Mercurial Mattangs

stick chart Walter Meayers Edwards

Photograph by Walter Meayers Edwards, National Geographic
Marshall Islands, Micronesia, May 1967.

Monday October 21
5:29am CST, USA
Mercury Retrograde 18 Scorpio

Saturday November 10
4:11pm CST, USA
Merc Stations direct 2 Scorp

(where it re-grooves its own sky path from Earth perspective)
Pre: October 1 :::  Post: November 27

Pictured above is a Mattang or stick-chart.  Each stick chart is individual to the creator and purpose.

A Mattang or Wappepe shows wave patterns around a single island or atoll and was used for teaching purposes only.
The Rebbelib is a wave navigational chart mapping an entire chain of islands, it shows the relationships between islands and major ocean swells.
A Medo chart is only a few islands, useful for specific voyages.

The art of reading the waves was taught to Polynesian boys with stick charts.  The charts were made by navigators who would crouch in the bow of the canoe, feeling every motion of the vessel. 
Perfect pic/concept for Mercury Rx in Scorpio.  Maps are Mercury, Scorpio is research.  We are soon to have the 3rd water Merc Retrograde this year.

Each has delivered an emotional, intuitive shift.
1 Pisces – universality, inclusiveness
2 Cancer – home, family
3 Scorp – metamorphosis of shared resources, power

Mercury Rx in Scorpio is on the line calling for review, re-appraisal re-integration, and re-birth of everything you feel madly passionate about.  Inner mysteries reveal themselves. Mercury Rx in Scorp perceives weakness, provokes it, with the intent to manipulate it into a great strength – divine will – thoughts focus on penetration of purpose & power. 

Mercury retrograde here explores power incarnate and complete surrender.  Life and death occurs countless times daily – in all shapes. sizes and dimensions.  What we choose to focus on thrives; that which we do not, withers.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder by sharpening focus onto the dark side of the coin, the vivid realizations that surround lack.

Saturn & Pluto are lack
Uranus is repetition. 

Define lack.  Identify it in your life.
Is this (perceived) lack a need – or just a want ?
A habitual thought ?

 Scorpio is fixed, tweaked towards obsessive, after all.
 House Toro will arm wrestle the answer of need & desires out of you in the coming weeks via someone else.


Scorpio Mercury Rx with Saturn and North Node in house is a prime opportunity to creatively shift intuitions and intellectual energies to better meet material plane demands. Get steady, practical, skillset upshift.  Mars in Virgo until Dec 7 enhances !

Full Moon Eclipse in Aries unlearn what you have learned. 
Be emotionally fearless.
This is the Emotional relationship reboot MOON –
FULL MOON shines on the relationship with yourSELF.
Cleats on moving UP !

See through the corner of your eye into houses Leo and Aquarius – here you will find your greatest perceptual growth/shift.  Think useful application of personal energies,  creative intuition and the electrical link between you and all life.
What is the common thread being tweaked ?
Work it !

Uranus Rx square Pluto (Nov. 1 at 9 degrees) highlights a need for shifting frustration  onto higher planes of harmonious building.  Future is created from the wreckage of the past – relationships with everyone, and later the focus shifts to partners and/or shared resources, power and rebirth with Scorpio Solar eclipse on November 3.

We cannot escape our past, any more than we can throw away garbage (Pluto).  If we ignore our personal garbage (past, baggage) and our public garbage, we are doomed to keep repeating idiotic mistakes.  Great Pacific Trash Vortex.

Jupiter in Cancer feels memories, genetics, the past – with a nod towards hope.
Pluto in Cap is dredging the swamp armed with an unforgiving passion for new life.
Uranus Rx in Aries is forcing introspective intuition shifts re: actions of all kinds.

This year via Mercury Rx we are feeling the waves, mapping our emotional growth.
What will your stick chart look like by years end ?


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