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minotaur_by_igorkieryluk-d5eh79yIgor Kieryluk

Mercury in Venus-ruled Taurus is a sensate placement for the planet of mind and intellect.  Any and all incoming info is filtered through how it feels, smells, tastes, looks, and sounds.
Perceptions are Mercurial; sensations, Venusian.

This earthy placement slows the airy intellect to meet and match the material world, making understanding arrive in its own time.  Taurean learning is steadfast, conservative, often slow and plodding.  What’s the rush – ? – when you can savor factoids as they take the brain curves, tickle the ears and roll off the tongue ?

Venus involvement gives this Mercurial mind an artistic bent, present your viewpoint sensibly with grace and style and you have won half the battle.
aka: Don’t spook the herd.
Mercury here also gives a flair for attracting $$ via communications, wheeling and dealing finances, selling and or quality control.  Earth signs know quality; Taurus, worth.

Intellect in earth is slow to change, cautious and shrewd re: what they have. This Mercury placement has a tenacious grip on held beliefs which in their mind equals security – pack a lunch if you want to sway the opinion of a Taurus Mercury, you may be awhile.

Speaking of lunch…want to woo a Venusian Mercury ?
Easy as pie. <~
They respond deeply to natural smells, soft voices/clothing – melt like buddah, baby.
Trust me on this.
I also have a Venusian (Libra) Mercury – shrill voices won’t even pass the starting line.
Presentation, presentation, presentation.

peace love and zen

5 thoughts on “bedroom voice

    • Thank you !
      I find myself doing mental compare & contrast with my Venusian Mercury.
      Many similarities, but also many differences…that’ll be a fun one for later.
      Mercury Scorp people are intense, love that !
      …Slow… not so much.

      • cool!

        One other thing, I wanted to include you in my Earth goddess initiation, but do not know your gender. If you are a goddess or goddess in training, plaease let me now and i will add you to my post 🙂

        I love your blog and looked everywhere to find your first name and was unsuccessful. So if you are lead to share this info, do tell!

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