Chaos / Cosmos

Book of Doors Divination

Quickie read for Uranus station direct with intent of clarity bringing most benevolent outcome for all my readers.

I wanted to get a handle on the polarities, loosely – so what comes up may be of significant to two areas of your life in any way – that I leave up to you.
Spirit card is the fulcrum.

Aakhut: 5 Nefertum : Family of Fire
Uranus is in Aries – that’s fire, and 5 represents changes.
The joy of realization, intuitive understanding, lotus blooming from the mud.  
Sun rising from darkness, as the ka rises from the body of the dead.  Think of the Hindu sahasrara chakra or thousand petaled lotus – the center of cosmic consciousness and spiritual illumination.

Pet: 2 Shen Ur : Family of Heaven
Uranus rules angels and wishes – 2 is a number of choice, partnership and polarity.
Harmony restored, integration and wholeness.
I love this !
As Chaos represents disorder and dissolution, so Cosmos represents the harmonic order of creation and time.  Both are realms of infinite subtlety, coexisting and interpenetrating each other.


Spirit Card

Aah: 5 Tehuti : Family of the Moon
New Moon in Sagittarius opens up far-reaching visionary portals prior to Uranus stationing direct !
Success in writing, science, occult knowledge and mediation.
Tehuti was Thoth: “Master of Divine Words and Sacred writings”.  Tehuti is divine intelligence, the universal mind [SEE SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON]  filled with powers of speech and creation.

All the best for positive changes –

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    • It does !
      All the readings I do here are charged for all my readers.
      It is very common for a public reading to reveal many truths on many different levels to many different people.
      Micro / Macro like your ammonite – groovy yah ? !

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