Serenity NOW

My Turn.

Zoe, are you here ?
To the job, sir.

I would be lying if I painted over the recent aspects with sunshine and rainbows.  Growth is upon all of us – Uranus and Pluto are nearing exact square and we are all feeling it.  If you have them prominent in your natal, you get a one way ticket to mainline metamorph  that area of your chart.  I have personally checked out of GMA the last few days – wasn’t planning on it, either.  Just realized I can’t give what I don’t have.

I once read a great piece by a well – respected astrologer who was speaking of the tough nuts that ‘survived the tumultuous late sixties’… I immediately thought, yes – the late sixties were intense – you were just passing through …I was born with that aspect.  (Please, I mean no disrespect for those that slogged through horrific wars and civil unrest.)  I am a late sixties Virgo with Sun conjunct Uranus (9) Pluto (8th).


Quick background on Uranus Pluto aspects in the past:

1850 Uranus conjunct Pluto Aries: Underground railroad, slave trade abolished in D.C; first National Women’s Rights Convention in Massachusetts; Irish potato famine; Harvard takes first photograph of a star (Vega);

1877 Leo Uranus square Taurus Pluto: Indian wars led by Chief Crazy Horse;  earthquake in Venezuela and Colombia kills 16,000; Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone; Thomas Edison invents the phonograph

1901 Sagittarius Uranus opposes Gemini Pluto:  Australia declares independence; boxer rebellion in China; first exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s work; first Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden; Marconi receives first transatlantic radio signal, England to US.

Aries Uranus square Cancer Pluto 1929 – 35: US stock market crash and the Great Depression; Mohandas Gandhi begins protesting British salt tax; dwarf planet Pluto is officially named; first non-stop airplane flight from Europe to US; Nevada legalizes  gambling; Chinese Soviet Republic is proclaimed by Mao Zedong; Austria’s largest bank goes bankrupt, beginning the banking collapse in Central Europe that causes a worldwide financial meltdown which led to the rise of Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) and World War II.

1964-67 Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo: 9.2 earthquake in Alaska, the most violent earthquake in US history; the first BASIC programming language runs to provide computer access to non-science students (New Hampshire); South Africa sentences Nelson Mandela to life imprisonment; Decolonization of Africa; first commercial geosynchronous communications satellite launched; US orders combat troops to Vietnam (65); John Lennon says “We (The Beatles) are more popular than Jesus”; first official meeting after 400 years of Catholic and Anglican Church; 20,000 attend the Human Be-In, San Francisco; Military coup ‘The Junta’ in Greece; “Six Day War” involving Israel, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt.


We have entered a cycle of 7 exact squares of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

Simplified: Capricorn is ancient and slow as molasses :::  Aries is the impulsive pioneer.
Simplified: Pluto is inner willpower and metamorphosis ::: Uranus is eccentric anarchy.

Old cuss Capricorn is getting tasered.  Stagnant, stalled, structural organizations are in for a MAJOR overhaul.  Squares are intense friction – it is uncomfortable and we are on it like hair on ape actively chipping at the problem, scratching at the itch.

Squares are more powerful than trines when solved, work the highest vibration of the planetary and house energies for success.  Adaptation, improvisation.  Repeat.

Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal energies – they are hot to trot to MoOoove it out.  We are going to have our work cut out for us globally and personally during these squares.  Pluto will reveal secrets as it moves through Capricorn – when coupled with Uranus,  secrets will be shocking, revelatory and we will be forced to transcend our moribund limitations.

Channel your inner Jedi master – be the calm within the storm.
Use the force for knowledge and defense. Only.


I have been asked to describe how I experience Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto in Virgo 9, so here goes…  Sun is spirit, ego, shining illumination.  My Sun is in the natural Sagittarius house, so that (and other aspects) give me a rich Sag vibe.  Expansive visionary philosophies, love of learning, travel, other cultures, teaching and exploring are all Sag traits.  Sun rules my 8th, the natural house of Scorpio, and Pluto is in the 8th – which it rules.  So basically my Sun is getting major transformation 24/7 – it often falls kerplunk into the deep, dark, dank Scorpio well and can’t get free.  I suffer greatly in 8th house matters. (benefics square Neptune in Scorp) My light goes out.

I have contemplated and researched past lives, the death of this life, I have more than once considered taking my life, I have been so sick I thought I was dying, I have up and left my former life, and despite all this turmoil – I am unable to completely lose hope because the benefics Venus, Jupiter and Fortuna are all conjunct in my 8th.  Good thing, or I would have checked out long ago.

Add Uranus and it equals ego hits, one right after another, my whole life.  It means add the prefix ‘self’ to everything 9th house; hugely independent in thought and philosophy, powerful drive to see and communicate the big picture.  Sun conjunct Uranus is a fixed masculine aspect, it delivers strong willpower, intuition and individualistic freedom -loving radical behavior. I can be a buttery sweetheart (Ven/Jup), turn on a dime, detach and walk off.  Quit habits cold turkey.  I love holograms, lenticular images, 3D and all sorts of eyecandy.  Don’t lie to me, I am an intuitive expert in body language.

Uranus is magnetic, so I attract ego-maniac, power – tripping oddballs, and Plutonic lesson – bringers with regularity. I tend to be impulsive, (Mars quintiles Uranus adds to this) and I elicit the ginormous game change not only my life, but also the lives of those I care about.  I don’t set out to do this, it just happens naturally.

Loner.  I cut to the chase, I am intense, curious and love research.  I tend to intimidate people, I delve deep into mysterious fringe subjects (love Ripley’s Believe It or Not, UFO’s, occult, magnetics, energies and science for starters), and I have a knack of being in the right place at the right time.  I seek to understand everything – I am often heard saying ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ (Neptune most highly aspected, Sagittarius 12)

I am progressive, creatively innovative and I obsessively study a subject until I know I have reached saturation, then I drop it, move on to obsessively learn something else.  Uranus quintile Mars in the 12th house sign (Sagittarius), in addition to Mars trine  Saturn means I have weird experiences with long-distances and time.  Uranus delivers all of these things in a flash – I am left broadsided, gobsmacked and reeling.  I feel weird energies, hear the earth humming and I am sometimes clairaudient.  Pendulum dowsing is a snap.  I see both sides, attract as often as I repel, and I have for years, had an inexplicable fear of dying by electrocution.
There you have it, folks – my Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto breakdown.

Peace out

9 thoughts on “Serenity NOW

  1. well, i was going to say, ‘oooh, and look at nelson mandela’s journey’ as i was reading along but by the end…
    wow. just wow. thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for opening yourself up so powerfully. I resonate with so much of what you say having the same houses and planets featured. For me though everything is more remote detached because my aspects are not as intense. I experience the undertow not suddenly but as quicksand, 12th house Pluto and earthy 8th. I have contemplated past lives and the realms beyond death but rarely get drawn into suicidal thoughts, more just despairing depressive/ oppressive funks. With Uranus sextile Sun I tend to welcome the clarity and exhilarating force of change when it decides to visit.

    The Sun/Uranus/Pluto individuals I have met are larger than life and are powerhouses in the fields they operate in. I feel fortunate to have access to your scintillating view of astrology as you trigger wonderful insights with the brilliant scope of your knowledge that broadens mine. For example Uranus as magnetic? I hadn’t considered that. How so?

    • Hi Perianne, your description of Plutonic quicksand makes so much sense. Powerful aspects : slow or quick, the trap can be hard to break free of.
      Sextiles to Uranus open a window to intuitions, a great aspect you describe as sudden clarity.

      I get that too – lightning flash – Plutonian force – nothing is the same. Thanks for the compliments, and it was surprisingly easy to write. It is a part of my life I have accepted. Learning the astro made it much easier now that I know why I am the way I am, I can mold the energies.

      Uranus rules magnets, polarities, electricity. It is an electric planet that creates heat. Electric planets (Sun is electric, and magnetic also, which amps up the power of my conjunction) are expansive … if vibrating well – they are positive, confident, forceful and magnetic.

      Terrestrial magnetism is Uranus, humans have magnetite in their brains – we can navigate as migrating flocks do. That is magnetic alignment. So yes, Uranus is the disrupter, the break, but it also rules the attraction of solar particles of the aurora, and the personal aura as well.

      My Uranus lives in Earthy Virgo. My sign acts as a ground, a rod for the lightning of Uranus. Ground attracts lightning, so for that reason also more magnetic depending on sign. Nifty little planet, yeah ?

  3. Thank you for the different ways of seeing Uranus. I love filling up with different images, correspondences and stories about a planet. It allows you to feel it on so many levels. I love discovering that we have magnetite in our brains.

    • Me too ! I have a very good sense of direction, I attribute to Merc at MC, strong Uranus and Neptune. Strong earth placements, like Toro Moon in 4, a kind of homing beacon…? How is your sense of direction with your Toro moon, notice anything ?
      I know someone with 3rd house Neptune as focal planet in a T-square with Merc & Moon who says GPS changed their life. Person can not give directions, or go places without it, is their odd little quirk. Though I must admit I am prone to strange mental blocks (Saturn Rx in 3rd) about two specific intersections in my town, which I find odd.

      • Ha ha…I have never thought about it but I have an excellent sense of direction. I am automatically assigned as navigator by others. I have the whole route in my head whenever we go anywhere, including lanes to be in and awareness of traffic congestion and how to avoid. I had put this down to Virgo Ascendant: knowing where I am and where I am going and the steps between. I use to travel around the country quite a bit (gem in 9th) and would always know my way around a new town. There was always an element of magic and showmanship in my knowledge, I think this would be Sun sextile Leo Uranus and all that magnetite. I have Saturn retro in the third as well inconjunct Toro Mercury. I may know my way around by visualising a map and the terrain. It takes me forever to come up with street names. If someone demands names of streets it is like kryptonite to my navigational super powers.
        My Pisces partner (Sun, Venus and Merc)- turn him around twice in the room and he has difficulty finding his way out. We lived in his home city for years and he had no idea how to get around. I’ve become his earth guide-lol.

        Thanks for the impromptu exploration. Lots of pennies drop around you.

      • I don’t do street names either. weird. All visual and inner compass navigation. My directions sound like: pass this [visual marker] pass that [visual marker] turn right. Too right brained – I mean is strange – I am a freak for naming, yet don’t navigate by names at all.
        I was recently detoured on the way to my mechanics, a new bldg went up that hid my lime green marker bldg… it threw me off. Odd, since I have only been there dozens of times.

        The only time I completely lost my sense of direction was when I was being driven around by a speed freak in Orlando, FLA …switchbacks aplenty around all those lakes.
        I remember thinking how disorientating it was to be both speeding when I was not in control of the wheel and to have no idea of my position in relation to the poles of the earth. (Sun was at high noon.) Big Neptooney surrounded by water needs a bit of grounding to function well, lol.

        Since you mentioned Saturn Rx in 3rd….are you typing dyslexic like me…?….seriously it takes me forever to correct the errors made by my slow fingers while trying to keep up with Merc MC. I figure Saturn Rx is the only thing that has kept me from shredding on guitar thus far, though the game isn’t over, I may yet. haha Only just now getting into high gear ~> the beauty of Saturn Rx, yeah ? get older, get better.

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