gung HO goof awhile


So I am driving along on my way to work laughing at the state of things in general. 
Basically, life being extremely difficult even though I have more tools at my disposal NOW than EVER.
Still struggling – wtf ?!
Then I am thinking what’s your malfunction, honey ?

Dismantle your Bomb.
It can’t be THAT hard.
Then I started thinking and cracked myself up…

Cardinals are all gung HO to get what they want – but it is more the striving for it than the actual getting of it.  Once they have it …y a w n… boring ! 
Where’s the next New Shiny Goal ?!

Fixed wants their wants – no, NEEDS – their Wants satisfied NOW and you had better hurry the FU about it !  They Want – NEED it – How they like it When they like it – snap !  If the fixed aren’t happy – ain’t nobody happy.  Capiche ?!  lol
* note: btw, that’s been working for me like a charm so far – HA ! NOT !

Mutables are easily distracted by shiny objects, titillating conversation, they turn on a dime, get all twisty & bendy and love having their fingers in everybody’s pies.  Jack ‘n’ Jill of all trades actually loves juggling a bazillion balls and being hard to pin down.

Since we all have a conglomeration of these energies working in our charts, via signs and planets in them, we are in tension with ourselves – always – in some form or another we are growing and learning from the first to the last breath and beyond. . .

Some folks have their natal aligned with the natural chart (Aries is on the first, Taurus is on the second, etc..) which gives them an extra push of being natally aligned with the natural energies of the seasons & signs.

Other luckies like me have energies at odds right off the bat.  Slow – ass Capricorn on the first house of Gung HO Aries, for example.  So I am layin’ tread, burnin’ rubber at the starting line.  To kick me when I’m down, I also have Saturn (rules Cap) IN ARIES going backwards.  That’s a fun one, trust me. heh.

Consider this…we always, Always, ALWAYS have an out somewhere. 

Cap on first house is Cardinal twice over, but my Aries lands on the mutable 3rd house along with Saturn Rx.  So I do get to juggle the energies a bit.  Frustration and anger blows over when I distract myself with kaleidoscope eye candy, goof awhile – then I can reapply force more intelligently.

Follow this example in your chart and see where you can juggle, apply, or dig into your energies in order to work them to your advantage.