open focus


New Moon 7 degrees Gemini
May 28
Chicago 1:40pm 
May 29
Jakarta 1:40am
Nukualofa 7

New Moon/Sun in Gemini trines Mars in Libra, squares Neptune in Pisces which are in quincunx to one another. 
Adaptation / improvisation – reset thinking / actions in order to create spiritual balance, deepen your connection to personal power via universal source – within and without. 

Mars Rx in Libra powered down the individualistic momentum, downshifting into sharing and taking on / understanding the vibrations of others.  This New Moon sets our minds free to probe, explore what we think and feel for ourselves again, regain a bit of Martian power in the headspace, regain personal forward momentum.

Venus is void of course at New Moon, floating and without shackles of commitment to any other planets save the mutual reception of Mars in Libra.  They are the psychic powers live on the airwaves – in silent rapport, agreement – working with others requires both strength of individual spirit and commitment to compromise.
Bend rather than break. 

This moon calls us to mentally plan for action –  Dream it – then BE IT.
Gather facts, information, make lists, devise plans, begin to lay groundwork in the realms of thinking / seeing, student / teaching, community / global communications.  Also of course, consider your natal house of Gemini.   

Changes can be made on your way if it doesn’t suit – this is a New Gemini Moon after all, inventive, curious and flexible.
Let your daydreams be your guide, pen and paper in hand ::: stay openly focused ::: lay your intents now that will come to fruition at full moon at 22 Sagittarius June 13, USA.

peace out


2 thoughts on “open focus

    • Thank you Linda, this fabulous artist was also featured on the post : bedroom voice.
      This was a note to myself to stay focused as well.
      Finding it a bit hard under my own Neptune / Saturn transits.

      T. Mars opp natal Saturn + T. Saturn Rx opp natal moon delivered a ‘where is our last mortgage payment’ from the bank.

      yeegads. wth did that disappear to ?
      Heaven only knows ?!?
      I wrote the check.
      Only happened once before years ago when the postal sorter ate my mail – rent check turned up 2 months later, mangled.

      Typical T. Neptune square Mars fuzz
      Ah well, keep swinging / swimming, whatever. lol

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