photo 58Oracle of the Radiant Sun

Incoming Sagittarius FULL Moon is a wild ride yeah ?
I pulled a couple of cards for clarity, since we are under a Moon Neptune square aka illusion, spiritual, slippery emo fish.
The above is the insight, the below the underbelly.
(Moon rules the belly.)

Freedom and the blade of individual truth SING under this moon.
Please note tweet on sidebar via Sagittarius wild thing Dominic.

Following old methods BLINDLY is not for an I SEE Full Moon.
Wild innovation and invention is zinging popping & cracking with Mars powering forward in artistic Libra headlong into an opposition with Aries Uranus, the genius inventor on steroids.

The established walls of propriety (Mars and Uranus square Pluto in old school Capricorn) are obviously being stormed by the discontented following their own beliefs.  

How dare !  Freedom ? ! !

This card indicates a blade (Mars/Libra – idea) to the head (Aries) – upturning your sitch to SEE it from an altered perspective.
Shift both Mental & Emotional viewpoints – spirit and physical will indeed follow their lead…

photo 59Our underbelly.
A cage, a prison cell and the stifled creativity of a caged bird who refuses to give up on life, spirit or love.  Oddly enough Venus is exalted in Pisces, despite how this card looks, Venus sings in this sign.

This card indicates a love of knowledge through experience – spirit willingly steps into earthbound material lessons in order to polish the rough spiritual form into a faceted diamond.

We sealed the deal (Venus opp Saturn) prior to incarnation – now we test our mettle, or strength of spirit – are we capable of fulfilling the promise we made to ourselves before we passed through the gate ?   


2 thoughts on “Underbelly

  1. Yup, that full Moon is incoming in Denver at 11:11 MST tonight. Sure am feeling it! In my Sun sign and conjunct natal Mercury in my 8th house. Just HAVE to communicate what THAT means: I’ll die if I don’t have sex!

    • HA !
      I feel your pain, truly, I do – said much the same last week.
      Until then there’s always porn + chocolate. ?! !
      Moon over Sag Mars here.
      Good to hear from you, go out and howl a bit ooOooOooo may help…

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