piece on peace

photo-2Mary-El Tarot

What’s UP quickie reading over lunch.  
What we need to be aware of, but aren’t; need to keep a look out for, and will.

Scorpio Mercury Rx can deliver tickets to the deep thought love circus.
Aka: re-living convos, the coulda, shoulda, wouldas, sometimes direct communication from past lovers.   The phone call or the run-in.

Where you want, or even NEED to go with this info is entirely up to you.
There is a chance for healing, most definitely.

If you USE your head.

Going pinkiefuzzbrainwoowoo with someone who has a history of treating you badly, and signing up for the sequel – no.

Giving up on yourself and trying to find (misguided) emotional rescue by sending twu wuv letters to serial killers behind bars – no.

Consider writing your troubles on paper, doing a private, self-contained, burn & release ceremony to clear the AIR.  See how you feel after, do another cleansing ceremony if you feel the need.

* See energy clearing in drop – down menu.

If someone comes back and surprises you, or if you feel you must go back :
Say your piece / peace – fairly, succinctly, get your closure, move on and heal.

Then do an energy clearing / blessing ceremony afterwards anyway.
If the situation can be righted, it will happen with Mercury Direct.

Time will tell.