Mirror energies

Mountain formation – Boom !
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Gaia is an amazing place to live…human life span is but a blip in geological time.

I recently read Time Warped – a fantastic look at human perceptions of time (Saturn), memory (Moon) and the future (Neptune/Uranus).
Neptune as emotional future; Uranus as intellectual future.

I loved reading that those who are able to look further into the past are also able to look further into the future.  One ability mirrors the other – fascinating, yes ?

Saturn is my chart ruler and my Moon is in Toro 4, exalted and in its natural house, Neptune most highly aspected.
I have had weird experiences with time, memory and earth energies, so this next bit about 12 pairs of Earth Nodes/Nulls aka Time Capsules piqued my interest.

There are three kinds of nodes: portal, vortex and vortal. A portal is a node that overlaps and amplifies Gaia. A vortex is when energies collide and the energy is constantly moving. To some, being in a vortex may feel good for a while but it’s hard to live there. A vortal is half portal and half vortex.

A null occurs when The Crystalline Grid overlaps with the Gaia grid in a way that cancels each other out in energy. A null is therefore a place where there is an absence of The Crystalline Grid, so what you get is pure Gaia energy only.

The Crystalline Grid is an esoteric, invisible, multidimensional  attribute of Gaia, the esoteric “memory grid” of Human action. 

Note: Moon in the natal is memory, Mother; Moon and Mercury are mirrors.
Gemini (Mercury rules) and Cancer (Moon rules) rule crystals

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