Mercury and Venus have traversed 21′ Scorpio Solar eclipse point
It indicates an influx of those energies incoming
adding dimensions to the eclipse.

Give you a bit to mull that over.

Love money comms – suffering/ transcendence
  in full swing at GMA.

Eclipse fell on my Neptuner.
Oh if only Neptune was a good place for me, but alas it is not.
Opposes Moon and squares Venus/Jupiter in Leo.

Good things.
  Have 3D Hobbit tix in hand.
Made a new friend.
Talked to an old friend !
(Aquarius, Venus – both women)

Not so good things.
My cats are hating on me.
(Square 8th house Leo)
One is on meds
The other clobbered me after I gave him scads of catnip.
  Love, money, ego train wreck/metamorph.
How are you doing with the eclipse point ?
cheers !

2 thoughts on “(hides)

    • good, smiles are good 🙂 dark moon near uranus station is a bit like standing in the dark feeling the ozone gather while waiting for the lightning to strike.
      Hang in, energies will shift soon x

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