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Mars into Virgo
Tuesday 15
6:05am CST, USA

Mars in Virgo is amped up detail work – seeing the small picture within the big picture.  Methodical organization, sorting the universe into files and folders, order from chaos. Outgoing Actions are funneled through the mind – is it logical, will it work, is it necessary ?

Mars in Virgo is enthusiastically practical –  they strive for a quicker,  more efficient solution.  Much brainpower is applied to problem-solving and improvement – not only of self, but also the world around them. They see faults and try to fix them – in their surroundings, in themselves, and in others.

They can be hypercritical of small details while missing the big picture.  Virgo patience is somewhat lessened with Mars in this sign.  Honk them off – and you will hear about it, the impulsive verbal lashing forthcoming will be astute, to the point. 

Virgo Mars is quick to analyze and assess any sitch, leading the way in the fields of work and service.  They don’t mind getting down and dirty in order to get the work done.  Perceptions are keen, razor sharp as Mars rules the blade.  

They are driven by the urge to fulfill their own mental image of personal responsibility to their world.  Mars in Virgo is a hard worker, due to cardinal fire all over mutable earth.  Their instincts drive them to be the first, the best, the most productive in their field.

Virgos are the craftspeople of the zodiac.

Their skill sets are in a constant daily mode of up shift and improvement.  For this reason they are most often health and exercise gurus, having tried all the options to find the best fitness regime.  Mars in Virgo is intellectual and seeks a partner of the same caliber who can communicate well.  When mated, they are passionate, skillful in love and willing to serve up something creative to please their partner.  


4 thoughts on “skillset UPshifts

      • Wonderful!

        I forgot to add that I’m studying more so, and although I’ve meditated for years, it’s speed it up time!

        I love Mars energy since I have Mars in the first house of my natal chart.

      • Mars sure helped me organize my Mom’s stuff for sale, I was loving it too, but a bit over aggravated organizing the chaos of 84 years of stuff. Oy.
        Funny you mentioned walking and meditation – that’s the best way for me to meditate is mowing my yard or trimming my hedge. I get the best ideas when the blades are whirring – but only while I am focused, working – if I am just walking down the road, not so much. ha Kind of weird, but true, hadn’t really thought it all out until now… thanks !
        Saturn Rx in 3 trine Mars in Sag quint Uran 9.

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