Go with the Flow

egipska_noc_by_bubug-d6uqww6Lady of the Night, Egyptian Book of Gates (nocturnal journey of the sun) by Bubug

Neptune Retrograde 7 degrees Pisces
Monday June 9
Chicago 2:51pm
London 8:51pm
Tuesday 10
Fiji, Wellington 7:50am
Maldives 12:50am

Neptune Retrograde in the sign she rules will shift the emotional seas, bring fog, connection and transcendence via spiritual matters to fruition – especially for those with early planetary placements in Pisces/Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo near 7 degrees +/- 5 via hard aspects & friction.
Early placements in Cancer & Scorpio feel a shift delivering more harmony, co-operation.

Neptune shifts energy in trine to Scorpio Moon, Cancer Mercury also in flux having moved Rx two days prior.  Merc Rx here.
Compassion with others, self is called for as well as a healthy dose of patience for all things mechanical, timely or methodical.

Go with the flow.

Venus at 13 degrees Taurus loosely opposes Moon, also Saturn Rx in Scorpio – emotional matters come to a head, turn on a dime, particularly with Jupiter exalted in family-driven Cancer.
Normally circumspect water signs are offset by an incoming Full Moon at 22 Sagittarius (June 12), so info will be forthcoming, count on it both to and from the house of centaur.

Sagittarians, how I love them ! – for they will say what everyone else is thinking but will not say.  Forthright and honest to the point of being blunt, they explore everything and share their knowledge widely.

What will Neptunian energies turning inward deliver you the next few months…?

:::::::::: Read Sun sign + Rising :::::::::::

Aries – spiritual insights, re-boot of beliefs, inclusiveness

Taurus – hermit vision quests, knowing unique place in universe

Gemini – use glamour & polish up career goals, image

Cancer – philosophy takes a mystical, wholistic turn

Leo – parting the veil, the mysteries, focused intensity

Virgo – glamorous partnerships, artistic, spiritual harmony

Libra – render daily life more magickal, spiritual cleanse

Scorpio – creation vibration, make art & love – transcend via music

Sagittarius – visualize inspirational changes close to home, see it then be it

Capricorn – brainstorm more inclusive biz connections, communications

Aquarius – tweak altitude of compassion, the more you give, the more you have

Pisces – intuition opens new avenues of self: expression, reliance and release

Neptune direct 4 degrees Pisces November 6, USA


Ps. Love how after I named this post, my computer hiccuped, blooped and everything shifted into ONELONGPARAGRAPH.  I did not lose my writing, so YaY !
Happy Retrogrades all, back with more asap, very busy in my yard at the mo.

regeneration, refortification

photo 52Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Quick draw to add definition to Mars as it slowly closes in on opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto.  (Mars reaches 18 degrees early July)
FYI: Next hit of Uranus square Pluto is in mid-December.

Obviously work the energies, the growth available during squares to your advantage.  Cancer Jupiter moves to square North Node of Destiny in Libra, reaching exact in the middle of June.

Gemini/Mercury rule hands – as Mercury goes retro, first in Cancer, then into Gemini we have a chance to refurbish all things house Gemini.  Mutable signs feel the squeeze, need to mentally hustle while air signs feel a bit of relief.

Through June, Mars tracks over 9-17 degrees Libra setting opposition aflame in house Aries again.  Others deliver lessons to Mars while Pluto tears down old ways of dealing to restructure and rebuild NEW ways of dealing with Mars energies.  Think balance, harmony rather than passive, aggressive – play fair.

Squares are meant to deal us intense personal growth – uncomfortable and difficult – but oh so WORTH IT.  Mars in Cardinal and triggering Shaman square Wizard is an opportunity to use energy wisely to propel forward through the past.   Use your head and your hands.

photo 53Tarot of the Origins

House of stone, shelter.
Definition of Neptune Rx was the question here.
Nailing Neptune is difficult, but this one is easy.
You are your home, your heart and what and who you love.  Also physical changes form with each incarnation, spirit remains.

My transits are bringing this lesson home in spades.  Psychosomatic stuff, working through remnants of the past, slowly but surely.

Early mutables feel this one, water signs feel the flow.

Also: Saturn Rx (shelter, fort) and Pluto Rx are still in mutual reception.  AKA working together to help us decide what is worth gleaning from the past  as well what is worth letting go of.  This is regeneration and refortification simultaneously in houses Scorpio and Capricorn.
Energy of one thing produces another completely new thing.
Our world will be totally changed, transformed.


mercurious myst

Mercury into Sagittarius
Monday October 29
1:18am CST, USA

Mercury into mutable Sagittarius fire, folks.  Duality and change-ups naturally associated with Mercury will be kicked up a notch or two in a mutable sign.

Mutable signs indicate changes, adaptability ::: they are the go-betweens, the social set ::: passing the baton from the outgoing Cardinals to the stable Fixed signs.

This is worth noting as Mercury stations retrograde on Election Day in the US.

Mercury Stations Retrograde 
Tuesday November 6
5:04pm CST, USA

Purchases of large ticket items, signing contracts, making deals are all ill-advised during Mercury retrograde, and most certainly on the days surrounding station when the energetic shift in trickster Mercurial energies is more strongly felt.

Mercury rules counting, calculations, perception and logic
Neptune rules voting (secret ballots), fraud, deception and mysterious events.

The rockstar politico circus is coming to town – and the Trickster is Ringmaster.

Two communication signs, Gemini (Mercury rules) and Sagittarius are juggling compromise.

Virgo (Mercury rules) and Pisces are the lucky signs ripping up the Mercurial obstacle course, making hard decisions.

Virgos require abacus perfection.
Pisces, well the slippery fishes are …ummm a bit nebulous on a good day.

This is going to be an interesting election – I’ll guarantee you that.
Is The Count still on the Sesame St. payroll – may wanna fetch ‘im.
We may need his fingers, toes and little number friends.

A silent prayer for our nation, if you please.
Our election is not the only reason why, either…


Neptune Stations Direct
0 22′ Pisces
November 11
1:52am CST, USA

Stations of slow moving outer planets are felt for weeks in advance – particularly if that planet is prominent in your natal chart.  In the US Sibley chart, 9th house Virgo Neptune is at 22 degrees (trine 2nd house Capricorn Pluto Rx) putting it in a sextile (opportunity) to the upcoming solar eclipse in Scorpio 21 56′.

Fixed houses are building.
Long-term values and ideas meet the material (Toro), emotional (Scorpio) and intellectual (Aquarius) plane – fixed signs are brick-laying the road to create a new life (Leo is Sun – ruled = life).

Eclipse energies draw out and materialize the emotional onto the physical plane while intellectual Aquarius must do the hardest work – brainstorm creative solutions in tandem with Leo, our NEW LIFE.

Toro / Scorpio
::: what’s mine and what’s ours :::
 ::: what I want and what we desire :::
Venus (balanced) and Pluto (transformation)

Toro / Scorpio houses are succeedant ::: emotional :::
emotions are water
we have Neptune stationing direct in 15 days

Hurricane Sandy

Neptunian water is intuitive, psychic and it delves deep into memory.

The water signs signal ENDINGS: the womb and the tomb (Cancer), the sexual act, death, and the release of life as we know it (Scorpio), release and re-union with the cosmic universal energy (Pisces).

I do not mean this literally – instead I am speaking metaphorically.
The Macro / Micro universe are having a soulful cry over what has been lost.
This Pluto Uranus square is CHANGING EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.
This hurricane is [on a macro level] clearing the energies of that portion of the US.
The US capitol is out there, among other things … just a thought.
About Neptune…
Strange thing is… months ago I was thinking and wondering what this reversal of Neptune towards Aquarius would bring for me.  I heard a little voice say : you forgot something, you have to go back and get it. 
I wrote that phrase here at GMA in scopes or somewhere without really knowing what it meant or what it was or – anything. 

Ahhh – you know, the joys of Neptunian faerie dustings… we’ve just learned to go with it baby… it’ll all make sense someday….it felt right.
Guess what.
I was right.  I went back to get something I forgot…or rather, someONE.  Didn’t see him comin’…nope, not even close.  …hmmMmm…

SoOo then I am thinking I got the micro bit figured out – what did the Macro forget and go back for…?

The Psychic Tarot

New Beginnings : Zero : 
It is the void and nirvana :: the doorway, a portal.  It is spirituality, divine intuition, faith in the unseen.  It is unlimited possibilities and a fresh emotional start.
Zero is Pluto ruled indicating REBIRTH. 

Neptune Rx opposite Leo was a gestation of NEW LIFE to be born at direct station.
Neptune Rx applying to Aquarius is KNOWING our personal / collective thoughts [Neptune square Gemini the lower mind and Sagittarius: the higher mind] 
WILL CREATE our physical world via the electrical grid we all share Micro / Macro.

Spirit Card: 7:
Seven is ruled by Uranus: Seven indicates highly creative problem solving.  Freedom, rebellion, polarites, intuition, invention, eccentrics and ELECTRICITY.
The crown chakra rules the central nervous system and cerebral cortex.

The human heart is Electric, our hearts are collectively connected through the Earth’s Electrical Grid.

We are co-creators on the micro / macro scale with the energetic spirit of the ALL ONE. The electrical current of life is charging through us, our DNA, the earth, the sky, the universe, CONNECTING ALL OF US TO ONE ANOTHER.
I know what I believe the macro went back for, and I am so happy we did.

Total Solar Eclipse
November 13

21 56′ Scorpio
see next post, thank you.

om mani padme hum

Gnarly Neptune

Scott Hove

How bizarre is THAT ? ! 
Uranus is in freaky flux and I find these modified pimp my Stripper Stilettos ?!
They are mixed media, “absurd fake cake” sculptures with spikes & teeth !
Strangely appealing to my 11th house Neptune square Venus/Jupes in Leo.     

My giant Neptuner (most aspected) in Scorpio doesn’t give a wing-ding about shoes. (Pisces,12th and Neptune rule feet)  My utilitarian style tends towards black lace-up boots & stealth converse.  I do have some light up flip-flops, yeah I know, woo woo.

Functional switch blade in the rear, lol. 
Hello ! 

These remind me of the time years ago…I was at the state fair wandering around on a muggy night after a Def Leppard show, I saw an enormous sterling silver biker ring, hands clasped – when I opened it a giant silver boner popped out – omg I laughed so hard !   I was unexpectedly embarrassed and got all tongue tied – the carny was getting a kick out of watching me squirm.  It was so completely unexpected and beyond ridiculous, I loved it !  
So bizarre. 

So Scorpio.
Sensational !
Also, in the sky, the T- square closes with Libra Mars opposite Aries Uranus and both square Pluto Rx in Capricorn.  Energy is tense – situations involving *love money and creativity*  are rising to a boiling point –  think metamorphosis !    Bob and weave, light on your feet !  Libra house can balance – that Mars will bend a bit – use it !

Cancer Sun squares Libra Saturn – feelings of restrictions on the above.*
Keep walking, talking (Mercury quintile Saturn) trudging through the swamp (Chiron and Neptune retro in Pisces trine Saturn) and it will literally work itself out.

Moon slips into Toro soon at 6:30pm CST, USA – trine Pluto – earth to earth. 
Spa yourself, relax, eat well.  Get your zen on.
Feed your metamorphosis in self-nurturing ways – be creative !


Shadows take flight

Neptune, lovely Neptune … currently retrograde in Pisces mulling over past artistic endeavors, spiritual studies, mystical leanings, idealistic visions and /or far-out hypnotic illusions, delusions, longings out flat-out lies.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus – in square(separating) while Mars is quincunx from (Venus ruled) Libra – love shadows and fog are all over the shop.

Quincunx is simply adaptation & improvisation – metamorph in progress.
Actions & ideals re: all forms of love are up to bat.

Retrograde revises, re-works and re-invents ways of working the Neptunian energies of the above.  Early degree Sagittarians are getting the re-applying square.  That means you hash out the difficult energies within.

:: NOTE:: North Node is at 4 degrees Sagittarius at the mo – so we are ALL re-inventing and morphing our future paths.  Square means growth – every time !

Late degree Leos are also getting the re-applying opposition, my sympathies.  I have my hand up on this one – Venus conj Jupiter late Leo here, pffft.


Currently Neptune is (separating) square the Venus Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. while Chiron, also retrograde applies to exact at 9 degrees Pisces.  

How to heal ?  Do we have to re-open the wound in order to let it breathe ?  Chiron sextiles Pluto in Capricorn – work the opportunity that waits in your house of Capricorn.

Chiron is quincunx Mercury in Leo –  while Cancer Sun comes to square Saturn in Libra.  

Be proud, sure – roaring it in all directions : not a good idea.  Cancer Sun is touchy with Saturn closing in.  Fair warning !  Let Saturn lead you to quiet balance in thought, and deeds will follow…

bird shadow

Libra Mars and Aries Uranus oppose each other from air to fire – they are the stress points of a kite ( with a loose grand air trine) so might want to contemplate your actions a bit before firing off any hot missives.

Mars is feeling most of the heat – Uranus wants to buck like a bronco.
 Opposite = compromise with another who is in your face.   Take heed, Mars and Uranus can be explosive.

Saving the day is Mercury in Leo quintile Saturn in Libra – and a lovely Venus Jupiter conjunction in sextile to Mercury and Uranus (Mercury and Uranus trine one another).   Possibility of far-out incoming messages are off the charts !  Keep the energies clear and hi qi around yourself / your environs for full throttle positive growth !

Metamorph is in progress on many levels – some or most of it – you may want to keep it close to the vest at the moment.  Lay plans in your thoughts (air trine) first and foremost.

Then preparation will meet opportunity via Uranus as the sextiles kick in and the opposition closes – ya dig ?!
* Luck *


Neptuning IN

Monday June 4
Full Moon in Sagittarius Partial Lunar Eclipse 14 degrees 6:05am CST, USA

Neptune stations Rx 3 degrees Pisces 4:03pm CST, USA

Tuesday June 5
Occultation of Venus (click)

Energies are hoppin’ and boppin’ yeah ? 

I just saw my first  firefly  of the year – Sun and Moon rule – how appropriate with the upcoming Eclipse ready to burst on the scene !   In the wings backstage we have Neptune…Neptune likes to sneak and this stationing retrograde fog is coming in under the radar with all the eclipse & Venus hubub onstage stealing the spotlight.  Have you been feeling the shift in Neptunian energies..?  It is my most highly aspected planet, and I have most definitely felt it. 

Let me explain…
When Neptune went direct months ago, I got my music back (found a bunch of music I thought I had lost for good).  haha Guess what ?!  Neptune shifts energies, retrograde nears and I lost my music again – speaker box quit working.   I don’t handle life without a soundtrack very well, so I tried to replace it.  I blame it on stubborn Toro moon opposite Neptuner in natal.
Yes, knowing the astro – I still tried.
Twice.  That’s right, the first one didn’t work, and the second one doesn’t either.  Laughable, yes ?!
This is the perfect illustration of why not to buy during Venus retrograde.
Money and love exchanged goes haywire. sheesh

Did I mention I have Venus and Jupiter square Neptune in my natal !? lol
Obviously this is not meant to be – no music for me.  For now, I give up.
Universe, 1 :::: Gneiss, goose egg
You need a refresher course on Neptune ? click !

Neptune stationing retrograde  is a slow turning inward to navel gaze on personal beliefs, dreams, inspirations, healing modalities, transcendent art and music.  This energy fluctuation will spark inner revelations tuned in straight from the universal unconscious mind.  Neptune direct is nebulous, indirect and intuitive. As it stations retrograde, the energies are in flux and clarity will surface.

How will Neptune waves roll in over you…?

Aries: chart your attitude shift, set your course towards positive peace of mind – you are what you think you are.
Taurus: blaze your own trail, no need to follow the herd – you have what it takes.  Believe in yourself.
Gemini: keep your inner dial tuned to the highest possible good, your career path will reveal itself in due time – just keep swimming
Cancer: follow your instincts, hunches and omens, the universe supports you, brilliant and unique, you teach through example, do so wisely
Leo: bigtime changes are forthcoming, opportunities meet aspirations on the social scene, work the crowd to your advantage
Virgo: infuse relationships (including your relationship with yourself) with a fresh new philosophy, your status is on the rise, find inspiration within to rise to great heights
Libra: re-evaluate your routine, keep yourself a priority in your own life, new horizons beckon, reserve your strength
Scorpio: seek powerful changes on your inner landscape through playful creativity, let your inner warrior run free in the night – there is delight in the dark
Sagittarius: friends and family step in to support you as you re-think personal responsibilities, and brainstorm new ways to approach health and work
Capricorn: your mind’s eye turns focus to daydreaming the changes in daily routines you seek.  Dream it, believe it, then work it.
Aquarius: have patience your instincts are true, your feelings safe. Nurture your creative spirit and express your heart – be bold  
Pisces: express yourself through jazzing up the nest, add sparkle to your duds – do you reflect the new you ? re-think how you communicate subconsciously

Happy stationing retrograde 
Thanks for Neptuning in ~>



What’s up cool kats ?
Just checking in on ya.

hands up
who’s feeling the weird

good luck with communication
    Neptooney is creating
 woo woo obstacle courses
in the airwaves
so just thump the earth
once for yes, two for no.

Fog squares Sun, Mercury and Jupiter
    trines Saturn (earth)

Saturn is soaking in Venusian spas
exalted and mellow in Libra
while he also
    trines Venus Rx in Gemini

Venus Rx quintiles oddball boho Uranus
from the house of chit – chat
genius expressions are flirting with our consciousness
love, creativity, equality, peace of mind
friendship and gifts of spirit
birth of ideas
grab a pen & write them down

Jupiter is in the Venusian spa too
dream big, folks
  where to you want to go
Jupiter is Lord of this upcoming eclipse
anything is possible

Neptune casts the net of big tease
direct communication is difficult – read between the lines
brush up on your body signals
close your eyes relax and float downstream…

Venus Rx quintile Uranus
knows what’s up
she is just taking her sweet time
that’s all…

Virgo Mars is serving up a plate of squares

Squares motivate us to our highest potential
our creative spirit is thinking
trying thoughts on for size
we are alert
we are dexterous

analyze : define goal : change


we are headed for
the partial lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Sagittarius
June 4 CST, USA

Jupiter is Lord of this eclipse
saturated in Venus at 28 degrees of Taurus
envision love
  our subconscious selves are hitching a ride with
North Node of Destiny
Full Moon revelations are forthcoming
  our treasure map of destiny
is in the mail

– personal relationships are highlighted –

personal planets at eclipse
are a short-term jangle of squares and oppositions
the outer planets are our long-term anchors
 through trines
 tap the Saturn balance- the justice in Libra
get your Pluto morph game on

Eclipse moon activates
what we think & what we see
mutable energies change it up
have a back – up plan
but be ready to roll with or without it

Virgo Mars is the focal planet of the
eclipse T-square
 what is revealed at lunation will shift
not only how we think, but also how we act
about what we think

Cancer rising
makes Moon ruler of the eclipse chart
if the water gets rough – get tough
 channel Saturn – it trines Sun Mercury and Venus Rx

Lord of the Eclipse trines MC
 what we learn will enable us to achieve our highest goals
keep the faith

Neptune stations Rx later the same day
4:05 pm CST, USA
while quintile disseminating Moon
 trine Mercury
and square Jupiter and North Node

we forgot something
we have to go back and pick it up
so we can carry it with us into the future
 something needs to be said
to create emotional balance
before the Venus event

  the Occultation of Venus
June 5 CST, USA

om mani padme hum


diviner by hgjart

Saturday May 5
Full Moon 16 degrees Scorpio, 10:35pm CST, USA  

Great healing vibes with this one ~ 
Sun is quintile Neptune
Jupiter is quintile Chiron.
Benefics + spiritual gifts of healing

We are dealing with shifting polarities here.
Radical ideas, workload, status vs. self esteem, health and peace of mind. 

Taurus Lilith conjunct Sun and Jupiter is a deep rooted want.
It craves and haves and hoards to fill a void.
It’s a shiny bauble that can be taken or left.

I prefer dinners out and movies and new clothes.
I don’t need them.

Scorpio Full Moon is an instinctual, inescapable, intense need.
Filled with a lust for life, Scorpio desires to defy death.
It deconstructs itself, completely betraying the former life in order to rebuild a new one.

I prefer not to feel pain, to shed tears over loss.
I need to in order to heal.

These energies are at odds, in compromise with each other to find balance.
Look to your house of Scorpio for this is where you will be getting new insights and blazing new trails until the next full moon….

This Scorpio Full Moon
 is followed by a Sagittarius Full Moon
Monday June 4
Sagittarius Full Moon 6:12am CST, USA
Neptune stations Rx 3 degrees Pisces 4:03pm CST

The Sagittarius Full Moon is involved in a mind-bending T-Square with Mars as the focal planet, Moon opposing Sun Venus and Mercury in Gemini.
You might call it getting our head right so we can get our high qi Venus game on.
Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars for the occultation.

That’s a sign of diggin’ in and goin’ with your gut.  Baggage gone, emotions clean as a whistle for the occultation so Virgo Mars will be acting with a steady hand and a steady heart.  (Mercury trine Saturn Rx in Libra)

Tuesday June 5
Occultation of Venus (click)

So perhaps you are getting me here…
we are on a Scorpionic healing bender prior to the occultation.
Scorpio Full Moon has Sun and Jupiter in Venus ruled Taurus ~ love and lots of it.  Benefics are stacking the Toro house, and Venus trine Saturn Rx in Libra is long term commitment toward working out better forms of communication.   (Saturn Rx opposite Mercury in Aries in mutual reception with Mars in Virgo)

The all for one, one for all  vibe. 
ya dig…?