Magnum Opus Manifest

securedownload-23Mary-El Tarot

Intent: insight, highest good.

Libra Sun square Jupiter in Cancer
The golden pillar of enlightenment between yin/yang, Sun/Moon, Rise/Set, beginning/end.
Spirit is heart (Sun) and thought (Libra, Air) which leads to actions (cardinals).
Pressure to find balance of love, money, relationships, home, family via the emotions surrounding them all through spiritual quest.
Go Big and Go Home – Where the heart is.

Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto
Raven steals the Sun from the gods/goddess, gives it to the people.
Divine Willpower (Pluto) and mental reasoning – true personal power manifest in harnessing opposing forces – moving forward.
Confidence & Freedom in tandem, your Magnum Opus, manifest.

peace GMA