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A beginning also reveals an ending.
The Law of Balance aka Venus aka 6

You will have your weapons, but first they will test your will.
Kai,  47 Ronin

I love this quote.
It speaks to me of the VISION QUEST : the illusionary veils parting, worlds meeting, ENLIGHTENMENT, parting worlds, the illusionary veils drawing to a close.
The hermit, the hangman – loners seeking answers.
One via solitude – One via sacrifice.
I chose a path many years ago and it has been the breaking and making of me.

Very difficult – but I would not trade what I have learned.
Venus rules trades.

I drew the card above for a question of my own and was quite pleased.
I then used it as the significator for the ? for all of us.

What should all my readers concentrate on for highest manifestations for New Moon in Taurus ?

photo 47

Without dreams there is no futurepast.
Imagine love, peace and happiness – be balanced.
North Node of Destiny in Libra
Two Venusian Eclipses

Pisces DARK MOON passes over Neptune, Chiron  dreaming the healing
+ Venus while it trines Scorpio Saturn
in the next 24 hours.

This is mining deep in the subconscious for the soul shines.
What is attracting and attracted = Venus
What is solid, sticking and staying = Saturn

Only you know this vision quest.
Make it so.


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