Dust magnified 22 milion timesDust magnified 22 million times.

Mars in late Virgo amping UP the organizing / cleaning to light speed.
Then this.

I soOo did not need a visual about the contents of dirt collecting, or be reminded of freakish microbugs on my lashes.
I knew this, but was happily ignoring. Now my brain has seized on it and I can’t unsee it.

Mercury in late Scorpio.

Mind on the micromiraculous.


skillset UPshifts

geogrlAndroid Jones

Mars into Virgo
Tuesday 15
6:05am CST, USA

Mars in Virgo is amped up detail work – seeing the small picture within the big picture.  Methodical organization, sorting the universe into files and folders, order from chaos. Outgoing Actions are funneled through the mind – is it logical, will it work, is it necessary ?

Mars in Virgo is enthusiastically practical –  they strive for a quicker,  more efficient solution.  Much brainpower is applied to problem-solving and improvement – not only of self, but also the world around them. They see faults and try to fix them – in their surroundings, in themselves, and in others.

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neatness is niceness

…it occurred to me this morning that Mars in Virgo really has been all about work, organization and clearing away the clutter in my life.  I saw that coming at the outset … …but what I didn’t expect is the paths I would take in order to do so.  

That is the Uranian kicker swirling in my 9th house mind as this Mars transit wraps things up over my Virgo Sun/Ura/Plu stellium.  That, and the fact that my digestion is now whack with Mars nearing exactly exact conjuncion with Pluto, and headed for the other two.
I am still taking stock, still thinking  how to better Peter Walsh my life, lol. 
Practical purity will be reached !  haha
My boss has this hilarious motto : “Neatness is niceness.”
Eagle scout fyi.  Always prepared.  Always !

Mars in Virgo has indeed been the purge, thankfully not the vomitorium, just the ginormous stagnant life purge.  I am soOo relieved to say goodbye to situations that have outlived their time and so very happy to be cultivating new ideas and promising new growth is popping up everywhere.   Refreshing  !

Mars in Virgo IS VERY EFFICIENT, yes ?

How have you been experiencing Mars in Virgo..?
I am curious…are your skeleton closets all neat & nice ?
Mine are…mostly.  They still need some fine tuning. lol
 Virgos edit 24/7 for life.

How exciting Mars in Libra will be ! – then we will  * BEAUTIFY *.

Mars into Libra July 3 – 7:32am CST, USA
(6.5 hours before Capricorn Full Moon 1:52pm)

peace love and organizing~

want one

and a hang too.
xo hee

Check out more songs on their webpage: Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys

A Hang or in Bernese language hand  is played with the hands.
Hands are ruled by Mercury and Gemini – Mercury is conjunct Sun in Aquarius. Aquarius rules cutie pie dreadlock hippie boys ..!

Only a few hundred hangs are made each year by one couple in Switzerland.
They are hemispheres (Uranus rules halves) of hammered steel (Mars rules steel).
Drums are Mars ruled, music is Venus and Neptune (both in Pisces now).

Venus is exalted in Pisces, and Neptune rules Pisces, so art music, films and anything mystical are fantastic seas for feel good vibes now, even more so than usual ~


Venus and Uranus opposite Mars Rx / Moon opposite Pluto on the wheel of life.
Flaming arrows zip ! zip !  the missives are hard to miss, yeah ?!

Are people getting in your face ?
It will pass.

For the life of me I don’t know why people are always comparing apples and oranges.  My way  is the only way  etc…  My lead singer is better than your lead singer… (Although, I must confess, I do love it when Rick Nielsen says that ! )

Why do people say things like “How will Julian ever live up to Cynthia ?”.
Well they don’t, but you get my point, right ?
See how strange it sounds ?!
Julian doesn’t have to live up to anyone but Julian Lennon.
We are all here to learn and grow and become a better version of ourselves ~
Live and let live.
We each walk our own path, ya dig ?

May the road rise up to meet you and the wind always be at your back…
Peace out ~

eat trash

Hope is a good breakfast, but it is a bad supper. – Francis Bacon

art objects Kevin Van Aelst

Sun and Mercury conjunct (power operating) communicating humanitarian concerns in rebel Aquarius.  They are forming the focal point in a T-Square between Saturn (responsibilities, the Earth) on 29 degrees (culmination degree) of Libra (balance, fairness), which is opposite (compromise) Moon (public, feelings) coming to conjunct Jupiter (excess) in Taurus (attitudes about luxury), which in turn, square (inner tension) Sun and Mercury. 

Mars Rx in Virgo (re-evaluate civil actions and service) opposite (compromise) Venus (luxury) in Pisces (universality) and Uranus in Aries (full throttle change).

Saturn trine Neptune (build the dream) on 29 degrees of innovative Aquarius.  Pluto (refuse, trash, transmutation) trine excessive Jupiter in the earth sign of Taurus.

You may apply the above to your life (micro) and globally (macro) – – it is the sky above us all.

I just watched a great documentary Dive ! which has won 21 film festival awards worldwide.  The film is part of a growing movement that re-examines the role of food in a society that wastes 1/2 of all that it produces.

Every year in America we throw away 96 billion pounds of food. One half of all food prepared in the US and Europe never gets eaten. The Department of Agriculture estimated in 1996 that recovering just 5 percent of the food that is wasted could feed four million people a day; recovering 25 percent would feed 20 million people. Today we recover less than 2.5 percent. (facts from: Dive !)

North Node of Destiny is in visionary Sagittarius. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi  – – Well done, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert, well done !

Please take 6 minutes to watch this small clip about food waste, and how to help empower change on our Earth.

click. ~> Extreme Green: Dumpster Diving to Prevent Food Waste.


different dimensions

I am off for a few, cleaning and clearing the energy in my home.
Then I will return to organizing this site.  Thank you for your patience.

Neptune is flowing, soon to return home to Pisces on February 3, 2012.
She will relax in home waters for 14 years until 2024/5.

Neptune is my most highly aspected planet, and I feel the need to move and grow myself.  My Mars is in Sagittarius (my 12th house sign- Pisces natural home) conjunct Vesta (hearth and home, sacred fire) I follow my intuition, it is time.

Vesta is conjunct Venus in the sky now in the sign of Pisces.  She is activating my 2nd and 8th houses.  (What is mine and what belongs to others.)  Mars is Rx in Virgo, the need to sort and purge (Mars is applying to natal Pluto ! ) financial documents (Venus rules money) and a fire (Mars) will be lit tomorrow eve !  I will return soon after the weekend (USA) refreshed, invigorated, with energy flowing.  WoOo HoOo

Find Vesta in your chart to find the home of the sacred fire in your belly.  Find your house of Pisces to locate where she is lighting the beacon for you now by transit.

Locate Mars Rx in Virgo, and any planets in Gemini or Sagittarius (squares- internal) or Pisces (opposite- others and compromise) for how Mars Rx is activating your chart.

Monday the 23 Mars Rx at 23 degrees Virgo, Mars direct at 3 degrees of Virgo on April 13, 2012.  Any planets between these degrees will be getting the spit & polish so to speak.  Mars is the blade, prune well to grow tall and lush ~

I thought I would try some Osho divination: The Book of Secrets.
One thousand and thirty-nine pages, and I got this …
This is soOo Mars Rx !

Why ?  Why is fight so associated with love ? 
It is associated because the same energy can move in different dimensions.  You may call it love or hate.  They look opposite, but they are not so opposite, because the same energy is moving.
Energy can move, can change directions.  It can become hate, it can become love — the same energy.  And the same energy can move inward also, so whenever you have the impulse to do something (fight / anger energy), stop ! 
This is not suppression.  You are not suppressing anything, you are just playing with energy–just playing with energy and knowing the workings of it, how it works inwardly.

el Duderino

Jeff Bridges

May I introduce Sagittarian actor, musician, vintner and artist Jeff Bridges.  Jeff was born into a family of actors, his Mom, Dad and his older brother, Beau.  Jeff made his first onscreen appearance at the tender age of four months.

His first big break was in The Last Picture Show, when he became one of the youngest actors ever to be nominated for an Academy Award at age 22 (1971, Best Supporting Actor, The Last Picture Show), and at age 60, Jeff became one of the oldest ever to win (2010, Best Actor, Crazy Heart).
I just watched True Grit and of course, loved it.  I loved Starman and have been to Barringer crater, which is featured in the movie, and it’s fabulous !
Starmans expression when he tried Dutch Apple Pie..?  Priceless.

I loved The Last Picture Show, Fearless, The Big Lebowski, (obviously a classic), The Fisher King, Men Who Stare at Goats, Tron, the list goes on and on…
I have spent my life watching Jeff light up the screen, so I wasn’t too surprised to find out he’s a Sagittarius.
(I am a Sagittarius magnet, it seems, I am naturally prone to fancy them, since I have lots of Sag energy myself.)
Jeff is a life path 3 (the zero adds power) which is a path of growth, flowering, and new directions unfolding out of the balance of 2.

He is a Virgo rising, with chart ruler Mercury in the 4th trine Pluto in creative Leo, on the 11th (natural house of Aquarius) a visionary placement for an artist.  Sun (exact conjunct Chiron) trine Pluto from the nadir (conjunction straddles the 3/4th) and Jeff is a natural gypsy story-teller (4th is the house of Cancer, they can spin a yarn like no other) with an optimistic heart.  Through his craft, he shows others how to heal themselves through communicating the need for loving acceptance of the natural human beauty found within us all.  (The nadir is the deep well of self, where and how we restore balance, trine Pluto in 11th.)

He shines a light on human relationships through his exquisite ability to morph and change in the public eye.  Gemini at mid-heaven and Jeff can fully embody chameleon-like qualities for his career – this is particularly evident with Uranus (polarities and change) elevated as well as Moon (fluctuation, imagination).

Uranus in the 10th has no major aspects – making Jeff a mavericks maverick !  Uranus is rebellious and innovative and without major aspects reigning it in, it is truly wild and free !  Having Uranus quintile the Ascendant gives him the ability to be unpredictable in the eyes of others via work and career.  This quality is further shown by his predominately mutable chart. The quincunx to the artistic Venus (art in the 29th or culmination degree) Jupiter conjunction in the creative 5th house (Sun – creativity – naturally rules) gives Jeff a super – charged ability to build a life – long eclectic career in the arts.
I am tickled Jeff has Venus conjunct Jupiter, because I do as well, but in Leo !  He is very well liked by his co-stars (Venus is kind /Jupiter expands), and is described as exceptionally easygoing (Sagittarius).

His craft is deep and thoughtful (Pluto ruling 3rd) and he derives a tremendous strength from family (strong Nadir placements, Moon trine Venus and Jupiter).  He has been especially influenced by males (Sun trine Pluto) and had worked very close with both his father and brother throughout his life (Mars conjunct Saturn).

He is known for working hard, and when young appeared on his fathers television show, Sea Hunt  with his brother on several occasions (Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct Ascendant). Squares from the Mars Saturn conjunction to Moon at the mid-heaven represents the Sagittarius need to explore his own path, make his own mark with the public (Moon).  Neptune in Venus-ruled Libra trine Moon in 9th and Jeff documents his films and travels on film, he is an avid photographer.

Sun at the nadir opposite Moon at mid-heaven shows that he loves his home life a great deal, but his restless nature calls him out to learn and communicate his feelings through his work.  North Node of Destiny in Aries (Mars rules) and Jeff has a path before him of blazing new trails in showing the depth of human nature (8th) through his work (Mars conjunct Saturn).

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Starman:
You are a strange species. Not like any other. And you’d be surprised how many there are. Intelligent but savage. Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you?
[Shermin nods]
Starman: You are at your very best when things are worst.


Serenity NOW

How’s Mars treating ya ?   
We’re all pissy around here. Cat is sick, hating the evol bile medicine I have to force down his throat.  Poor thing wretches and foams at the mouth while I am poked every which way.  The other cat wisely hides. lol
Oh and transiting Pluto creeps up on my Saturn ruler and turns the square screws another notch or two.  lovely.

Energies are most definitely in flux.  Mars IS energy in the natal and it is soon to travel via retrograde back over the nit-picky bits in Virgo – oh who am I kidding ?!
They are ALL nit-picky bits in Virgo, obviously.

Sun (spirit) and Saturn (work & restriction) are under some nasty squares and how !
I am buried in work until…I do not care to count the days and weeks and months.
Sun is square happy-go-lucky Jupiter too – squeezing any optimistic juice out a dried up old day…and I am here writing about it – how about a round of applause for Mercury square Saturn. *crickets*  (sips blackberry smoothie)

Things on this page will be a work in progress towards more streamlined efficiency while Mars is Rx…posts may ease up a bit while I work behind the curtain.
Thanks for your infinite patience while Gneiss regenerates and metamorphs…

Moon (emotion) is frozen solid – cloaked in a suit of chain mail and crawling on all fours out of Capricorn on this dark moon.  Sun squares aren’t helping the sitch.
I saved the best for last though !

Luna is coming to conjunct Mercury and thankfully Mercury is quintile (talent) Uranus.  Heightened intuition and the Cosmic Headspace Bliss -out !  wheeee !
Soon New Moon Monday in the early morning (CST,USA) and some fizzy Aquarian dark moon vibes, bring it  !

Ohmmmmmmm…Gneiss Mars…yeees…that’s right…ohmmm…

peace out lovelies~