Zen Ven


Venus rules applause, allies, artists and beauty.

She is the calm zen ruler
Taurus and Libra.

She rules sweet things for the senses.

Venus loves fashion and decorating
and the
all mighty dollar.

Venus rules love & money.

She is courteous, flirtatious, and friendly.

Venus can be lavish, vain, with a flair for the melodramatic.
  She can be a meddling match maker, prone to fads, flattery, and fickle.

She can bring happiness, harmony, reconciliation
and laughter.

She rules lovers, lingerie and pageants.
She is the pretty persuader who can play you.

Venus rules proposals and possessiveness.
She is sensual and has a special smile made just for you.
She is creative, a good tipper and she loves music.

I love peace of mind

om mani padme hum

5 thoughts on “Zen Ven

    • Me too and Air is delivering…YaY
      Occured to me after I named this post some might not know I was thinking of George Carlin and his funny way of seeing language, thought I would mention it…Carlin was genius ! He was a Toro with Gemini Moon exactly conjunct Chiron. Fascinating !

  1. That’s me, Babe! And I never realised any of this until I got into my crone years. Just building up to it in the rest of my life, lol.

  2. Awesome !
    Hey, better late than never, aka : : it ‘arrives precisely when it means to’ : : Venus Isle was your destiny !
    I love hearing of your new laid back digs… sounds great to me…I love the sound of the frogs on the lake this time of year and the moon and stars are bright in dark skies here.
    Precious jewels for all humans to share … yes ?

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