What’s up cool kats ?
Just checking in on ya.

hands up
who’s feeling the weird

good luck with communication
    Neptooney is creating
 woo woo obstacle courses
in the airwaves
so just thump the earth
once for yes, two for no.

Fog squares Sun, Mercury and Jupiter
    trines Saturn (earth)

Saturn is soaking in Venusian spas
exalted and mellow in Libra
while he also
    trines Venus Rx in Gemini

Venus Rx quintiles oddball boho Uranus
from the house of chit – chat
genius expressions are flirting with our consciousness
love, creativity, equality, peace of mind
friendship and gifts of spirit
birth of ideas
grab a pen & write them down

Jupiter is in the Venusian spa too
dream big, folks
  where to you want to go
Jupiter is Lord of this upcoming eclipse
anything is possible

Neptune casts the net of big tease
direct communication is difficult – read between the lines
brush up on your body signals
close your eyes relax and float downstream…

Venus Rx quintile Uranus
knows what’s up
she is just taking her sweet time
that’s all…

Virgo Mars is serving up a plate of squares

Squares motivate us to our highest potential
our creative spirit is thinking
trying thoughts on for size
we are alert
we are dexterous

analyze : define goal : change


we are headed for
the partial lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Sagittarius
June 4 CST, USA

Jupiter is Lord of this eclipse
saturated in Venus at 28 degrees of Taurus
envision love
  our subconscious selves are hitching a ride with
North Node of Destiny
Full Moon revelations are forthcoming
  our treasure map of destiny
is in the mail

– personal relationships are highlighted –

personal planets at eclipse
are a short-term jangle of squares and oppositions
the outer planets are our long-term anchors
 through trines
 tap the Saturn balance- the justice in Libra
get your Pluto morph game on

Eclipse moon activates
what we think & what we see
mutable energies change it up
have a back – up plan
but be ready to roll with or without it

Virgo Mars is the focal planet of the
eclipse T-square
 what is revealed at lunation will shift
not only how we think, but also how we act
about what we think

Cancer rising
makes Moon ruler of the eclipse chart
if the water gets rough – get tough
 channel Saturn – it trines Sun Mercury and Venus Rx

Lord of the Eclipse trines MC
 what we learn will enable us to achieve our highest goals
keep the faith

Neptune stations Rx later the same day
4:05 pm CST, USA
while quintile disseminating Moon
 trine Mercury
and square Jupiter and North Node

we forgot something
we have to go back and pick it up
so we can carry it with us into the future
 something needs to be said
to create emotional balance
before the Venus event

  the Occultation of Venus
June 5 CST, USA

om mani padme hum

10 thoughts on “NeptuneUP

  1. Like your stuff! Keep it coming! Thinking we have many natal aspects in common. Sun-Leo, Moon Scorp, Asc Sag, Just learning the blog thing. Duh. All planets in 8,9,10,11 12. Stillium in 9. Saturn in Sag in 12, Node in Scorp in 11. What’s to do?

  2. Welcome, Jenna !
    Thank you kindly ! …and yes, I see the similarity – your sun in my 8, our Scorp stuff – your Moon, my Neptune. Asc are close, I am a Cap rising, early degrees. My Virgo stellium is in 9. Nine is a great place to live, expansive and free… Thanks for commenting, and I am still learning the blog thing too, lol.

    • Wow, it’s that easy? Cool. Oh, the chart similarities mentioned are just a taste. I’d love to see yours. How do you send? Which type? I’m using plain ole Placidus type. BTW, most of my stellium in nine – Virgo as well.

  3. BTW, that picture is a mirror image of a Mullen plant. Pretty cool, huh. It’s like the spirit of Mullen. I gots more…. (smile)

    • I do mirror image artwork myself, love the pic – in avatar it forms a face.
      Mullen, smoked for bronchial congestion. Do you use it this way..?

      • Yes! You can drink it or smoke it and it gives wonderful relief very quickly. Good to know that plant if we are ever left out there in the wild. Good for many other things as well. Plants have shown them selves to me, on occasion. Growing up, I was an only child, living in the woods. Saw much.

      • interesting, love your phrase they ‘show themselves’ to you. as totem animals ‘choose to show’ themselves to teach lessons. thanks

  4. You have nailed it once again and many things to think of. I love your turns of phrase. Fog squares Sun…Saturn in Venusian spas…there is always so much to delight in.

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