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photo-2Mary-El Tarot

What’s UP quickie reading over lunch.  
What we need to be aware of, but aren’t; need to keep a look out for, and will.

Scorpio Mercury Rx can deliver tickets to the deep thought love circus.
Aka: re-living convos, the coulda, shoulda, wouldas, sometimes direct communication from past lovers.   The phone call or the run-in.

Where you want, or even NEED to go with this info is entirely up to you.
There is a chance for healing, most definitely.

If you USE your head.

Going pinkiefuzzbrainwoowoo with someone who has a history of treating you badly, and signing up for the sequel – no.

Giving up on yourself and trying to find (misguided) emotional rescue by sending twu wuv letters to serial killers behind bars – no.

Consider writing your troubles on paper, doing a private, self-contained, burn & release ceremony to clear the AIR.  See how you feel after, do another cleansing ceremony if you feel the need.

* See energy clearing in drop – down menu.

If someone comes back and surprises you, or if you feel you must go back :
Say your piece / peace – fairly, succinctly, get your closure, move on and heal.

Then do an energy clearing / blessing ceremony afterwards anyway.
If the situation can be righted, it will happen with Mercury Direct.

Time will tell.


Swamp Thing Mind Meld


Naga Baba – Android Jones

Sun in Scorpio joins Saturn, North Node of Destiny and Mercury Rx.

Rebirth is imminent, particularly with energetic entry point North Node in house Scorpio, incoming energies are powerful – forcing growth in uncomfortable new directions.
Past and future, thought patterns, working style, bonds and discipline – all are morphing, reconfiguring, streamlining.

Perspective shifts all over the shop with Mercury and higher octave Uranus in flux.  Signs, portents are circling the airport and coming for a landing – hot and fast.
 Global connections are being made – intellectual & heart connections – are hot and cracking on the electrical grid between us all at the mo.

Note them – brill insights !
True to form – Ganesha popped onto the floor this am – obstacles are being cleared !
Can you hear me now ? 
The Mind Meld transits – dual eclipses, Merc Rx, square yow !
Wild Ride, for sure !

Houses Leo and Aquarius are very busy running a gauntlet of their own making – creative, inventive solutions are the KEY.  Points in these houses experience tension that forces change on the inner dimensions, silent but deadly.
Life death and rebirth rumble underground.

Virgo Mars is opposite Chiron in Pisces – your own actions in tandem (with the assistance of a man) are balancing Virgo minutiae and the overwhelming into huge healing progressCrack what was broken back into alignment, so real healing can begin.

Uranus square Pluto coming to exact brings Cardinal energy into sharp focus.
Go get ’em attitude with a side of Altitude set to Stillwater via Scorp stellium and New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Nov 3.  More on that later….

We’re ALL Swamp Things this Hallow’s Eve.
 YaY ! haaa


Mercurial Mattangs

stick chart Walter Meayers Edwards

Photograph by Walter Meayers Edwards, National Geographic
Marshall Islands, Micronesia, May 1967.

Monday October 21
5:29am CST, USA
Mercury Retrograde 18 Scorpio

Saturday November 10
4:11pm CST, USA
Merc Stations direct 2 Scorp

(where it re-grooves its own sky path from Earth perspective)
Pre: October 1 :::  Post: November 27

Pictured above is a Mattang or stick-chart.  Each stick chart is individual to the creator and purpose.

A Mattang or Wappepe shows wave patterns around a single island or atoll and was used for teaching purposes only.
The Rebbelib is a wave navigational chart mapping an entire chain of islands, it shows the relationships between islands and major ocean swells.
A Medo chart is only a few islands, useful for specific voyages.

The art of reading the waves was taught to Polynesian boys with stick charts.  The charts were made by navigators who would crouch in the bow of the canoe, feeling every motion of the vessel. 
Perfect pic/concept for Mercury Rx in Scorpio.  Maps are Mercury, Scorpio is research.  We are soon to have the 3rd water Merc Retrograde this year.

Each has delivered an emotional, intuitive shift.
1 Pisces – universality, inclusiveness
2 Cancer – home, family
3 Scorp – metamorphosis of shared resources, power

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Grinning & Winning


Full Moon Eclipse 25 degrees Aries
Friday October 18 6:38pm CST, USA
Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 18 Scorp

Monday October 21
5:29am CST, USA
Stations direct 2 Scorp

Saturday November 10 4:11pm CST, USA
(where it re-grooves own path from Earth’s perspective)
Pre: October 1 through Post: November 27
Aries Uranus Rx square Capricorn Pluto 9 degrees
Friday November 1
Jupiter Rx 20 Cancer
Sunday November 3
New Moon Solar Eclipse 11 Scorp

Thursday November 7
Neptune Direct 2 Pisces
Wednesday November 13
:::::::::::::::: time_by_kd_matheson-d38y5t1TIME by kd-matheson

Heh.  Metamorph Mambo.  This will be interesting.  As you can see, we will all be very busy under this sky in the upcoming weeks.
::: Eclipses are FLASH POINTS :::
Speeding events through the portal MAY CAUSE DISTORTION and FEEDBACK.

First up to bat: Full Moon Eclipse in Aries at 25 degrees puts Sun in Libra opposite Moon in Aries, both in square to Jupiter in Moon-ruled Cancer.
Emotionally driven action that leads to balance re: feelings, memories, mother, home via changes in philosophy, travel, the ethics of moving ahead – onward through the past.

Virgo Mars (rules Aries) is the Eclipse Head Honcho, (HA ! Aries joke) in opposition to Neptune Rx in Pisces – fuzzy logic may be coming your way re: what to think and how to morph. TAKE YOUR LEAD here, people – Mars widely trines Full Aries Moon.

Go with your instincts, go with your gut !  

This eclipse spotlights personal growth and independence.

Check the house where Aries lands in your natal.
This is how and where you be be BLAZING YOUR TRAIL.
See what is up with your natal Mars & Jupiter – BIG clues & Keys here.

Luna widely conjunct (12 degrees) South Node in Toro is a nod to LETTING GO.
Completion, moving away from something or someone you love/loved.

Mars Head Honcho trines metamorphic Pluto in Capricorn from Earthy earth, earth, earth Virgo.  Grounded. Stable – we are feeling good in other ways, unexpected Uranus square Pluto ways.

Venus SEES ALL POSSIBILITIES in Sagittarius & she also ATTRACTS THEM !
We are learning, growing and stretching and it feels GREAT !
One door slams shut, and a window FLIES OPEN.
Steady as she goes Capt’n . . .

Anything in the ballpark of 25 degrees +/- 5 will be feeling it – late degrees of Cardinal signs will be working it via square.  (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Note: Eclipse energies are active for weeks, sometimes months before and after the actual event.  (Sun will square eclipse point in 3 months; oppose in 6 – ck Aries progress at this time)

Late degrees of Leo and Sag offer support (also opportunities re: hope, honor, generosity of spirit) through awareness.  Late Aquarius and Gemini offer emotional support via open lines of communication.

Note: Mercury stations 3 days after Eclipse and stations can be tricky aka: rocky re: comms of all kinds.  Think 2x, speak 1x.  We ARE talking ARIES here.

House Scorpio supports Jupiter – focal planet of Eclipse T-Square.
Meaning dig deep, tweak perspectives – see both sides of self and other.

Saturn, North Node of Destiny and Mercury are the in-house rolling conjunction trine sensate sponge Neptune, and teacher/philosopher Chiron in Pisces.
Remember most of all, to move forward with the sense of humor well oiled and firing on all pistons and everyone will come out grinning, winning and healed.

peace out