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There are moments of clarity daily. They open me up with a breath and keep me calm. They feed me the answers. And they hold me lovingly. They are gospelstitches.
My childish ass has got to let them heal. This feud I’m having with myself isn’t even original. But it is thick and rooted.

Here’s to today, slowing down, suspending judgment, and breast strokes through chaos.

Buddy Wakefield


I recently read this book, loved it – sharp blade cutting straight to the bone.  Efficient use of personal power – healing mind, body, heart and spirit via focus + work.
No whiners.
No excuses. 

Scorpio Saturn Rx trines Cancer Jupiter trines Pisces Chiron – all water signs.
Intuition reigns the reins – easily.
Water houses are endings / beginnings – they go hand in hand.  Gleaning the gold from this transit takes work – Saturn is in release, reform, reintegrate mode in the house of mysterious unseen secrets, the sabotage.  Diving deep six into the psyche is not for shallow water pussies.  Destruction precedes every construction.

Our charts hold our way of seeing / feeling / experiencing life – fences and bridges.
Fences (hard aspects) slow us down, make us sweat – bridges (trines) speed us up, offer relief.   The buried treasure of this transit lies within hidden feelings, desires and beliefs surrounding both.  Build your bridges between these things.

Water houses run deep – they are the legacy of lifetimes leading up to the chronic wound that is Chiron.  Nature is your natal chart – nurture is how you experience it.
At the outset of every incarnation – a different natal blend is chosen by you – in order to learn life lessons from a different perspective.
Personal responsibility lands squarely on the shoulders where it belongs.  It is tempting to blame outer circumstances for inner failures, but that is just another excuse not to DO the WORK.

Chiron is the wound – but it is also the healing found when using your personal gifts to help the multiverse – the healer is also healed Chiron is indeed a sore spot, likely an open wound – any hard aspects exacerbate the issue.

Eg. Mercury: thinking, talking; Venus: love, money; Mars: aggression, accidents
You get the idea.

I have hard Chiron aspects except a trine to Neptune in Scorpio 11 – it is worthy of note, that same Chiron trine is the only decent aspect my Neptune has as well.  Healing via astrology & divination, the spiritual science of connections between all life – Yes.

Know your gifts, your strengths and apply them to helping others.
Do the work – your gifts / skills are yours alone, use them.  In doing this, you will feel better and end up healing yourself.
Stay focused.
Trust the process.
I started this work at GMA to heal myself, I continued to help others, NOW I do it to serve the sacred work itself.
The work has grown its own legs, which is cosmically, comically ironic to this 9th house Virgo.

What to look for in your chart to tap the gold vein of this transit ?

1. Natal Chiron aspects.  Natal Saturn aspects.  Natal Jupiter aspects.
Houses, signs – all of it.

2. Natal water houses.  They are where the action is NOW.
Eg. Mine are 3, 7, 11 – the association houses: Interaction leads to my greatest growth.
Writing, talking and being a people person
FYI: being a people person is not normal Neptunegirl vibration, and is being made more difficult by current Saturn / Neptune transits, but I see the growth potential…
I’m going for it !

peace out