altitude adjustments

Trees by Toni Demuro

Gibbous Moon in late Aquarius moving to conjunct Neptune, Chiron in Pisces.
(see Moon times below)

Growing pains were likely on the agenda as Aquarius Moon is passing a square to Mercury and soon will square North Node of Destiny, both in Scorpio.  Squares bring the most inner tension, but deliver the most growth as well. 

I physically felt this Moon square, as Mercury was also preheating a planet in my natal on the upcoming eclipse degree (22 Scorp) as Venus sextiled it – 2 day splitting headache rendering me essentially useless at basically everything.  I was incapable of making a decision -even as slight as what’s for dinner- when I am usually incredibly decisive.

Moon into Pisces
Wednesday 24 6:00am CST,USA

Day / night dreaming your path to health is primo as Moon enters Pisces and trines Sun and Saturn in early Scorpio.  Emotional and spiritual healing is especially favored as Pisces and Scorpio are water houses, and Moon is water as well.  Saturn in trine makes Mooneptunian dreams manifest – be mindful of your thoughts, feelings.  Subconscious and conscious are energetically in synch and emotional insights and power surges are likely.

Full Moon in Taurus 6 degrees 
Monday 29 2:49pm CST, USA

Taurus, you have mail !  This Full Moon puts Sun in Scorpio in peace talks with Toro Moon from across the wheel.  Desires vs. what you already have.  Altitude adjustments are off the scale, digging deep to cultivate peace of mind via purging the old and outworn.  Think love, money, power and restraint.  Venus and Pluto are rulers of these houses.  Transform.

Aquarius and Leo will be feeling squares from the Scorpio party – settle in folks, you are in transformation station.  Personal progress and metamorphosis is underway !

Toro house gets Scorpio types handing over test after test – to revise and rework via compromise, mirroring behavior we disapprove of that we need to change in some way in ourselves.




What phase of the moon were you born under ?  Each phase will have a different energy, and will manifest different qualites.  To find your moon phase, click under Astrology on ‘NASA Moon Phases’ and scroll until you find your month and year.

La luna spends about 2 days in each sign of the zodiac making a circle around the wheel of life in approximately 27.33 days.


New Moon= new beginnings, instinctual re-birthing
Cresent= breakthrough, formation of future through the past
First Quarter= active pioneers, here to change things
Gibbous= need to perfect, analytical, learning truth
Full Moon= completion, exploring ideas/relationships/goals
Disseminating= distribution of knowledge, communicators
Last Quarter= re-examination of self, contemplation
Balsamic= quiet visionaries, loners, distilled wisdom

I was born under a disseminating moon in Taurus.  Moon is exalted in Toro, so I’m all about the senses…soft fabrics, incense, essential oils, massages, quiet nights, food has to be crispy, al dente, whatever.  Find the pea in the Princess bed ? *Snap !*  lol.  Taurus rules the throat and I am a singer, and obviously communicating – ta da ! (waves)  Moon is in my 4th so love of home and gardening, quiet, intuitive.
How about you and your moon…how does it work in your chart…?