the body slows down as more energy is used to process food.

Ingesting (easier to digest) activates the third eye and crown chakras, making intuition sharper, opening the gateway to higher dimensions.

Human blood pH is 7.356

 If you were wondering about the acidity of the waters of the Earth, here you go – courtesy of NCEAS, the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. ocean_acidification_zpsd21c1db5

What is our global water sitch..?… about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has diffused via chemical exchange, which creates carbonic acid, thereby increasing the acidity of the water.

Historically seawater was 8.2 pH, since the industrial revolution it has dropped below 7.8 pH.

Ocean pH industrial revolution
This chemical exchange disrupts carbonate ions, which are what shell-building animals like coral need to create calcium carbonate shells. With less carbonate available, the animals need to expend more energy to build their shells.  As a result, the shells end up being thinner and more fragile.  More info at the Ocean Acidification Network.

Water Science for the Aqua Moon

Mindfully, magickally, metamorphose.


Hello from the waiting room . . .
Needed an impromptu break for more than one reason, illness being one of them. Feeling better today, back in the game.  Thank you to those who have eased my mind by checking in on me, you know who you are.  I am grateful and I love you.

Moon into Cancer
1:55pm CST,USA

Sun into Aries
Wednesday 6:02am

Moon moves into Cancer bringing a trine to Mercury / Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio – in 23 hours we will be feeling a grand water trine with Moon and Pluto as opposites in a kite.

Emotional revelations / renovations loom on the horizon.

This is particularly true as Sun moves into Aries to join the explosive Mars / Uranus conjunction.  This conjunction creates the apex of a T-square between Cancer Moon and Pluto creating an obstacle – be like water, flow with it.

Cancer Moon is ultra sensitive, so be aware internal defenses will be High Full Shield Red Alert.  Family (particularly Mother), home, female, or public dealings are going to need attention.

Authority, men, work and long-standing power issues are coming into sharp focus, delivering the promise of metamorphosis and rebirth.  Cardinal signs be alert !  Any natal planets making an appearance in the early (up to 12) degrees will be feeling this aspect strongly.

Quick read from the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud for snap insight bringing most benevolent outcome for all.

ok, wow. 
Soul Shrinker – that speaks of Pluto in Cap opp Moon, yah ?
Constructive criticism is helpful – cruel, deliberately malicious communications are not.
Mercury just backed off Neptune, and turned direct to meet Chiron making wounds and healing the thoughts of the day.  Mend fences, build bridges and be kind.  Things to keep in mind as Mars wants to set off knee-jerk Uranus at any mo.

Spirit card: Lys of the Shadows
She is a trench wench, stuck in the mud with you, giving you a hand up – – she inspires. She helps you take the first shaky steps to re-building self-esteem, self-respect and self-actualization.
Be open to receive the gifts of those who are willing to help.
Mindfully, magickally, metamorphose.



Pictured below is Nostradamus, and his natal chart.  He was famous for writing over 900 rhymed quatrains (four-lined poems) filled with hidden prophecies that predicted the future for 10 centuries.  He lived during the Renaissance and was astrologer to royalty and nobles in Salon.  Nostradamus is a 9 life path; a humanitarian.  He was also a herbalist, healer, physician and linguist.

His bio:  http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Nostradamus%2C_Michel_de

When learning astrology, this chart struck me because of the obvious water trines.  Water houses (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are the intuitive, psychic houses; they delve deep, are mysterious.

Moon in Scorpio gives depth of feeling and a keen, penetrating insight into the mysteries of life and death; as well as a tendency to keep true feelings under wraps.

Uranus, the planet that will not take the bit is somewhat quieted in the 12th house of Pisces.  It is quietly, secretly, rebellious – hiding prophetic messages within secret texts, for instance.  Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury (the communicator), and is an intuitive planet working in a mystical house.
Jupiter (generosity, philosophy) is exalted in nurturing Cancer; conjunct an angle- making it even more powerful.  Saturn and Mars are both uncomfortable in Cancer, but I feel they give a steady anchor to home and roots so that when the waves of visions may come, the seer is not adrift.

Sun in Capricorn (honors, fame, time) conjunct Mercury (writing) with Neptune (mysticism) all in the tenth house of ‘how the world sees you’ shows the prophetic legacy Nostradamus left the world.