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Hephaestus, God of Blacksmiths : violscraper

A client I just finished a reading for is, as she put it, ‘knee-deep’ into studying astrology now…I loOove it…saw it coming  when I read for her.
Strong Uranus placements – Uranus rules astrology and curiosity.

For those of you who don’t know much, and want to follow along, go over to astrodienst and enter your deets ~  it’s free ~ and trust me, you will learn much by following along and applying planetary energies and current transits to your own natal chart.

I have written of the Plutonian forge many times.  Hearth Forge & Hammer (click).
Fire and ice.
Heat, Hammer & Cool.
Pluto rules volcanoes; Uranus, volcanic eruptions.

These energies (Uranus and Pluto) are in square (obstacle, internal work, forced change) now with Pluto in Capricorn moving retrograde at 9 ’30 degrees; Uranus in Aries at 6 ’21 moving direct, the first exact square hit will be on June 24th.

You are feeling it in your chart…in your life.
I know you are ~ we all are under the same sky.

I keep seeing the Angel of Time, the reconciler.


Feet in two worlds – actually 3.
Water or emotional life, Earth or material world matters and the sigil is Fire of Spirit born unto earth matter.

Time heals.
Blending and working the worlds into balance.

Heat, Hammer & Cool.

Pluto is churning in Capricorn going retrograde; erupting and morphing the past, authority and work and career (Capricorn rules all these things).

Pluto will be doing the same in the opposite house, Cancer where Pluto demands compromise with another in your life.  Cancer rules home, family and gut instincts and feelings.

Pluto works out inner tension through a square to Libra – relationships, equality, art and beauty – how to find balance in life.

Pluto also squares Aries, the competitive self, instincts, early childhood – the I Want It NOW house !   The RAM is dragging Capricorn into the future and the RAM doesn’t look back.
You may be wondering why I put Hephaestus, God of Blacksmiths (asteroid 2212) at the top of the page, yet I haven’t mentioned him yet.  This is the cool weird thing about astrology folks…the planets really do give all the info you need, but the asteroids flesh out the bones…love that !

Hephaestus is the god of blacksmithing ~ the volcanic fires of the forge.

He was born lame and crippled into Olympus, rejected and cast out by his mother Hera. Rescued by sea nymphs, he grew to be a cunning craftsman.  Despite his ejection from Mount Olympus, Hephaestus crafted many objects for the gods such as thunderbolts for Zeus, arrows for Apollo and a shield for Athena.  He was the only Olympian said to have returned to Olympus after being exiled.

The asteroid Hephaestus will signal forgiveness, craft, cunning and skill in your natal chart.  It is the place where you blaze a trail and rise to create your destiny – despite rejection – despite emotional and physical difficulties.

It is where your life is forged, hammered and remade.

Look to what it aspects and see what the forge holds for you…
Conjunctions are power operating together, trines easy energy flow, squares inner battles, and oppositions indicate compromise with another.

During the Occultation of Venus (click) Hephaestus will be at 6 ’15 Gemini, sextile Uranus and trine mid-heaven.
(Some only read conjunctions, but I like to read the astrological gumbo…)
During the first exact square of Uranus, Pluto – Hephaestus will be conjunct Venus.

These are forged objects from my home.  An old friend made them…the keychain I have carried since the day it was given to me.  Pluto, forging, craft and forgiveness are all major in my life – Pluto aspects both luminaries, Neptune most highly aspected.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my natal Hephaestus is not only quintile Venus, but it lives at 16 degrees Gemini, the exact degree of the upcoming Occultation of Venus.   

Nae saian luume’.
Tessa ta ten’ amin.
Tenna’ san’…amin mela lle.


11 thoughts on “warp, weft & the whip

  1. Wow what a thought-provoking post, thanks! Turns out I have Hephaestus at 1 degree Gemini, right near my Ascendant at 7 degrees Gemini. Hmmm! Forging a new face to present to the world?

    • Hi playthepentagle & thanks ! Yes conjunct Gem asc is versitle, dexterous thinking and speaking – a nimbleness you are prized for ! Likely a serious face at work / fun face at play or a genius blending of the two …Cool ~ !
      Mine is 6th Gem so I would say finding a healthy balance while working two service oriented jobs.

  2. Wonderful connections you have made in this post. I have always loved the story of Hephaestus and had not discovered the asteroid before. Thank you for that. I will find where mine is. Feel I could do with a little re-making. I think it may have begun. I can feel the hammering. 🙂
    I have Venus at 18 degrees Gemini and Sun at 6 degrees, so I am pulled into this somewhat. Thank for the Occultation link. I am off to explore.

    • Thanks, I really enjoyed writing it….I loved welding and the days we poured in the foundry in school.
      Oh cool ! You are pulled into the eclipse energies too …so good Venus vibes are on the way coming and going – awesome Perianne !

      I feel the hammering too, Pluto has been square chart ruler .for. evah. – and now is backing off for another go around later. All good it is backing off so Uranus can have a go at ruler by conjunction, lol.

  3. Well, what do you know! My natal Hephaestus is in tight conjunction with my strong natal Moon in Taurus. No wonder I have always felt him to be Taurean. 😉 Currently this position is highlighted by progressed Moon return and of course the fleeting New Moon. Ahhh, grist!

    • Metamorphic instincts surrounding nurturing creativity and imaginations..do you dream journal..?
      Progs ?

      I feel your pain – my progs -Venus is jammed between Uranus/Pluto all opp Saturn.
      The outer planetary blitz ! hahahaaa
      Spinning round the wheel of life !

      Time for a sweet ‘wheel’ at Red Rocks…


      7-23-2010 SCI Red Rocks CO
      whole enchilada baby autoplay
      ps. I framed it, thanks xo

      sorry is Friday here, just woke up from a nap, need java & tunes

  4. hey!! am back online again, at least for the moment lol seems things have been jumpin here since my last visit 🙂
    a little flesh on the bones is always a most helpful thing. my hepha is at 26′ taurus, just 3 degrees into my 8th house and i always have trouble with the 8th. never sure how to interpret this house in relation to the transits beyond the more obvious 2nd house mirror. and its empty of planets which doesnt help. but i love the idea of a trail being blazed! 🙂

    SO HELPFUL, the reminder of the opposition to pluto in the cancer house – part of my water trine which is coming along at a fairly steady pace.

    ‘Imagine my surprise when I saw my natal Hephaestus is not only quintile Venus, but it lives at 16 degrees Gemini, the exact degree of the upcoming Occultation of Venus.
    hmmm…fascinating…’ : really hope you share how that manifests!!

  5. Mary Beth ! hi 🙂 hi
    Cool… I remember you are a Libra rising so Venus rules your chart too. Venus ruling Toro 8, desires of delving deep in matters of love and partnership through what is unseen and unsaid. Perceptive senses and an uncanny way of getting to the crux of any love ($$ or artistic) situation. Transforming self and others through loving patient, practical explorations of the mysteries of life. He’ll trine your 11th too so boosts the communications and service with those of like minds.
    So good to hear from you ! xo

    • thank you for the warm welcome; so nice!

      ah, you always articulate so well. i really struggle sometimes with putting what i ‘sense’ into words – and yet without the words, i dont feel i ‘get’ a thing. thats cap ruling my 3rd for you, for sure. i have to see the structure of sentences conveying the meaning. with pluto in there, i guess there are some hiccups in translation from right to left brain lol. but i have been practicing and i can see improvement.
      while comms are affected, its other 3rd house stuff that pluto is after.

      you’re a peach xxx

      • You’re so welcome ~ glad to have you back !
        It IS hard to be objective on your own chart.
        I do the same…puzzle…stare at it, space out then ~ WHAM !
        Unexpected insight.
        Do you have it on the wall ? If you are a visual thinker, try it !

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