Mirror energies

Mountain formation – Boom !
Entirety here.
Gaia is an amazing place to live…human life span is but a blip in geological time.

I recently read Time Warped – a fantastic look at human perceptions of time (Saturn), memory (Moon) and the future (Neptune/Uranus).
Neptune as emotional future; Uranus as intellectual future.

I loved reading that those who are able to look further into the past are also able to look further into the future.  One ability mirrors the other – fascinating, yes ?

Saturn is my chart ruler and my Moon is in Toro 4, exalted and in its natural house, Neptune most highly aspected.
I have had weird experiences with time, memory and earth energies, so this next bit about 12 pairs of Earth Nodes/Nulls aka Time Capsules piqued my interest.

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