Mercury is square Neptune.

Yes, this is my girl cat (Mercury / Virgo rules pets) doing a wee bit of hiding.  She’s on meds – hiding and meds are Neptune – the transporter room shower is also Neptune.  Mercury is thinking and communicating and Neptune is being elusive, illusory, sometimes outright fake. 

Think Hollyweird – they specialize in Mercury / Neptune. 

While Mercury squares Neptune, thinking and judgement may be more than a little foggy, deception is in the air – yet transcendence, idealism and spiritual intelligence are also in the air. 

Mercury is perceptions – all of them…so tune UP…vibrate high qi.  Neptune is unusual in that it creeps up on you in a fog – you don’t even SEE it coming.  IF you awaken – then the dawning – you realize you are immersed in a mysterious illusion you didn’t even know existed.

It permeates your every pore and to be free of it you need a clear head – oh but wait – Mercury squares you don’t have a clear head ! 

During these times, be hopeful yes, be also REALISTIC. 
 Watch your actions, speech and watch others – be aware of past history.
 What occurred prior is a good indication of what is in progress now.


Being a victim of self-delusion is highly possible, as is being deluded.
That’s low qi, obviously.

Heads up for high qi !
Mercury square Neptune is a PRIMO ASPECT for creative thinking and loosening your OWN bonds and picking your OWN locks.  Thought processes are immersed in the spiritual dimension, boundaries are blurred and Neptune will reveal many many good things LATER – if you vibrate high qi NOW.

Also, watercolors are brilliant at the mo, as is writing music, poetry, photography…

Neptune square Mercury is crafty, Neptune (higher octave of Venus) creative.
BELIEVE it, then BE IT.