Virgo Moon Processor

I purposefully let the last post regarding health and sensitivity sit and stew awhile so your own thoughts could take flight.

Did you notice the sensitive clair planets flip, fluctuate or find balance..? 

Not everyone who has a hard Moon contact will experience clairsentience, yet it is a key to unlock the door to what is behind the veil in regards to health in the natal.

If you feel you are oversensitive via feelings, touch, or surroundings (Moon rules stomach, breasts – difficulties may arise here) start by looking at Moon aspects – seek balance in what you are feeling through that aspect.

How do others feel about you, how do you feel about yourself ?  Are you too open and picking up everyone else’s vibes, or too closed and uncommunicative ?  How is your relationship with your mother, women in general, the public ?  Do you allow yourself ‘down time’ to disengage via daydreams and solitude ?

Moon is subconscious sensitivity through feelings.

She is how we ultimately process the five senses, she dictates comfort levels.

Wanna break it down further…

Mercury contacts signify sight, hearing, thinking and sorting the sensations.

Venus contacts signify touch, smell, taste – like or dislike (favor indicates balance; also polarities and Uranus).
The higher octaves take it UP a notch:

Higher octave of Mercury is
Uranus, or second sight, precognition, instincts of the wild – knowing, vibrations of the human collective thoughts – electrical in nature.

Higher octave of Venus is
or second touch, psychometry, feelers/sponges, vibrations of the human collective feelings – empathic in nature.
If you are oversensitive in these areas; have a hard aspect with these planets above, find balance in expression – inwardly and outwardly before it manifests as a difficulty in your body on the physical plane.

Change what you can, accept what you cannot.
Bend rather than break.

peace out