standing on new visions

photoTarot of the New Vision

Strange cards to pull for what are we leaving behind with the Scorpio Eclipse.
Pulled these just before I read there has been a quake off the coast of Japan.
Eclipse in water sign of Scorpio – this is known to happen at times.
Typically, water sign eclipses are associated with water events, but since Pluto (in Cap) is Lord of the upcoming Scorp Eclipse while in mutual reception with Saturn (in Scorp), an earth/water event.

7 wands is commonly known as standing your ground
I love the perspective shift in this deck – right off I saw from Gaia headspace: strong, yet seemingly alone – fighting off the swarming angry humans who belch smoke & poison.

Hermit is the spirit card or crux of the sitch – what I usually consider quiet study, contemplation and enlightenment shining on the world from the higher, spiritual realms – in this reading, Hermit now becomes ignoring the obvious.

My first read with this new deck, and yet again another perspective.
Steady grounded Gaia is very much alive – we need to globally listen to her.
Really listen.
See her, feel her.
She is our boat, our ONLY boat, our Mother, and we must get our act together NOW.

Please be aware, there are links to geo activity and predicting it on the sidebar here at GMA.
eg. Global seismic monitor here.

be careful out there

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  1. Honshu quake 7.1 / or 7.3 reports vary

    Interactive map of Nuclear Reactors World-wide HERE

    The World Community Must Take Charge at Fukushima
    By Harvey Wasserman

    Petition Statement
    At Fukushima Unit 4, the impending removal of hugely radioactive spent fuel rods from a pool 100 feet in the air presents unparalleled scientific and engineering challenges. With the potential for 15,000 times more fallout than was released at Hiroshima, we ask the world community, through the United Nations, to take control of this uniquely perilous task.
    To be delivered to: Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General, United Nations and Barack Obama, President, United States of America

    Sign it HERE at MoveON

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