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Zoe, are you here ?
To the job, sir.

I would be lying if I painted over the recent aspects with sunshine and rainbows.  Growth is upon all of us – Uranus and Pluto are nearing exact square and we are all feeling it.  If you have them prominent in your natal, you get a one way ticket to mainline metamorph  that area of your chart.  I have personally checked out of GMA the last few days – wasn’t planning on it, either.  Just realized I can’t give what I don’t have.

I once read a great piece by a well – respected astrologer who was speaking of the tough nuts that ‘survived the tumultuous late sixties’… I immediately thought, yes – the late sixties were intense – you were just passing through …I was born with that aspect.  (Please, I mean no disrespect for those that slogged…

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