Honestly this Uranus Pluto square will be the end of me, and I (Sun) knew that going in.  Two more left of seven exacts.  The hammer and the forge.

An oracle card I recently pulled so vividly demonstrates the current astro, (Saturn opposite Venus – as well as my own Saturn opposite natal Moon transit), I share it here.  Indeed, this card reveals much of Mars opposite Uranus both square Pluto in Capricorn as well.

The burden of the past, a time of tremendous negativity (Saturn) which contains within it the seeds for major enlightenment.  Powerful initiation into the true nature of reality, being brought face-to-face with the darker aspects of your personality as it is.
Every aspect of your life placed on the anvil.
Card: Mount Doom
(Capricorn is mountain; Pluto, unlimited power)

Negativity, resistance, limitations are tests.
Know that allies are alive and kicking in both ignorance and arrogance.

(Ignorance is Mercury/Saturn; arrogance is Sun/Leo)
Promising projects that appear easy in the mind’s eye, but are much more difficult in daily execution – that’s where attitude/altitude swagger in to finish the job.

1. Start.

2. Keep working.
3. Cultivate & grow good daily habits.
4. Repeat until new neural nets are formed.
5. Adjust flight plan en route.

Venus opposite Saturn – start by tipping the scales of balance.
Get real.
Make a choice.
Know your Heart.
Forge Ahead.

peace out

2 thoughts on “forges

  1. This card and post is very ” on time” for the new job I recently accepted a month ago. Saturn is on my Scorp stellium ( including Sun) and squaring my Ascendant and Uranus in 7th house. There are so many mountains to climb and yet, an occasional glimmer of potential and promise. I feel frustrated and tired, but surprisingly resilient and strong. Saturn is effecting change within.

  2. Congrats on your new endeavor !
    Saturn is a tough nut, but rewards are tangible.
    I keep blinders on, head down + work. Have you read The War of Art ?
    Great for kick starting the motors, I love it !
    Great you are resilient – better to bend than break.

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