Necessity Moon

entropy_by_doomburg-d55pxhfAsher Dumonchelle

We spoke all night in tongues,
in fingertips, in teeth.

Robert Hass

I once knew a significant demarcation in my life.
Sleeping before & Awakening after
No more.
Knowings spiraled, wove within me, my DNA.
Genetics, mutated.

As dawns light rose again and again
I fell with the darkest nights
 I learned.

Clarity struck infinitely bridging past and future
Now is Then is Will Be
Unified Electrical Neural Heart Energy Grid
nanonet neoterics

  Tesseract – tried, tested, true.
Traditional transcendence 

Necessity is the Mother of Invention
Feelers find, fuse auras freely in the aetheric realms

 Pinpoint, meet, match – boundaries blurred, restored

Love Transcends

Gneiss Moon

Saturn is necessity, Moon is Mother
Uranus is invention, Venus is Love
Pluto is Divine Will and Superhuman Growth


blink, beat

Sacred Geometry Oracle
John Michael Greer

Before this reading, I was thinking of how Uranus skips steps. 
Mercury gets from A to C through B; Uranus skips straight to C.

This is why Uranus KNOWS but often can’t tell you why it knows.  It’s that mysterious skipped step that throws people when Uranians shoot genius from the hip.

It defies logic; yet is simultaneously, completely logical.

It is this skipped step in space / time that I am peering into with this reading.
Intent being clarity and most benevolent outcome for all my readers.

25 Discontinuous Proportion (reversed) Dependence
Your personal patterns are presently closely interrelating and connected to the patterns of others – some of which you are unaware of.

Many factors are involved which may not SEEM relevant, but ARE relevant.  Something small and seemingly unimportant is actually THE KEY to the solution.

This Uranus in a nutshell – seeing both sides, polarities – the MICRO and the MACRO – the FINITE and the INFINITE – all present in the glimmer of a nanosecond.  
Branches within branches within branches. . .the golden mean spirals inward / outward.



4 The Circle: Continuity
(spirit card, crux of the sitch)

Use what you’ve already got.  It is time to work within the boundaries you have set and nourish the growth living within them.  Tend to the patterns close to you, nourish them – the seeds that will lead to your heart’s desire are already planted and growing… now is the time to nurture your inner circle.

How wide are your circles ?  

Being strongly Uranian, I KNOW we ARE ALL CONNECTED energetically through The Force.

I think GLOBALLY, in terms of EARTHKIND and my SPIRITUALITY is INFINITE, not caged into a ‘religion’.

That said, I choose my inner circle, be you near or far.  

Uranians can find you at any distance – your energetic signature is entirely unique.
We can intuitively connect in the blink of an eye; in the beat of a heart.

Those I LOVE – you KNOW who you are.
Near or far, you are IN.


Cosmic Goose Egg


0 is the integer immediately preceding 1.
Zero means empty – it is the absence of quality or quantity, the nothingness of death and the totality of life, it is the void and it is nirvana.  Zero is the monad, the mystery, the eternal divine essence, the unified field.  It is the silent potential for either positive or negative.  Zero is a doorway, a portal, an empty vessel holding space, the Alpha and the Omega, the breath of God.  The shape of the zero indicates ascent and descent, evolution and involution.

 In most cultures, 0 was identified before the idea of negative things (quantities) that go lower than zero was accepted.  Zero is an even number, it may or may not be considered a natural number, but it is a whole number and hence a rational number and a real number it is neither positive nor negative. 

Zero is ruled by Pluto.  It indicates profound transformation and rebirth.    Zero after a number increases the power tenfold for each successive zero.

When zero is present before the final breakdown of one digit, it indicates power, potential and an innate understanding of others, an understanding of the human potential for either positive or negative.   Zero indicates gifts of spirituality, divine intuition, and the ability to help others through perceptive problem-solving and keen insight.

When zero falls after another number, consider its power strengthened. 

For example, 10 would indicate not only an innate superpower to achieve personal goals, but also an ability to encourage others to fulfill the qualities of the number one.  People with zero present in their numbers need to guard against giving too much, they need to retain personal balance while also following their natural inclination to assist.

Zero corresponds with The Fool in the tarot deck.   Visionaries, wanderers, mystics, faith of the innocents and risk-taking are all symbolized by the number zero.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.