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Grand CanyonSpider Rock, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona – William Lee

According to Navajo tradition, Spider Rock’s second spire is home to Spider Woman, the creator of the free world.  The the holy ones advised Spider Woman that she had the capabilities of weaving a map of the universe and the geometrical patterns of the spirit beings in the night sky.  She was first to weave her web of the universe and taught Diné (Navajo) to create beauty in their own life and spread the “Beauty Way” teaching of balance within the mind, body, & soul.

Previous post re: Spider woman, cosmic omphalomancy.

Expansion of the mind, broadening of the horizons – the brain set loose to wander, roam and philosophize freely.  Perceptions are laid back, casual – not rigidly fixed like while gripped by the Scorpion.

Mercury here travels far and wide gleaning experience from diverse sources across the globe – the natural desire to SEE and UNDERSTAND underscores the natural Mercurial curiosity.  The student also teaches; the healer is also healed.

Reading, study, teaching and tapping the enormous potential of the higher mind is what Mercury in Sagittarius offers.  This is also the house of spirit, faith and religions – here Mercurial perceptions are more open to others.  Sharing stories and impressions of different cultures is fascinating to the higher mind.

Mercury here races into hopeful territories where all decisions turn out for the best.  Forever optimistic, the changeable nature of the trickster works well in the mutable sign of the centaur.  Lively mind meets hot to trot to travel and explore the unknown.
The Road goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends with a Sagittarius Mercury.

One thing to be wary of – hoof in mouth disease.
Sagittarians are famous for it.
If I had a dollar for every time I have said, “I can’t believe you just said that !” to one of my Sag friends – I would be rolling in $$$.  Seriously, they just blurt out whatever is on their minds in any and all types of crowds.  Hilarious mostly, they really are more fun than a barrel of monkeys – and game for just about anything.

Mercury in Sagittarius SEES the larger patterns at work in the world, and of course, can not resist making hilarious commentary on their observations.  Mercury here likes to broadcast, publish, and reveal their news ala the comedic town crier.
Note: If you rile them, they can pontificate profusely from the tallest soapbox in town !
Fair Warning !

Sag is the sign of the sage, Mercury here will soak up knowledge like a sponge !


Go gung HO Genius

Monday 10
Mercury into Sagittarius 
7:40pm CST, USA

Tuesday 11
Moon void of course 7:08 am
void ends 4:22pm
with Moon into Sagittarius

Thursday 13th
New Moon in Sagittarius


Uranus station direct


Groovy Sagittarius New Moon conjunct Sun at 21 degrees.  Luminaries are consciously and subconsciously getting a healing vibe from an applying quintile to Pisces Chiron.

Quintiles are sweet spots of uncommon gifts and talents that are ready to go gung ho genius at any given moment.  

This particular quintile at the time of new moon is from the Sag 2nd house of love, money, peace of mind to the Pisces fifth house of creativity, romance, leisure time, kids and fun.  Expect healing in these areas, in fact ENVISION HEALING of self and those you love that will bring the most benevolent outcome for all.

Sagittarius is long range expansive visionary thinking, make it so !
SEE IT, then BE IT.
Spots to find learning that require work to ease tension are found at 21 degrees of Virgo and Pisces give or take 5 degrees.

Those Gems who have planets at 21 degrees (+/- 5) will be making compromises.

Aries and Leo with planets near 21 degrees (+/- 5) will be getting easier insights via trine.

Sagittarians will be feeling new jumping off points of opportunity at 21 degrees (+/- 5) of Aquarius and Libra.

North Node of Destiny is conjunct Venus in Scorpio trine Uranus during station.  

Be positive and CLIMB HIGH with those HOPES Sags are known for !

Neptune is crucial in this equation: vibrate universal compassion and LOVE for all time frames everywhere and everywhen.  


Start new projects AT or RIGHT AFTER NEW MOON and they will grow stronger with the growth of the MOON CYCLE.


mercurious myst

Mercury into Sagittarius
Monday October 29
1:18am CST, USA

Mercury into mutable Sagittarius fire, folks.  Duality and change-ups naturally associated with Mercury will be kicked up a notch or two in a mutable sign.

Mutable signs indicate changes, adaptability ::: they are the go-betweens, the social set ::: passing the baton from the outgoing Cardinals to the stable Fixed signs.

This is worth noting as Mercury stations retrograde on Election Day in the US.

Mercury Stations Retrograde 
Tuesday November 6
5:04pm CST, USA

Purchases of large ticket items, signing contracts, making deals are all ill-advised during Mercury retrograde, and most certainly on the days surrounding station when the energetic shift in trickster Mercurial energies is more strongly felt.

Mercury rules counting, calculations, perception and logic
Neptune rules voting (secret ballots), fraud, deception and mysterious events.

The rockstar politico circus is coming to town – and the Trickster is Ringmaster.

Two communication signs, Gemini (Mercury rules) and Sagittarius are juggling compromise.

Virgo (Mercury rules) and Pisces are the lucky signs ripping up the Mercurial obstacle course, making hard decisions.

Virgos require abacus perfection.
Pisces, well the slippery fishes are …ummm a bit nebulous on a good day.

This is going to be an interesting election – I’ll guarantee you that.
Is The Count still on the Sesame St. payroll – may wanna fetch ‘im.
We may need his fingers, toes and little number friends.

A silent prayer for our nation, if you please.
Our election is not the only reason why, either…


Neptune Stations Direct
0 22′ Pisces
November 11
1:52am CST, USA

Stations of slow moving outer planets are felt for weeks in advance – particularly if that planet is prominent in your natal chart.  In the US Sibley chart, 9th house Virgo Neptune is at 22 degrees (trine 2nd house Capricorn Pluto Rx) putting it in a sextile (opportunity) to the upcoming solar eclipse in Scorpio 21 56′.

Fixed houses are building.
Long-term values and ideas meet the material (Toro), emotional (Scorpio) and intellectual (Aquarius) plane – fixed signs are brick-laying the road to create a new life (Leo is Sun – ruled = life).

Eclipse energies draw out and materialize the emotional onto the physical plane while intellectual Aquarius must do the hardest work – brainstorm creative solutions in tandem with Leo, our NEW LIFE.

Toro / Scorpio
::: what’s mine and what’s ours :::
 ::: what I want and what we desire :::
Venus (balanced) and Pluto (transformation)

Toro / Scorpio houses are succeedant ::: emotional :::
emotions are water
we have Neptune stationing direct in 15 days

Hurricane Sandy

Neptunian water is intuitive, psychic and it delves deep into memory.

The water signs signal ENDINGS: the womb and the tomb (Cancer), the sexual act, death, and the release of life as we know it (Scorpio), release and re-union with the cosmic universal energy (Pisces).

I do not mean this literally – instead I am speaking metaphorically.
The Macro / Micro universe are having a soulful cry over what has been lost.
This Pluto Uranus square is CHANGING EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.
This hurricane is [on a macro level] clearing the energies of that portion of the US.
The US capitol is out there, among other things … just a thought.
About Neptune…
Strange thing is… months ago I was thinking and wondering what this reversal of Neptune towards Aquarius would bring for me.  I heard a little voice say : you forgot something, you have to go back and get it. 
I wrote that phrase here at GMA in scopes or somewhere without really knowing what it meant or what it was or – anything. 

Ahhh – you know, the joys of Neptunian faerie dustings… we’ve just learned to go with it baby… it’ll all make sense someday….it felt right.
Guess what.
I was right.  I went back to get something I forgot…or rather, someONE.  Didn’t see him comin’…nope, not even close.  …hmmMmm…

SoOo then I am thinking I got the micro bit figured out – what did the Macro forget and go back for…?

The Psychic Tarot

New Beginnings : Zero : 
It is the void and nirvana :: the doorway, a portal.  It is spirituality, divine intuition, faith in the unseen.  It is unlimited possibilities and a fresh emotional start.
Zero is Pluto ruled indicating REBIRTH. 

Neptune Rx opposite Leo was a gestation of NEW LIFE to be born at direct station.
Neptune Rx applying to Aquarius is KNOWING our personal / collective thoughts [Neptune square Gemini the lower mind and Sagittarius: the higher mind] 
WILL CREATE our physical world via the electrical grid we all share Micro / Macro.

Spirit Card: 7:
Seven is ruled by Uranus: Seven indicates highly creative problem solving.  Freedom, rebellion, polarites, intuition, invention, eccentrics and ELECTRICITY.
The crown chakra rules the central nervous system and cerebral cortex.

The human heart is Electric, our hearts are collectively connected through the Earth’s Electrical Grid.

We are co-creators on the micro / macro scale with the energetic spirit of the ALL ONE. The electrical current of life is charging through us, our DNA, the earth, the sky, the universe, CONNECTING ALL OF US TO ONE ANOTHER.
I know what I believe the macro went back for, and I am so happy we did.

Total Solar Eclipse
November 13

21 56′ Scorpio
see next post, thank you.

om mani padme hum