Sacred Heart



Sag Venus trine Uranus Rx in Aries
Fire to Fire – inspirations incoming !

Artistic endeavors, sideways insights, shifts in love, money and personal philosophies are fired up with passion and courage to be bold – hot Hot HOT ! 
Healing surrounds all these things through personal growth via new information that shifts the belief systems. 

Seeing/thinking/feeling things differently lately ? 
We ALL are.

Six days away from the Aries eclipse, 9 from Mercury stationing Rx.

Uranus Rx square Pluto is awakening inward horizons – the mad, brilliant scientist is leading the away team into the microcosm of the mind.  It’s a renovation of the neural net, a debriefing and debugging of the auric energy field from the inside out.

Shifts in Mercurial thinking meets Martian energy for Full Moon Eclipse in Aries.
Thinking, emotions, actions will shift in many ways.

Mars rules left hemisphere – academic think
Mercury right hemisphere – creative think

Venus harmonizes, greasing the wheels of eccentric Uranus prior to a Full Moon Eclipse across the axis of self /others.  Then understanding Jupiter takes the exalted reins in Cancer forming the focal point in a T-square with Sun/Moon opposition during the Mars ruled eclipse. 

Balanced actions dealt forth with love – our personal best as a species.
Note: Mars rules drums – this eclipse is a fantastic time to get in a circle or hold a sacred heart beating ceremony in private.  Your choice.
It will resonate from the micro into the macro, regardless of how you do it.


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  1. “…Thinking, emotions, actions will shift in many ways.” Yes indeed. Almost like a magnetic shift of the poles here. And that would be a VERY good thing. Thank you for validating the shift.

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