CentaurHonorGaurdQuinton Hoover

Chiron Retrograde 17 Pisces
June 20
Chicago 7:45am
Tokyo 9:45pm
June 21
Wellington 12:45am

Chiron Retrograde while in trine to Saturn Rx in Scorpio and quincunx Uranus in Aries is two-eyed.  
Perhaps 3 if you get my drift.

One EYE towards the future – moving forward, reinvention.
One EYE towards the past – recycling, regenerating what already is.
Third EYE encompasses ALL that IS + ALL that WAS into = ONE.

Third eye is the chakra of SEEING, vision and insight.  It is the double petaled lotus that symbolizes resolution of duality.  
Healing the wound.
Pisces is the sign of cosmic debt, spirituality and secret sacrifices – it is also the sign of resilience, adaptation and emotional improvisation.  Pisces taps untold power straight from THE SOURCE, get grounded via the feet and life force flows.

Chiron shifting in quincunx to Uranus signals a need to be inventive in order to overcome personal beliefs that may be holding us back from healing.  Reset the break, re-apply remedies.  Future unfolds day to day, time passes slowly for those who wait – I get it.

Chiron squares houses of THINK and SEE, opposes the DAILY GRIND. Communications may be difficult, strained, thinking too wrapped up in emotions, minutiae.  Pause, breathe, re-boot.

Mind over matter.  
Unlearn what you have learned.

Chiron in trine to Saturn Rx in Scorpio is ultra perceptive, capable of digging deep to the root, the core – fearlessly facing the monsters murking in the depths – better yet, Saturn USES THEM , deals them a certain death so we may rise again from our own ashes, REBORN and FULL of POWER.

Chiron direct 13 Pisces
November 23, 2014

Peace Out