Helmet & Shield

Holy Sword by hgjart

Mars is the energy behind the natal wheel.
Mars is the fire

the blade
the aggressor inside you.

Mars agitates, aggravates and instigates.

The house where Mars lives is
the arena
where you go to battle.
It is the house where you will not give up the fight.

Mars rules armor, adrenaline and encouragement.
Mars clamors, cuts and bites.

Mars desires full contact
head – to – head

Mars is the soldier, the surgeon, the engineer.
  The husband.

Mars is personal will erupting ferociously
gauntlets down, nostrils flaring.
Guns cocked and loaded for bear.

Mars can be destructive, violent and intolerant.
   It rules strychnine, tattoos and vixens
pirates, penetration and projectiles.

Mars rules headaches
masseurs and satire. 

Mars has got your back.
Mars will be the hero
slaying dragons
  passionately protecting you.

Mars is your saber
your spike
your sentry
your helmet and shield.