sorta twisty

Tom Bagshaw

Found this fantastic global interactive map of the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio – click here !

I would   L O V E  to tell you these Aries/Scorpio eclipses with Saturn opposite my natal Moon during Uranus square Pluto season has drawn all the poison out of my system, that I AM fresh as a daisy…but that would be a lie. 
There has however; been progress in some areas, and for that I am grateful.

Humans are such strange creatures.
Yes my hand is in the air – present and accounted for.
For those who have shown concern – I thank you, and yes I am okay.
A wild, weird ride for sure, but a profound improvement over a few years ago.
That’s all you’re gettin’ about that.

Posting has been rather erratic, because I AM rather erratic at the moment.
My apologies.

Everything Scorpio + Saturn opposite Toro Moon had me on a doco spin at crash hour last night.  The Real Reality, you know – not some $$$ housewives $$$ shizz.

What did I watch ?
Dark Days.
Profound.  Strange. 
Testament to human survival.

Perfect Scorpio Eclipse viewing.

Dudes living under Penn Station, in proudly decorated shack/homes – making a life in the shadows and the cracks – living in a cave under the city.  I have of course, heard of this, but this documentary was just W O W.  I am a creature of the night – – but living in a cave or a coffin…don’t think I am built for that long term.  It made my brain all twisty.
heh. More twisty, rather.
I have much to think about.
There is sunshine in my vicinity today, I need to soak some up.

So quickly – if you have anything 11 degrees Toro, Leo, Scorp, Aqua +/- 8 degrees or so (going a bit more, since Pluto packs a solid punch) you will be getting a Matrix-style warpspeed download  – –  brainshifts changing/directing your future through the past. 

This Eclipse is with North Node
Strong on the positive side
Saturn steadies – builds the bonds – past and future form a Living Bridge.

Trines to Cancer and Pisces – healing those you consider family, those you have deep feelings for, mystical weirdness amped up to 13.

Virgo and Capricorn have opportunities to capitalize on the material plane.
Health through work.
Brains and perseverance.
Unpack the baggage and sort it out.

Peace out astrofiends

Cesaria, the Barefoot Diva
This eclipse is full near Cape Verde.