Helmet & Shield

Holy Sword by hgjart

Mars is the energy behind the natal wheel.
Mars is the fire

the blade
the aggressor inside you.

Mars agitates, aggravates and instigates.

The house where Mars lives is
the arena
where you go to battle.
It is the house where you will not give up the fight.

Mars rules armor, adrenaline and encouragement.
Mars clamors, cuts and bites.

Mars desires full contact
head – to – head

Mars is the soldier, the surgeon, the engineer.
  The husband.

Mars is personal will erupting ferociously
gauntlets down, nostrils flaring.
Guns cocked and loaded for bear.

Mars can be destructive, violent and intolerant.
   It rules strychnine, tattoos and vixens
pirates, penetration and projectiles.

Mars rules headaches
masseurs and satire. 

Mars has got your back.
Mars will be the hero
slaying dragons
  passionately protecting you.

Mars is your saber
your spike
your sentry
your helmet and shield.


11 thoughts on “Helmet & Shield

  1. Oh, yeah! Give me MARS! I have Mars in Cancer in the 1st house. Although Mars is not comfortable in Cancer, we have been able to work together to overcome many obstacles, successfully. Without Mars, we don’t have the courage, determination, drive, energy, etc. to overcome obstacles or accomplish goals.

    Mars in Cancer trine MC (Pisces)
    Mars in Cancer trine N. Node in Scorpio (5th)
    Mars in Cancer square Neptune in Scorpio (5th)
    Mars in Cancer sesquid Saturn in Sag (6th)
    Mars in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Virgo (3rd)

    I used to have enough energy to burn, give some away, and still have more than enough. Not any more! I have to conserve MARS, and not waste energy, so he’ll always have my back. I’m grateful that Mars has turned direct, because I’ve had to spring into action. again! Mars likes goals, and action!

    It’s interesting that the Greeks did not revere Mars or build temples in his honor, but the Romans honored Mars, and build temples to honor him.

    I used to watch the TV series, Hercules the Legendary Journeys, and Kevin Smith (now deceased) was ARES. He was exactly how I pictured Ares, among the Greek Gods.

    Thank you for writing about Mars.


  2. WoW you have a lot of Mars contacts !
    My ruler is in Aries, trine Sag Mars in 11. Mars quintiles Uranus in 9.
    I prefer direct Mars also, being a Virgo, it was driving me nuts Rx !

    That is interesting about the mythologies…thanks for mentioning it….I had a look, Rome is ruled by Leo, Greece by Capricorn and Virgo, though gladiators and arenas are obviously Mars. I looked up Kevin Smith, I did see him on tv a few times (been years w/out tv) and his pics def. are vibing Mars.

    I have been looking up some drummers to see their Mars placements, will post eventually.
    I see why you like Mars, truth be told I am as of late fascinated by it… ! … and you’re welcome, rest of the planets up soon…

  3. hmmm. i do love that aries rules my 6th but i have to say that having mars in leo in the 10th can also mean that he cuts off his nose to spite his face sometimes, i think. i am so pleased to be able to say that my journey has passed through enough crossroads to see that i have a handle on that most of the time these days. i had a very rough 1st couple of decades living my virgo truth. ha! consequently, i actually appreciate saturn a lot. 😉

    • Same here, took 40 years to ‘get it’. North Node activate !
      Now my Mars is working for me, not against. Though my biggiest hurdles involve Neptuner, Mars has made its fair share of trouble as well. Yes, must agree, I love me some Saturn.,,, brain would go on permanent daydream holiday, but Saturn ruler lassos fly away Neptuner in a right fine hurry. giddy UP xo

  4. I forgot to mention that BEN HUR is one of my favorite films. Yeah, you guessed it! The Chariot race is my favorite scene. Now, that’s Mars in action!

    Mars in Cancer (1st) Tower and Chariot (tarot) — an arsenal exploding into action. When the flame is lit, there must be guided direction.

    Presently, I’m turning corners on two wheels, but Spirit whispers, “Now hold on!”

    As a matter of fact, I think I’ll pull out the film, and watch it, again!

    Thank you Spirit!
    Thank you Mars!
    Thank you Chariot!

    • love your name, ancient librarian!
      wow, fire in water and you love it. i can FEEL your energy. 🙂

  5. That chariot race is off the hook !
    I would love to see it again…I know I saw Cleopatra (Liz Taylor) at the library, not sure of Ben Hur – I’ll look, those were epic films, sets, costumes actors all incredible. I have yet to see the recent Titans, movie though I love them all. Have you seen it…? I wondered when I saw your Pegasus post, seems like something you would like.
    I love gladiator flicks ! 🙂

  6. I’ve seen “Immortals,” and loved it!

    Clash of the Titans – although, I like and appreciate the new films, I’m still hooked on the original with Harry Hamlin, as Perseus, and Laurence Olivier, as Zeus. It was a great cast, and stuck to the original myth. Also, my favorite stop motion animator, Ray Harryhausen was the original creator of the mythological creatures in the original movie.

    Let’s not forget the Star God with wings, Pegasus!

    • Yes ! Big Harry fan, have Jason & the Argonauts and Sinbad in my collection.
      I love Pegasus, (mentioned above) and today at the library Ben Hur was checked out, got El Cid ! Happy Moon, Ace ~

      • I’m feeling a myth-history night! I have the original versions of Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans, Helen of Troy, Ben Hur, El Cid, Sinbad, Fall of the Roman Empire…., and probably about 100 sword and sandal films – men, armor, and iron!!!!!!

        Also, own the Rome (HBO), The Tudors series.

      • Sword and Sandal lol !
        I love a good gladiator flick, if he is scruffy and weilding a sword. bow etc.. he’s got my attention, guaranteed. haha
        I’ll put in El Cid tonight when I go to sleep. I waited too long for Titans, is gone. phooey. Instead I got a lovely viewing of rising supermoon, so all good !
        I’m soOo Toro moon, when you lay on the couch watching Marsy flicks are your snacks served skewered ? hee, kidding. Good idea though !

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