photo 58Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Incoming Sagittarius FULL Moon is a wild ride yeah ?
I pulled a couple of cards for clarity, since we are under a Moon Neptune square aka illusion, spiritual, slippery emo fish.
The above is the insight, the below the underbelly.
(Moon rules the belly.)

Freedom and the blade of individual truth SING under this moon.
Please note tweet on sidebar via Sagittarius wild thing Dominic.

Following old methods BLINDLY is not for an I SEE Full Moon.
Wild innovation and invention is zinging popping & cracking with Mars powering forward in artistic Libra headlong into an opposition with Aries Uranus, the genius inventor on steroids.

The established walls of propriety (Mars and Uranus square Pluto in old school Capricorn) are obviously being stormed by the discontented following their own beliefs.  

How dare !  Freedom ? ! !

This card indicates a blade (Mars/Libra – idea) to the head (Aries) – upturning your sitch to SEE it from an altered perspective.
Shift both Mental & Emotional viewpoints – spirit and physical will indeed follow their lead…

photo 59Our underbelly.
A cage, a prison cell and the stifled creativity of a caged bird who refuses to give up on life, spirit or love.  Oddly enough Venus is exalted in Pisces, despite how this card looks, Venus sings in this sign.

This card indicates a love of knowledge through experience – spirit willingly steps into earthbound material lessons in order to polish the rough spiritual form into a faceted diamond.

We sealed the deal (Venus opp Saturn) prior to incarnation – now we test our mettle, or strength of spirit – are we capable of fulfilling the promise we made to ourselves before we passed through the gate ?   


Power of Three

brain stealersStephan Hickman

June 12 Full Moon 22 Sagittarius
11:11pm Chicago
June 13
Rio 1:11am
London 5:11am
Kyoto 1:11pm
Wellington 4:11pm

The Power of Three.
Full Moon in Sagittarius speeds arrows of enlightenment via communications, astute observations – both mental & emotional to house centaur.  

Moon reaches trine to Uranus prior to full lunation – passionate emotional inspirations incoming – self awareness in spades.  

Mars is driving into both a square to Pluto and an opposition with Uranus – internal growth forces creative new directions through USING your past as a grinding stone.  

KNOW who YOU are ?  

Mars delineates self via relationships in Libra – while Aries Uranus won’t take the bit.  Fun times !

Venus opposing Saturn Rx sets up a fixed resolution between wants & desires re: love, money, artistic and relationship realms.  Power sharing will be shed or stabilize in tandem with this lunation.

Are you going on the next leg of the tour ?  

Soon we shall SEE….

Peace GMA

Sad truth, bad Virgo

Meet my girl cat, hiding in the tall weeds of my garden.
Yes, that’s right, my garden.
Bad Virgo.

Sag Moon opp Gem Sun prior to eclipse
and I tell on myself.

Communication spillage.

Gemini is my 6th
(natural Virgo house of daily routine neat freak)
but with everybody and their uncle in there
( Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter )
it seems to be taking me forever
to catch up
the daily chores.
I worked up a storm today
half days both packed – day job, night job
Gem on 6th is twos, two jobs.

Where is your Gemini house ?
Think in doubles !

Where is your Virgo and Pisces
these houses are packing a one two punch !
Mighty big metamorphosis
internal discomfort.

Swaggering Sagittarians in your face a bit
it’ll pass…they’ll wander off soon enough.
once they flash you
the mirror of awareness

::: Creative action is where it’s at :::
Opportunity awaits you
Fire up your Fun
let your spirit pour forth – internal wattage set to
infinity and beyond
Full Moon Eclipse in exploratory Sagittarius
Make it so.


smartie parties

Moon into Sagittarius
4:49 pm CST, USA

Tons of fun in Gemini at the moment.
All soon to oppose Full Moon in Sagittarius

Saturday May 25
11:10am CST, USA
Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius
Full Moon 11:25

This eclipse is a Super Moon, which means the moon is perigee or closest point of approach to the earth.  The weather is often more intense, tides will be higher and lower near the exact date in addition to an increase in wind activity.  Again, lunar traits will be more strongly felt – emotions, home, family, instincts come strongly into focus, and sensitivity is keen.

Mercury, Venus are conjunct Jupiter = bionic thinking / communicating.
Sun square Neptune, illusions and inspirations are at high tide at the moment.
Emotions are as well with the super moon – go in knowing it !
Wild Weekend !

If the energies are too high octane with others – concentrate on your soul work, what you feel like you were put here on earth to do.  Nose to the grindstone + keep clearing your past and moving toward your future with hope in your heart.

When Moon enters Sag, lunar (emotional) energies will trine Aries and Leo – creative action will help ease the tension elsewhere !


Dancing with Jupiter

Dancing with Jupiter – Susan Rickard

Saturday May 25
11:10am CST, USA
Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius
Full Moon 11:25

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.


Earth comes between Sun and Moon during a Lunar eclipse, bringing material earth matters between conscious / subconscious principle.

We feel a need to find balance between all 3.

Masculine – Yang outgoing energy, our spirit awake and creative
Earthbound necessities
Feminine – Yin incoming energy, our spirit unconscious and dreaming

Lunar eclipses deal with the (Lunar) feminine principle.

House Sagittarius is bringing the deep emotional component – sensitivities, imagination, habits, security and home into focus.
House Gemini is bringing the solar creative urge and is very strong with benefics in house:  Sun, Venus (conjunct Mercury which rules Gem) Jupiter.

We will experience a shift in balance between houses Gemini and Sagittarius – communications are obviously on deck.

::: Everything Gem calls us to renovate ::: 
how we think about our future
how we communicate with others
apply the same to how you think about yourself

We have Uranus square Pluto to thank for digging up the swamp gunk from the past while we full throttle chuck and pitch like Peter Walsh & the Clean Sweep dream team. What we will be left with is amazingly efficient and sparkly, fresh and new.

This eclipse Sun and Moon are square Neptune bringing hi qi universality and compassion if you use the Jedi vibe well.  Insanely creative artistic spurts and the urge to heal via communication is all over the shop. Please note, divination is a fantastic way to identify self-repeating patterns and break them – take pictures of your readings (if you don’t already) and refer back to them once the eclipse energies have settled.

Your readings will amaze you.

Most of all, keep the faith – in our world, in yourself and those closest to you.
This eclipse is a tough one for many.
Be patient and kind.
Ride it out….



Dray Horse

Jupiter is Expansion.
Saturn is Restriction.

Jupiter is faith, trust, enthusiastic exploration into understanding the whole world.
Saturn is discipline, limitation, sharp concentration on success via excellent work.

I have a ton of Sagittarius vibe – packed 9th, Jupiter smacked up with benefics in the house of Sun (Leo).  Yet, Capricorn is my ASC (Saturn rules) making my outlook serious, reserved – I am bound by karma (Saturn is karma).  My actions are, as are all people’s, bound by karma – but somehow it is particularly relevant to me.  (Yes, each natal shows a particular theme of Earth School Study)  The ruler of my ASC, Saturn Rx is in Aries (Mars rules) and it also trines Mars in Sagittarius – Mars quintiles Uranus, the planet that rules astrology. 

Asteroid Karma is 3811 pop it into your natal for insights.

Karma is the law of moral causation. It is the result of our own past actions and our own present doings. We ourselves are responsible for our own happiness and misery. We create our own Heaven. We create our own Hell. We are the architects of our own fate.  More philosophical karma info here.

My Karma is smack on my 9th house Virgo Uranus.  (Sun/Ura/Plut)
Relevant..?.. yes !  
When I began to grease the wheels of my life with astrological study, my life improved.  I (Sun) was reborn, I regenerated (Pluto).  I not only understood myself better, but I could understand others better as well.  I don’t take arguments as personally because I can read the energy signatures, be more empathetic.  My good karma is writing here at GMA, helping to guide you to the enlightenment you seek to improve your life.

Years ago when I began my strange journey, I was fear (Saturn / restriction, mind 3) based, it was my filter, my lens with which to view my world. 
Where attention goes, energy flows – my outlook and actions (the web I wove) caused far more trouble than I knew how to deal with at that time.
 Karma kicked my ass to the curb.  I had to pick up my pieces, start over and over and again while in the throes of debilitating illness (which Cap ASC is prone to).

In time (Saturn), I learned (Mercury) to be Jupiter (optimism / fire, heart in Leo 8) based.
I have excavated, picked the bones, made mental lists, compared and contrasted my brains to the moon and back trying to figure out how to change my life for the better.  I noticed everything, sought clues and connections, eventually I learned astrology and the universe began to speak to me.  I began to understand my obstacles, my strengths, and I began to work with the energies, rather than against them.

That is the past, now onto the future…

A few days ago in conversation with my Mother, I casually mentioned I am a Buddhist.
::: She hung up on me :::  
Is normal, her Scorp moon opposes mine – cuss and discuss is quite common.
I identify most strongly with Buddhism, but technically I consider myself a nature-based pagan, wiccan, et al.  I am a rebellious inclusionist (Sun/Ura/Pluto) in the house of Religion – 9, I study everything.
She is
Sagittarius ASC – Jupiter in 5 Toro.
Hmph. Go figure.
In this case, my Cap ASC – Saturn Rx in 3 Aries is far less traditional.

The Uranus Pluto square is poking the ribs of traditionalists across the board.

I see it in others, I see it in myself – even my kitties are fussing about accepting a new stray in the yard.  Card reading peeps are hotly arguing about reading styles (traditional vs. freestyle), power tripping astro-fiends are onside – esp. as Uranus rules astrology, my way is better than your way, etc….Changes are upon us and some are stressing about losing ways that used to be.
  I got news for you, everything is staying – it is only changing form.  A well-known political astrologer once wrote of her generation, ‘we survived the tumultuous 60’s’, …hmmm…I immediately thought, ‘try being the living, breathing, walking tumultuous 60’s’ – that’s a fun one, I guarantee you.

Where the masses are feeling the square, each according to their chart, those of us born in the late 60’s are getting it on a more personal spiritual (Sun) level. 
I am most certainly feeling it rather close to home.  My natal Moon trines my Virgo Sun/Uranus/Pluto conjunction – men, women; privately (Moon 4), publically (Sun 9); consciously and subconsciously.
All of it ass over teakettle at the mo.  Plus 3 lovely eclipses knocking on some personals to boot – yeeHAW !

May 21 Uranus Pluto Square exact:
Uranus at 11 degrees Aries Pluto Rx at 11 degrees Capricorn

May 25
Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 degrees Sagittarius

Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is surely a test of faith, expansion in love, money and philosophical communications with a bent toward healing via fellowship. Ego and work will be hardcore shifts on this one – strange alliances will be your emotional redemption.
This is ultimately my point –
Saturn Rx in 3, what can I say – sometimes takes me forever to get there, thanks for your patience !

Jupiter is frolicking in Gemini (with Venus) being all wild free agent, touching (yes, literally – Mercury & Venus rules touching) base with everyone.  Did your brain go there ?  Hahaa Go ahead and UNthink it now !   (You can thank me later.)

Sagittarius /Jupiter energy in the sign of thinking and communication is a fantastic remedy for working this square / eclipse shizz out.
Sharing & Learning
Ultimately understanding differing viewpoints, perspectives.

Jupiter unaspected is akin to Biggie Sizing the BIGGIE SIZE of all GOOD Jupiter qualities if we channel the energy correctly.
Tap it ! 
See how it feels, explore it and have fun – let your mind go love tripping with Venus.
Be positive & harm none – Be it light !

Those with a case of natal Jupiter squares (internal lack of hope, trust, abundance or faith) could learn quite a bit under this boho Jupiter…
Go on tour with it – cozy up next to the campfire and let your mind weave stories of how you SEE your shiny new future. 

SEE it, dream it, BE it.

peace, love and kind veggie burritos


What’s up cool kats ?
Just checking in on ya.

hands up
who’s feeling the weird

good luck with communication
    Neptooney is creating
 woo woo obstacle courses
in the airwaves
so just thump the earth
once for yes, two for no.

Fog squares Sun, Mercury and Jupiter
    trines Saturn (earth)

Saturn is soaking in Venusian spas
exalted and mellow in Libra
while he also
    trines Venus Rx in Gemini

Venus Rx quintiles oddball boho Uranus
from the house of chit – chat
genius expressions are flirting with our consciousness
love, creativity, equality, peace of mind
friendship and gifts of spirit
birth of ideas
grab a pen & write them down

Jupiter is in the Venusian spa too
dream big, folks
  where to you want to go
Jupiter is Lord of this upcoming eclipse
anything is possible

Neptune casts the net of big tease
direct communication is difficult – read between the lines
brush up on your body signals
close your eyes relax and float downstream…

Venus Rx quintile Uranus
knows what’s up
she is just taking her sweet time
that’s all…

Virgo Mars is serving up a plate of squares

Squares motivate us to our highest potential
our creative spirit is thinking
trying thoughts on for size
we are alert
we are dexterous

analyze : define goal : change


we are headed for
the partial lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Sagittarius
June 4 CST, USA

Jupiter is Lord of this eclipse
saturated in Venus at 28 degrees of Taurus
envision love
  our subconscious selves are hitching a ride with
North Node of Destiny
Full Moon revelations are forthcoming
  our treasure map of destiny
is in the mail

– personal relationships are highlighted –

personal planets at eclipse
are a short-term jangle of squares and oppositions
the outer planets are our long-term anchors
 through trines
 tap the Saturn balance- the justice in Libra
get your Pluto morph game on

Eclipse moon activates
what we think & what we see
mutable energies change it up
have a back – up plan
but be ready to roll with or without it

Virgo Mars is the focal planet of the
eclipse T-square
 what is revealed at lunation will shift
not only how we think, but also how we act
about what we think

Cancer rising
makes Moon ruler of the eclipse chart
if the water gets rough – get tough
 channel Saturn – it trines Sun Mercury and Venus Rx

Lord of the Eclipse trines MC
 what we learn will enable us to achieve our highest goals
keep the faith

Neptune stations Rx later the same day
4:05 pm CST, USA
while quintile disseminating Moon
 trine Mercury
and square Jupiter and North Node

we forgot something
we have to go back and pick it up
so we can carry it with us into the future
 something needs to be said
to create emotional balance
before the Venus event

  the Occultation of Venus
June 5 CST, USA

om mani padme hum


diviner by hgjart

Saturday May 5
Full Moon 16 degrees Scorpio, 10:35pm CST, USA  

Great healing vibes with this one ~ 
Sun is quintile Neptune
Jupiter is quintile Chiron.
Benefics + spiritual gifts of healing

We are dealing with shifting polarities here.
Radical ideas, workload, status vs. self esteem, health and peace of mind. 

Taurus Lilith conjunct Sun and Jupiter is a deep rooted want.
It craves and haves and hoards to fill a void.
It’s a shiny bauble that can be taken or left.

I prefer dinners out and movies and new clothes.
I don’t need them.

Scorpio Full Moon is an instinctual, inescapable, intense need.
Filled with a lust for life, Scorpio desires to defy death.
It deconstructs itself, completely betraying the former life in order to rebuild a new one.

I prefer not to feel pain, to shed tears over loss.
I need to in order to heal.

These energies are at odds, in compromise with each other to find balance.
Look to your house of Scorpio for this is where you will be getting new insights and blazing new trails until the next full moon….

This Scorpio Full Moon
 is followed by a Sagittarius Full Moon
Monday June 4
Sagittarius Full Moon 6:12am CST, USA
Neptune stations Rx 3 degrees Pisces 4:03pm CST

The Sagittarius Full Moon is involved in a mind-bending T-Square with Mars as the focal planet, Moon opposing Sun Venus and Mercury in Gemini.
You might call it getting our head right so we can get our high qi Venus game on.
Moon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars for the occultation.

That’s a sign of diggin’ in and goin’ with your gut.  Baggage gone, emotions clean as a whistle for the occultation so Virgo Mars will be acting with a steady hand and a steady heart.  (Mercury trine Saturn Rx in Libra)

Tuesday June 5
Occultation of Venus (click)

So perhaps you are getting me here…
we are on a Scorpionic healing bender prior to the occultation.
Scorpio Full Moon has Sun and Jupiter in Venus ruled Taurus ~ love and lots of it.  Benefics are stacking the Toro house, and Venus trine Saturn Rx in Libra is long term commitment toward working out better forms of communication.   (Saturn Rx opposite Mercury in Aries in mutual reception with Mars in Virgo)

The all for one, one for all  vibe. 
ya dig…?