Go gung HO Genius

Monday 10
Mercury into Sagittarius 
7:40pm CST, USA

Tuesday 11
Moon void of course 7:08 am
void ends 4:22pm
with Moon into Sagittarius

Thursday 13th
New Moon in Sagittarius


Uranus station direct


Groovy Sagittarius New Moon conjunct Sun at 21 degrees.  Luminaries are consciously and subconsciously getting a healing vibe from an applying quintile to Pisces Chiron.

Quintiles are sweet spots of uncommon gifts and talents that are ready to go gung ho genius at any given moment.  

This particular quintile at the time of new moon is from the Sag 2nd house of love, money, peace of mind to the Pisces fifth house of creativity, romance, leisure time, kids and fun.  Expect healing in these areas, in fact ENVISION HEALING of self and those you love that will bring the most benevolent outcome for all.

Sagittarius is long range expansive visionary thinking, make it so !
SEE IT, then BE IT.
Spots to find learning that require work to ease tension are found at 21 degrees of Virgo and Pisces give or take 5 degrees.

Those Gems who have planets at 21 degrees (+/- 5) will be making compromises.

Aries and Leo with planets near 21 degrees (+/- 5) will be getting easier insights via trine.

Sagittarians will be feeling new jumping off points of opportunity at 21 degrees (+/- 5) of Aquarius and Libra.

North Node of Destiny is conjunct Venus in Scorpio trine Uranus during station.  

Be positive and CLIMB HIGH with those HOPES Sags are known for !

Neptune is crucial in this equation: vibrate universal compassion and LOVE for all time frames everywhere and everywhen.  


Start new projects AT or RIGHT AFTER NEW MOON and they will grow stronger with the growth of the MOON CYCLE.