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Love this image (if you know the artist, contact me, I will credit) because it reminded me of a moose dream I had many months ago. 

Antlers are psychic antenna – so are bones [feel it in your bones] hair and nails. 

The human body is not only bone, it is also 70% intuitive water, and highly electrical [knowing] in nature.

Our five senses translate our world through sensory perceptions using electrical devices which change one form of energy into electrical energy.  Neurons transmit an electrical impulse to the next neuron…thus sensory perceptions are relayed to & from, and translated via the brain. There are trillions of synapses (connections between neurons) in the brain, acting as the relay of information arriving as electrical pulses.  

I have been reading a book Lightworker by Sahvanna Arienta which is primo material for sensitive people who want to better understand the workings and pitfalls of being open.

In her book, Sahvanna explores specific sensitivities which triggered ideas around my own natal aspects.  My key is 11th house Neptune – a life full of tweaking the electromags – she squares 8th Venus/Jupes; opposes exalted Moon in Toro 4.
Noise, smells, foods, emo, atmo – practically anything can set me off, it’s ridiculous.

Sensitivities can manifest spiritual difficulties on the physical plane if we cannot find a way to spiritually work it though – the body will get on board and take one for the team.

Think about your natal aspects.
How do you work the energies to relieve stress ?
Find your sextiles, trines – it is easier energy
Find the trines to your difficult aspect by house – – even if the house is empty, you can still use the energy because its ruler lives somewhere in the natal.

Squares are where we do internal work, oppositions involve others, and conjunctions can be hard as well.

Saturn contact anything; fear, worry, restriction, work,
Uranus contact anything; surprises, eccentricity, changes

Pluto contact anything; metamorphosis through power and loss of it, rebirth
This is a start…you get the idea.

If you are having troubles working with a planetary energy, this may result…
Saturn contact anything; skin afflictions, bones, teeth, solidification
Uranus contact anything; nervous tension, pituitary,
eyes and sight
Pluto contact anything; muscular system, sexual organs, bowels

Now for some CLAIRity ::: (Clair means CLEAR)
HOW are you SENSITIVE ? 

Ponder the relationships below in comparison to your natal chart.  Does there need to be an energy release in order for a square or opposition to work better – thereby alleviating pain that is manifesting on the physical level ?

Or perhaps you will meditate, hone your skills to an even higher vibration..?
Planetary rulership follows.

Light sensitive, prefer the dark
= Clairvoyant (clear sight)
Having trouble here..?.. think about WHAT YOU SEE vs. what you WANT TO SEE.
*same holds true for other senses below

Sensitive to noise and strange sounds
= Clairaudient (clear hearing)

Sensitive to textures, touch, pain (surrounds)
= Clairsentient (clear feeling)

Sensitive to smells, tastes
= Clairalient (clear smell)


Sensitive to feeling, electrics
= Claircognizant (clear knowing)

questions welcome


John Jude Palencar

When my (former) husband and I were house hunting, I knew  we would buy this house the second my foot hit the driveway.   Of course, when I said so, he gave me an incredulous look like I had just taken a sharp turn around the far bend, turned into a toad or something.

Him: We haven’t even looked at it yet.
Me:  Don’t have to.  I already know.  I got the *twinge*.
Him: The what .?
Me: The *twinge*.  I get it when really, really important things happen.  And I just got it.
Him: Yeah right.  We’re gonna look at it anyway, and don’t go makin’ any weird offers.

ha ha Guess what ?
We loved it, bought it – years later when we divorced, I bought it and I live here to this day.
For the record, twinge  is dialect for pluck or tweak.

Considering I have Neptuner (strings, guitars, psychometry) in the 11th (natural home of electric Aquarius) it makes sense.
Relevant home astro:

Moon (home) exalted in Toro 4 (Moon naturally rules the 4th) opposite biggie Neptuner (rules feet) in Scorp 11.

Moon also trines my Virgo Sun/Uranus 9/Pluto 8 stellium.

Strange thing is, I got the twinge  once before about this house.  We were driving on the interstate – that was a weird one – I got it in the middle of cornfields no & where – with absolutely no reference point to go on.

So I tagged a mental note of the next town we passed.
It was my town, where I now live – 5 years before we even moved to this area.
I felt it once when a galpal was standing right next to me.  I said something to her about it. I figured it was the someone nearby who was looking into me – he wanted something I could not give at that time.  Found out what he wanted later.  Glad you like the Funhouse, btw.  I am not surprised you do.  Happy trails, truly. Happy trails.
Another time I vividly remember getting the twinge, I was in a power place surrounded by 3 friends who would – much to my surprise – figure greatly in my life in the coming years.  One in particular has been the fulcrum of powerfully personal  transcendent transformations, though I did not know it then.

The sunny afternoon it zapped me, I tried to shake it off (it feels weird – every time) by shaking my head, rubbing my temples and grabbing hold of something tethered to the ground.  The man next to me asked me what was wrong.  I told him.  Then he asked me what I meant by twinge.   He wanted me to describe it.

So here goes . . . I will describe my experience of Preception  for you.

First my head starts buzzing.  My senses, my perceptions of the world around me dramatically shift to include  other planes of existence ::: warp speed expansion ::: it is literally like having each foot present in separate worlds.

One foot is on the physical plane – breathing, talking, looking at you and answering your questions about what is wrong with me – and the other foot is holding my place in the world that is Everything and Everywhen and Everywhere Else.

It feels somewhat similar to the inner ear / head phases in an airplane when the physical body adjusts to higher altitudes.
(Mercury at Libra MC 9 : the inner ear affects balance) 

My ‘feelers’ twitch – the hair on my arms and head is raised – tingling like tiny divining rods readying to receive cosmic data. My sense of hearing is somewhat muted, things happening right next to me in the physical world sound as if they are miles away – distant, muffled.

The atmo / air / aura around me – particularly around my head – feels like a live wire.
My head begins to HUM and drone tone.
(HUM is Neptune :: Sun conjunct Uranus, electrics :: my ruler Saturn is in Aries, the head, and it trines Mars which rules Aries)

I get the distinct impression I AM bigger than my body (yes song lyrics) and the universe is tweaking my brain dial – Neptuning me into some cosmic electro-magnetic time stream. 

It feels as if the air around me is a bubble – a bit thicker, heavier in density.  Not liquid as in water or gelatinous – more like membrane or bubble.

Plasma.  That’s it !

WoW.  Glad I wrote this – I am learning too . . .

Think of what the air feels like immediately prior to a thunderstorm – filled with positive ions and heavy.  Positively electric.

That’s what’s going on, in and around my head.  I KNOW something important is – or is about to – happen, but I don’t always know exactly what IT is.

IT may not seem important in the right now moment WHILE I am getting it – but it WILL BE VITAL somewhere, somewhen, someplace.  This I DO know.

I told you it was weird.

That said, I can’t talk to your dead uncle, I can’t talk to my dead uncle either.  These weird shifts happen like a lightning strike – out of the blue – inexplicable and I cannot control them.  Uranian free will baby – they do their own thang.

So on to the relevant astro, then, of course the science.
You saw that comin’ right ?  I loves me some science, lol.

Cap ASC: Saturn ruler in Aries 3 trine Mars in Sagittarius 11.
Mars quintile Uranus ::  Virgo Sun/ Uranus 9 / Pluto 8 stellium.
Mercury at MC in Libra 9.


YaY Science !

Ions can be produced by high-energy events. 

Hmmm . . . fascinating, yes ?
Usually these events are akin to open flames, lightning and sparks, but imagine these events are HIGH OCTANE, game changing, LIFE events.

What happens when positive ions are converted to negative during thunderstorms ?
::: BALANCE :::
 That’s akin to my Libra MC, along with Venus conjunct Jupiter squaring Neptuner. I am always always striving for normality. {spoken in improbability drive voice}

Attract / repel, polarities is all Uranus, baby
 Balance is Mercury (dual, tricksy, neutral) in Libra (scales of balance) at MC

As far as tuning into the cosmic electro-magnetic time stream, it is the ionosphere that reflects radio waves back to earth, allowing humans to broadcast over long distances.  The ionosphere is electrically charged and affected by magnetics.

(my Zinger magnet Uranus conj Sun in the 9th – natural house of expansion, quint Mars in Sag, traveling long distances)

Tesla discovered that he could cause both positive and negative ionization of the atmosphere by manipulating radio frequencies.  (radio wave transmissions in the low frequency range of 10 to 80 hertz)  FYI: Earth resonates at approximately 7.8 hertz

I am tuning into – manipulating the cosmic atmosphere is tuning into – manipulating  me.

Metamorph baby !
I love it !

peace out peeps
cya in the TARDIS

? – click – ? dunno.  interesting though.