kittycat earworm

Uranus square Pluto is such a powerhouse juggernaut transit – whatever house Capricorn (Pluto) lands in your natal is being demolished, re-built (Pluto).

Wherever you find Aries (Uranus) is experiencing jolts of electric weird (Uranus) – you are shocking and shifting the perspective of others.

Zac Efron and I both have Capricorn rising with Pluto transit (Zac 12, privacy; me 1, image) Uranus transit in Aries 3 (talking, gossip).  His recent revelation of not just one, but two rehab visits shocked those who thought (3rd) he was squeaky clean.

Note: As evident in his work, and later evident as I read in his natal, Zac holds the reins of much personal & public authority, power and restraint – Scorp stellium on 10, Venus/Pluto MC.

So Pluto rips up Neptune in his 12th, and he comes clean with substance abuse issues.
Neptune squares Mars in Libra 9 (natural Sag house), so his actions (words published) are blunt, but graceful (Libra) and read across the globe.

That transit/ square forces a demolishing/restructuring, a reveal, like it or not.

My whack transit is Uranus on Saturn Rx in Aries.  My shocking 3rd house (talking, writing) revelations involve revealing (Saturn trine Mars by the backdoor) my past (Saturn) through the lens of astrology (Uranus).  Saturn trines my Mars in Sag, so I also have a tendency to be blunt, with an extra dash of weird (Mars 11 quint Uranus) my reveal is published, yet much less public than Zac’s due to our differing aspects – Mars by the backdoor, my stellium is in 9 rather than the more public 10.

I also have lost two pets (Mercury rules, rules 3) in as many months.  They vanished – very weird, very 12th house Sag.   I think a wild (Uranus) animal took them.
I also adopted 2 cats.
Gemini is pairs, but I see Uranus as pairs as well due to polarities.

Recent example of something weird I said: I revealed at the animal shelter that I read my kitties tarot beforehand, to see what they were thinking, and they were excited !

The lady waiting next to me…her slow turn to look was…?! w.t.f. ?!…the mothership took off and left one.

Secretly, I get a kick out of revealing this weird mysticism to the uninitiated.
Harmless kitty tarot read is an earworm she won’t soon forget.

And here is the kittycat read, for those curious.
Five of Wands, I met 50 kitties in about as many minutes – kitty cat speed dating.
Eight of Swords because we had to wait another day due to paperwork.
Conclusion, 10 cups !

Peace, GMA