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Thursday October 31

Friday November 1
All Saint’s Day
Uranus square Pluto at 9 degrees

Sunday November 3
6:46am CST, USA
New Moon Solar Eclipse 11 degrees Scorpio
visibility here, maximum in So. Atlantic region – near Sierra Leone & Congo, Africa
Shadows of the lunar emotions fall upon the earth / material plane, ego / pride take a quiet backseat while the undercurrents roll in the house of shared resources.

Eclipse reaches maximum in a region rife with history of blood diamonds, now a living land rush for palm oil plantations – heartbreaking manifestations of corporate greed – desire for money run roughshod over the poor and the land they live and love on.

I look at the ugly – I look right at it – the Plutonian trash.
Not a popular viewpoint with the intender transcenders.
How dare I not be positive 24/7 ad nauseum.
Comfort Levels are soOo South Node – over it !

Matthieu Laufray
Matthieu Laufray

Neither Uranus Pluto conjunct nor Uranus Pluto square are conducive to complacency.
I have to SEE it, I.D. it, in order to CHANGE it.
I see the faults in myself and the world at large, and  I. want. to. heal. them. all.
That’s a tall order for ONE.
Or is it ? 
ONE hundredth monkey says it isn’t.

For my mental health, I have to start small, tune into a higher vibration, manage myself, my world and work my way UP from there.  The BIG picture can overwhelm me to complete inaction (Saturn Rx in Aries), or action flying everywhere (Mars in Sag) without focus, so I go micro (Virgo), first.

Perhaps you are in the position to start Macro, go Micro – if so, great, work it ! – yet know that if your micro world is askew, you won’t be fooling anyone with your  Macronnouncements.
Been there.  This multi-Virgo is far from perfect, but I AM working on it.
much lifemudblood in the depths of the swamp. 

Flip of a fin, swish of the tail.
Swamp Queen rolls, dives…resurfaces…only to dive dark again…deep in thought.

Sorayama Hajime

Sun an Moon meet on Scorpio 11, the intellectual master balancing opposites, polarities via comm octaves Mercury & Uranus – messages, choice.
note: I don’t use round-up.

Sun and Moon – day and night, conscious and sub, positive and negative – eyeball to eyeball in the house of desired sharing / shared desires.
Testing the boundaries, knowing the delineation between the two speaks volumes of fixed signs Toro, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

North Node and Mercury Rx meet on Scorpio 7, metaphysical energy, that which is eccentric, electrical : instinctual re-destiny.  This number walks the tightrope between tribe vibe and personal timbre.

North Node with Saturn, Mercury Rx walking hand in hand with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is handing us our ticket to the future via delving deep into the past.  We are setting our course by feeling these energies and the Eclipse Lord in square to Uranus in Aries.

All for 1
1 for All

Balance may not seem like the main game with both luminaries holding court at the same Scorpio house party – but we will have 8 points in water.
Breathing underswampwater.

Elements Remaining are:
2 in earth – Virgo Mars, Cap Pluto (octaves of power serving the trench wench)
2 in fire – Sag Venus, Aries Uranus Rx (Venus idles, coasts; Uranus fizzies the innards)

::: yet Uranus buzzes in Aries, highly charged :::

via square to Pluto
via quincunx to all the personals (except Venus)
adjustments close to home – surprise altitudes, health improvements

Lack of air requires coordination, deep breathing – agility of both courage, and emotion in the physical realm in order to counterbalance the deficiency in ease of thought & communications.

mermaid_by_pascalblanchePascal Blanche

Examining this Scorpio Eclipse on the surface, we could seemly tread water here.
This waterfall conjunction in Scorpio trines to Neptune/Chiron in Pisces – trines Jupiter in Cancer.  Ease of expressing emotions, flowing intuitions.

We have sextiles to Earth via Virgo and Capricorn making many opportunities rise up from the ground floor, we have much to work with, the practical tools to succeed are at our fingertips.

We are talking Scorpio, Pluto and painful purging of the psyche.
A deep six mermaid of the soil and water, am I.
Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception works the emotional knots free – painstakingly  we unravel our knots (nots ?!) by focusing on what has failed, so we may once again win.

This is the gift of
Uranus quincunx 4 personal points while in square to Pluto, Lord of the Eclipse.

Brainstorms, perceptual shifts.
Adaptation, improvisation.

We are a world of phoenixes.

amin mela lle
you know who you are.

15 thoughts on “tribe vibe, personal timbre

  1. I totally agree. “cheerful” Pollyanna types set off my bad boy Uranus if I’m not very vigilant. Good analogy of Virgo perspective cleaning benches while ruminating on the Sag big picture. Yesterday while drilling metal grills onto my external walls, the cents dropped for me that for this eclipse I am going to study “personal Power”. I started to see how I give up my power in so many small habitual ways leaking tons of power and energy everywhere.
    We’ve been trained in handing over our power since we were babies never realizing just how powerful we are.
    I’ve decided this Scorp party, I’m keeping my glasses on and observing all the traps I fall into wasting personal power, and I’m keeping it!
    BTW my whole place is solar enregy and few months ago I ripped out a dud gas hot water system and had black plastic piping put around my roof. This witch loves cooking power!
    Only talking to a friend yesterday about loss of wildlife. The Mother’s and animal, tree pain is mine as well.

    • Honestly I felt the waves coming in re: the health rant.
      Those who have inadvertently caused themselves sickness are looking for answers, some are outside the net of affordable health care. I myself recognized ailments I have manifested, saw the connections – can work to adjust my course accordingly, privately. It is informative rather than negative – difference ! thank you

      My emotional/spiritual/intellectual energy leaks / surges manifest physically – once I was unaware, now I am hyperaware. The alarm sounds, followed by a series of snooze warnings. I ignore the symptoms at my own peril. I have learned to filter the unhealthy vibrations of others. I realize cities are a big learning curve I have yet to conquer…nature just feels better for me.

      I am pleased to hear of your solar house. Years ago I saw a vid of some ancient genius hippie living off the grid in what was some ecospheregeodome. Would love to find the video again. He had a living jungle in the center using all recycled waste water, it was all very Liet-Kynes DUNE.

      I would love to go solar, off the grid. Kudos for making it work for you !

      Great to hear from you, swear this post was like giving birth through an astro mudbath. I am glad it resonates…strangely enough – I write from a higher mind perspective (Merc MC; Virgo 9; Sat trine Sag Mars from 3) see the connections, the global energies, of course when they tumble out I don’t have myself in mind.

      After I walk away, the words / work grows legs of its own . . . strangest thing. I get insights from what I write too, but different ones, after that seem ultra personal. Dunno… maybe every writer does, just find it odd.

      • I just turned this on, your reply won’t come up. I was starting to write, the exact time you posted! A short power addition….
        I had to do a run in to the hardware shop to get the right screws for the job, and in there was a little woman with a disability who I know. She is tiny and has fair wispy hair and was standing next to me at the checkout. She always reminds me of Yoda. Cute! Point taken!

      • hee Sorry full of words tonight. Eclipses, ya know – incoming rush of information on all dimensions. I was thinking these have been the angelic intervention eclipses for me. You seeing your Yoda gal does not surprise me at all !

  2. “Angelic intervention eclipses” That’s going to fun to watch for. I like it. Take care!

  3. I love having fires in the stove and burning off but we don’t want any around here till after summer.
    I was just reminded of how Africa was affected by the solar eclipse [memory is lousy] was it end of 2010? Started up top west coast Africa and went over the top North of the country which soon precipitated the Tunisian revolt, then the Algerian and so on across the North to Libya and Egypt and Syria would have been under the shadow which became known as the Arab spring. So poor Africa tends be very affected by these eclipses.
    Love Howe’s sculptures!

      • Thanks for that link very interesting article. I remember it now. That eclipse was on Australia’s sun and we had major flooding in Queensland and where I live, but I’m up high. Hadn’t you studied astro at that point?

      • No. We flirted for years.
        In college my Sag boyfriends Mom, Myrna surprised me, read my chart on a weekend visit (she taught astro on the side). She said I would likely be good at astrology, semi-psychic, watch out for substances, etc.. all things I have covered here at GMA. That would have been around the time transit Uranus squ natal Uranus; trined natal Leo Venus/Jupes.

        I forgot quite a bit of it as it was a verbal reading, not text, she was curious, did it for free – very kind of her really ! I had computerized reads at state fairs, that sort of thing, until in 2009 maybe ? a friend led me to my mentor who wrote my chart (also very kind gesture). At that time my obsession with learning how to read charts grew exponentially. I had already been a card reader for 20 + years, so it was a natural progression.

        I was ass over teakettle in study by the time transit Uranus opposed natal Uranus in 2010. My mentor said many times she had never met anyone who learned astrology as quickly as I did. I love it, endlessly fascinating.

  4. Actually I’m confused now if it flooded in 2011. I know it did start of 2012 and 2013. Never mind, eclipses kick ass!

  5. Wow! That amazes me how fast you learnt. I’ve been teaching myself for years and I still can’t do aspects! Boo! speaking of air, I remembered when I drove into town [Mer.c rx trying to get right screws!}, that the big grey kestrel which has perched near me here, turned up in the dream staring at me intently. Perhaps it’s their natural look. I was with a small group of women. Going to stay tuned for the meaning of that one. It’s a beautiful velvety grey on top with snowy white underneath and yellow legs and beak.

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