CLAIR- ity

Love this image (if you know the artist, contact me, I will credit) because it reminded me of a moose dream I had many months ago. 

Antlers are psychic antenna – so are bones [feel it in your bones] hair and nails. 

The human body is not only bone, it is also 70% intuitive water, and highly electrical [knowing] in nature.

Our five senses translate our world through sensory perceptions using electrical devices which change one form of energy into electrical energy.  Neurons transmit an electrical impulse to the next neuron…thus sensory perceptions are relayed to & from, and translated via the brain. There are trillions of synapses (connections between neurons) in the brain, acting as the relay of information arriving as electrical pulses.  

I have been reading a book Lightworker by Sahvanna Arienta which is primo material for sensitive people who want to better understand the workings and pitfalls of being open.

In her book, Sahvanna explores specific sensitivities which triggered ideas around my own natal aspects.  My key is 11th house Neptune – a life full of tweaking the electromags – she squares 8th Venus/Jupes; opposes exalted Moon in Toro 4.
Noise, smells, foods, emo, atmo – practically anything can set me off, it’s ridiculous.

Sensitivities can manifest spiritual difficulties on the physical plane if we cannot find a way to spiritually work it though – the body will get on board and take one for the team.

Think about your natal aspects.
How do you work the energies to relieve stress ?
Find your sextiles, trines – it is easier energy
Find the trines to your difficult aspect by house – – even if the house is empty, you can still use the energy because its ruler lives somewhere in the natal.

Squares are where we do internal work, oppositions involve others, and conjunctions can be hard as well.

Saturn contact anything; fear, worry, restriction, work,
Uranus contact anything; surprises, eccentricity, changes

Pluto contact anything; metamorphosis through power and loss of it, rebirth
This is a start…you get the idea.

If you are having troubles working with a planetary energy, this may result…
Saturn contact anything; skin afflictions, bones, teeth, solidification
Uranus contact anything; nervous tension, pituitary,
eyes and sight
Pluto contact anything; muscular system, sexual organs, bowels

Now for some CLAIRity ::: (Clair means CLEAR)
HOW are you SENSITIVE ? 

Ponder the relationships below in comparison to your natal chart.  Does there need to be an energy release in order for a square or opposition to work better – thereby alleviating pain that is manifesting on the physical level ?

Or perhaps you will meditate, hone your skills to an even higher vibration..?
Planetary rulership follows.

Light sensitive, prefer the dark
= Clairvoyant (clear sight)
Having trouble here..?.. think about WHAT YOU SEE vs. what you WANT TO SEE.
*same holds true for other senses below

Sensitive to noise and strange sounds
= Clairaudient (clear hearing)

Sensitive to textures, touch, pain (surrounds)
= Clairsentient (clear feeling)

Sensitive to smells, tastes
= Clairalient (clear smell)


Sensitive to feeling, electrics
= Claircognizant (clear knowing)

questions welcome

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